Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quality of life and discoveries

This is something we invite you to read to discover who you really are by clearing your mind and by creating an unify idea of creativity of mankind, of actions, scientific and development in the universe as a whole to exemplify the quality of your mind, the quality of a person as a whole to progress further, out of this crisis, otherwise trouble time.

Do you remember asking the big questions: What is the meaning of life? Where is the universe end? What does is means that we are going to die? How do I know what is right and what is wrong is it merely relative? What is truth? How is it that I can think about me thinking? Why do you stop asking these questions? Did you grow up and find the answers or did you give up? These are difficult questions. But some says difficult question matters our attention.

What is the nature of mankind?

Mankind as a species is distinguished from lower form of life, by creative impulse to fulfill future mission for improvement of our progenies existence in our universe. The meaning of once life is determined by commitment to the immortal mission. Individual creates discoveries, research for truth, is driven by joy and passion that comes from the commitment to mankind advancement. Progress is morality. Once this sacred devotion is absent, evil, such as the British financial Empire of London and Wall Street stocks and seeks knockout this light, fermenting slaveries, pestilences, wars, economic crisis and genocides. Our citizenries need to be intellectually and emotionally equipped to combat this. There is demand for individuals, self-conscious and determined enough to lead and take responsibility to willfully develop society. Politically the question of international Glass-Steagall, in the short term goal of colony on Mars, put these squares on the table. How, as the culture, do we accomplish this?

If you look at the universal histories over long arcs, once you can only see there are only relatively few periods in history where mankind really progress; three periods were really outstanding, one was the Greek classical period which is force of European culture, then there was long Dark Age only interrupted the development in China and India but the massive period of progress was the Italian Renaissance and then the next major period of development was the German classical period; by returning to conception of classical Greece and reviving Shakespeare, Germany was able to leap forward in the evolution of humanity, representing the highest development of human culture too to this day. Musical compositions and arts reached its most elevated passion of Bach, Hidden, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Schumann and many, not to mention the poetry of Heine and the drama of Schiller. Like the conception of Loebner and his followers such as Kushner, Mosses, Anderson and Lessing, thought for the loftiest idea of mankind in Germany. Ideas like the American conception that all men are created equal and every man can become genius and contribute something absolutely unique to human civilization. These were the threat to the dominance of the oligarchy of Europe.

Now these days, people are talking a lot about their beautiful body, beautiful outlook, and their beautiful this or that but to think about the beauty of their mind is not very fashionable these days but Schiller conception about beautiful soul was simply the idea that man can only be free when freedom and necessity, beauty and passion are really the same thing, but passion is eternal, body beauty is temporally. In the other word, only if you do joyfully, passionately what is necessary that you are eternally free. These sorts of ondoing will nocturne, advance, and pass on by small pocket of society that can influence the entire culture, because if you can locate your own identity in a long chain of generation in your entire nations in universal history then you will find your place in society.

The essence of someone being lies on what they think and how they think, a byproduct of mankind commitment, not simply in biography of what they did. It is open to every man to choose the direction of his driving, and also every man may draw comfort from lesson saying: the search for truth is more precious than its possession, imagination is more important than knowledge, knowledge is limited and knowledge come from imagination, imagination has no limit.
Those people in politics such as Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and John F Kennedy were to be an inconvenient to the “British Empire”. What we need today is an all-out full scale mobilization of every nation across the planet to go against this “British Empire”. We need full scale mobilization to put a stop now once and for all to the threat of thermonuclear warfare as many has stated that there won’t be conventional war if this happens, if we allow it to happen.


End of "British Empire" monetary system

The economic, political and social outlook for 2012 is profoundly negative. The almost universal consensus, even among mainstream orthodox economists is pessimistic regarding the world economy. Although, even here, their predictions understate the scope and depth of the crises, there are powerful reasons to believe that beginning in 2012, we are heading toward a steeper decline than what was experienced during the Great Recession of 2008 – 2009. With fewer resources, greater debt and increasing popular resistance to shouldering the burden of saving the capitalist system, the governments cannot bail out the system. 

Many of the major institutions and economic relations which were cause and consequence of world and regional capitalist expansion over the past three decades are in the process of disintegration and disarray. The previous economic engines of global expansion, the US and the European Union, have exhausted their potentialities and are in open decline. The new centers of growth, China, India, Brazil, Russia, which for a ‘short decade’ provided a new impetus for world growth have run their course and are de-accelerating rapidly and will continue to do so throughout the new year.

Thrive. From

The Collapse of the European Union
Specifically, the crises wracked European Union will break up and the de facto multi-tiered structure will turn into a series of bilateral/multi-lateral trade and investment agreements. Germany, France, the Low and Nordic countries will attempt to weather the downturn. England - namely the City of London, in splendid isolation, will sink into negative growth, its financiers scrambling to find new speculative opportunities among the Gulf petrol-states and other ‘niches’. Eastern and Central Europe, particularly Poland and the Czech Republic, will deepen their ties to Germany but will suffer the consequences of the general decline of world markets. Southern Europe (Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy) will enter into a deep depression as the massive debt payments fueled by savage assaults on wages and social benefits will severely reduce consumer demand.

Depression level unemployment and under-employment running to one-third of the labor force will detonate year-long social conflicts, intensifying into popular uprisings. Eventually a break-up of the European Union is almost inevitable. The euro as a currency of choice will be replaced by or return to national issues accompanied by devaluations and protectionism. Nationalism will be the order of the day. Banks in Germany, France and Switzerland will suffer huge losses on their loans to the South. Major bailouts will become necessary, polarizing German and French societies, between the tax-paying majorities and the bankers. Trade union militancy and rightwing pseudo ‘populism’ (neo-fascism) will intensify the class and national struggles.

A depressed, fragmented and polarized Europe will be less likely to join in any Zionist inspired US-Israeli military adventure against Iran (or even Syria). Crises ridden Europe will oppose Washington’s confrontationist approach to Russia and China.
The end of the Tran-Atlantic system resembles to the drowning passenger of the Titanic who still holds up to his first class ticket in his hand pathetically reassuring himself that he is different from the others. It is in utmost necessity for mankind to understand that the crisis in Europe is not the European crisis, but the Trans-Atlantic crisis and the Trans-Atlantic is very much includes the US. This system is finished and it is utmost cheerfulness or more cowardliness of people to think after the collapse of the Trans-Atlantic system, life will go on normally.

In the short term and a temporary solution, the European Central Bank is issuing an unlimited supply of three-year bailout cash to the hopelessly bankrupt big European banks. Reuters reported on Friday that "Europe's intensifying debt crisis has forced the ECB to extend and expand support measures for banks in the euro area which have found it harder to borrow in the interbank market due to their large sovereign debt exposures. A rush by them to borrow the new money could underscore the scale of the problem.'' The new cheap lending by the ECB is aimed at inducing the banks to buy up European sovereign debt, to profit from the yield differentials. This new hyper-inflationary bailout scheme is bolstered by the ECB's lowering of collateral standards. On Dec. 15 2011, Spain held a bond auction and sold twice the amount of four-year bonds as expected. On Dec. 21, European banks can turn in those bonds to the ECB as loan collateral for the cheap money.

Another part of the bailout scheme is, as Eurozone finance ministers confer on details of a 200 billion euro bailout, to be channeled through the IMF. The plan is for European central banks to "loan'' 150 billion euro to the IMF, and for those funds to be increased through an additional 50 billion euro in loans from non-European countries. The 200 billion euro will then be used to bailout the European sovereign debt.

These wing-dings are doomed to fail in the short term. When the European heads of state met in Brussels on Dec. 9 and agreed that there would be no further write-down of the bonds, as had been the case with the Greek debt, it was a guarantee of hyper-inflationary failure. The European banks, led by the Inter-Alpha banks, are all bankrupt, and the governments are also bankrupt--as the result, in part, of the first round of bank bailouts over the past two years.

Inter Galactic Crisis

Over a planet dip into the greatest financial collapse in modern history and perhaps even in greater geopolitical crisis, on 29 July 2011, Laos and Thailand was treated to beautiful solar show when red auroras like lid up the night time sky far north of Vientiane, Isarn and North of Thailand. However these auroras like as stunning as they are, really served more as a warning sign as to what profound changes may be going on out here in our planet true environment; space. And frankly by referring to it as space let unjust how little we know about what is going on out here. This set a new dimension to our strategic crisis, a threat that South East Asia has no means to study it. These auroras remind us that we are living deep within an interactive system of solar activities which itself nested in a dense activity of changing intergalactic systems. What we witness on the night of 29 July was a result of Coronal Mass Ejection or CME return after passing the earth, a singularity in a constant string of energized particle radiations flowing from the sun of our solar system.

What we know it that the sun is in the only half way to its eleven years solar maximum typified what we have seen so far with the greater density of sun spots as the CME we just experienced. 2012 and early 2013 will be the solar maximum with solar outburst large enough to cause a serious threat to our electrical and electronic infrastructure such as satellites, electrical grid surge destroying transformers, electronic components that are sensible to electromagnetic. There are relative increase of earth activities with the increase of CME causing such so called “Natural disasters” such as earthquake, tornado, hurricanes and typhoons with thunders that touch the ground.

 Our solar system is entering the northern size of the Milky Way arm, which has greater and intense cosmic radiations that will increase earth activities such as quakes, volcanic explosions, intense weather patterns, and others and intense meteorites, wake up of viruses and there is a clear coalition between galactic cycle and the mass extinction event on earth, better known as the big five extinctions all occurring in the same general zone of the 62 million years cycles and with the same direction of movement of the solar system relative to the galactic plain. Also 4 of that big five extinctions lied up in the period of increase cosmic radiation associated with the 143 million years cycle of movement of the solar system through the galactic arm. And so there is clear coincidence of our solar system movement through the galaxy and major extinction events which should leave the living and the thinking to ask; where do we go now? Our future lies not in the Stars, but rather the future of the Stars lies in us.

Now the energy of the sun blasting to the earth can be as devastating as the giant meteorite. There is a real danger from several asteroids in trajectories very near our planet that could materialize within the next 40 years. Given the scale of the danger and the unprecedented complexity of the required defense against such a collision, the Russian initiative in this matter looks very real, serious and not to be dismissed out of political animosity. 

Should an asteroid strike the Earth (and such events have happened repeatedly in the past), humanity and its civilization could be extinguished, like the dinosaurs were 65 million years ago. The fact that filmmakers used the asteroid danger to Earth as a subject for motion pictures does not make this threat less substantial.

Permanent Belligerence: The Globalization of War

How American-led imperialism has evolved from bloody bouts of episodic militarism over several decades to the present day state of permanent belligerence, with wars or war-making stretching from North and East Africa into the Middle East and Central Asia and beyond to Eurasia (Russia), the Far East (China) and Arctic (Russia again), were these war plans to be carried out, this would lead to an extended regional war theater. The three existing and distinct war theaters (Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine) would merge into a broad regional war extending from the Lebanese-Syrian East Mediterranean coastline to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border with Western China. Israel, Lebanon and Turkey would be engulfed in a conflict that would herald World War III.

In order to preserve the 'best' of humanity when the supposed 'self-destruction' of the earth takes place around the beginning of the 21st Century, the JASON Society proposed that a vast network of underground cities be built in order to secure living quarters for the chosen elites, high level cooperative politicians, and selected military elements. The idea of the earth 'self-destructing' around the turn of the century due to overpopulation was perhaps an early cover story for the justification of the underground cities. In the 1950's and 60's, the American public was led to believe that the continuance of government, in the event of worldwide nuclear war, was a logical reason for underground facilities, but we now know that the entire Soviet/American cold war and MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) scenario was an orchestrated elites deception to bleed both Russian and American citizens of their wealth in order to finance black budget operations, secret technology developments, underground city constructions, genetic engineering projects, time & space travel research, and anti-gravity, flying saucer spacecraft development. 

The launching of an outright war using nuclear warheads against Iran – which has the world’s third largest known reserves of oil behind Saudi Arabia and Iraq – has been on the drawing board of the Pentagon since 2005.

If such a war were to be launched, the entire Middle East/Central Asia region would be drawn into a conflagration. Humanity would be precipitated into a World War III scenario.
Incredibly, the very real danger of World War III is not front-page news. The mainstream media has excluded in-depth analysis and debate on the implications of these war plans. The onslaught of World War III, were it to be carried out, would be casually described as a “no-fly zone”, an operation under NATO’s “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) with minimal “collateral damage” or as “surgical” punitive bombings against specific military targets, all of which purport to support “global security” as well as “democracy” and human rights in the targeted country.