Thursday, March 8, 2012

Global 3000

Our Aim: To harvest excess Earth energies responsible for tectonic plates movements,  quakes, volcanic explosions, as near as technologically possible to the earth core to create multi-generational jobs for mankind development that will open the window to space (click to see video) and to serve as the “Launchpad” to stars colonization by using discovered raw materials, energies, technologies for the purpose to  continue the process at the other area of the earth, on the moon, mars, and other planetary of our galaxy and beyond to bring mankind above the other possible species on the universe.

Finance: Global Glass-Steagall Acts, Alexander Hamilton Credit System, productive industries, high value products and services for global market

Global mankind

Executive branches: Educated enough to be

Active Board: 
People capable to be

Completion dateYear 3000

Location: Laos,  because it’s not developed yet, limitless freshwater supply, over 6 million people ready to contribute, with nearly 2 billion neighbors with another 2 billion people in nearby countries in the West and Central  Asia with lots of jobless and the list goes on. Then, it will be a model for other places around the world to be incorporated, interconnected and consolidated globally.

The beginningWe will have to study for the possibility of existence of World Underground River or lava tube starting from here, Indochina and adapt accordingly.
We are working to form an army of educated people to work on SEAWAPA that will be especially focused on series of dam networks in Laos to connect to the Chinese irrigation infrastructures as mentioned on videos, feed the fertile Asian Lands and remove Asian deserts altogether and supplying clean energy for the Entire region and to G3000.
We will apply the Albert Einstein equation; E=mc2 explained here. By starting the project from the ground down to the outer core of the earth, by dropping water lower, we can generate electricity and create food production and processing plants at different levels according to water temperature to feed Asian population. The nearer the water to the core, the higher the water temperature is and so the pressure to turn turbines to generate excess energy to transport hot water and raw materials to process plants, the principle of gravity pulling in and gas pressure pushing out as explained here. Hot water can reach Siberia or North Pole to help to install a new healthy, well-educated and creative civilization capable to run that civilization with laboratories, factories including fission and fusion energy productions or harvest along the way.