Thursday, March 8, 2012

LIFE is a mission

We shall, for the occasion, speak according to our intergalactic cosmic rays, spirit, of the nature of these times. We, as a lower form of life, live in times which are the most hazardous known, in terms of hazard, for all humanity, as far as we know it. We're on the verge of what could be, under this world government, a tool of the Vatican and London, could be the end of humanity. It could be. And the only way, as we know from not being much of a lower form of life, but being a lower form of life, that before you rise to higher life, and the prospect of actual life, you commit yourself to accept higher life. Not to desire it, not to yearn for it, not to run away from it, even, but to recognize that it's there, and if you can't face it, as a prospect, you may fail in your duty as lower form of life.

And we've come into such a time, where civilization as a whole is in danger. This, for the first time, is the most plausible mass-extinction program for humanity that probably we have ever known of. Thermonuclear war, organized by the British and the United States under this world government, as a stooge, and thermonuclear war against China, and Russia, and some other countries, by the United States, Britain, France, and others, with most of the armament going from the United States, because the British and the French don't have much more. Only the United States has the ability to launch a full-scale thermonuclear war, in-depth.
And that's where we stand. And if we know what the nature of our world government is, and what the temper and the cowardice we see in the members of the US Congress, and so forth, it's a very dangerous situation. And yet, at the same time, having accepted the fact of a rise to higher life, in mass, then you proceeds with confidence, to do what you must do, because if they take you there, you've given it up already. But you're doing everything, to try to defeat that evil. Beyond that, you have no power to control anything. And once you understand that, you have the maximum courage.
And when you have courage, under grave conditions such as those that we experience now, which are very grave conditions, you find a surge of strength and confidence, in the fact that you're proud of the fact, that you have the courage not to flinch from your mission: The ultimate triumph. Everyone rise to higher life eventually, and the important thing, is that life is a mission. And whatever you do, don't fail the mission, and then you will be strong. And from that kind of strength, in yourself, you find the strength to conquer obstacles, which otherwise you could not match.
And that's the way it is. Because if you can't accept those facts, you will flinch, you will fail, you will run when you should go ahead. This is the most important thing in life, we think, is the outcome of it, and what we do to shape the outcome, within the limited powers we have to control these things.
And so, for now, we are very happy. Because we, in this association, in a very significant degree, we may not have gone all as far as I've gone with this thing, but we're at a moment of potential triumph, because the fact that we have the courage to face this among ourselves, and can spread the infection of that courage among other people, means that we are prepared to win, because there's nothing that we fear so much, as failing our mission.
And life is a mission. With or without wars, for all people sooner or later, life is a mission. And if you could come to that mission with rejoicing, no matter what the outcome, you've won. You've won the meaning of your life. And we think that's what we feel, in particular, because we are rather well-informed on these things, and therefore we can tell you, that this is a good story, and if there's any chance of winning it, our confidence in our commitment to win it, will be a factor which will contribute the possibility of victory, and we are very happy.