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Jesuit World Order


The Jesuit Order that continued the Reign of the Holy Roman Empire is an almost 500-year old covert operations, geo-political, male-only organization, structured as a secret military operation:
demanding secret oaths and complete obedience to each direct superior, which is ultimately the Superior General (often nicknamed as the Black Pope, since he dresses in black and 'stands in the shadow' of the white Pope).
The "Society of Jesus" - as they are officially known - was originally used by the Vatican to counter the various Reformation movements in Europe, to which the Vatican lost much of its religious and political power.

The Jesuits have mastered the Vatican since 1814 after seeking revenge for their suppression in 1773, first of all, with the Knights of Malta in 1798 and then the Vatican in 1814. 

The land of the City of London belonged to the Order of Malta who rented it out to the Livery.

Absolute-temporal-ruling power has always been the Vatican institution's primary objective. The Jesuit Order is since 1814 in complete control of the - obscenely wealthy - Vatican institution (and its Catholic clergy hierarchy) and presently also controls various other organizations together with the Military Order of Malta, such as:

This is your real government, they transcend elected administrations, they permeate every political party, and they are responsible for nearly every aspect of the average mankind's way of life on this planet through NGOs and other "Humanitarian and development" organization. When the "left" is carrying the torch for two "Neo-Con" wars, starting yet another based on the same lies, peddled by the same media outlets that told of Iraqi WMD's, that accuse the Iranian, the North Korean, the Russian of "Axes of Evil" and the world has no choice, beyond profound cognitive dissonance, but to realize something is wrong.

The complex Jesuit World Order (Secret Government) structures

When dark deeds unfold, point the finger in this direction, :

Jesuit (IHS)

The Rothschilds

The Royals


Their main Policies:
Total control
Economic crisis
Police State world

Jesuit World Order labeling themselves as New World Order


Their Secret Societies

Global System Management Administrators (GMA)

Global Banksters

What's wrong is a system completely controlled by a corporate-financier oligarchy with financial, media, and industrial empires that span the globe. If we do not change the fact that we are helplessly dependent on these corporations that regulate every aspect of our nation politically, and every aspect of our lives personally, nothing else will ever change. The following list, however extensive, is by far not all-inclusive. However after these examples, a pattern should become self-evident with the same names and corporations being listed again and again. It should be self-evident to readers of how dangerously pervasive these corporations have become in our daily lives. Finally, it should be self-evident as to how necessary it is to excise these corporations from our lives, our communities, and ultimately our nations, with the utmost expediency.


Introduction 1. The Federal Reserve Directors 2. The Group of Thirty 3. President Obama's Cabinet, Past & Present 4. America's Unelected Policy Makers & Their Corporate Sponsors 5. Solutions

Photo: (left to right) Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, Kenneth Chenault of American Express, Kenneth Lewis of Bank of America and Edward Yingling of the American Bankers Association. These are some of the people who really run America, everyone else is for public relations, deflecting public ire, and placating the masses.


As Americans begin pouring into the streets with dissatisfaction, there seems to be some confusion as to who the source of their problem is. That 'who' is a corporate-financier oligarchy that has been destroying America for nearly a century and until now, has done a good job of parasitically feeding from America in the shadows. They are not the "1%." They are the 1% of the 1%. They are billionaire banksters like George Soros, James Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, the Rothschilds, the Rockefeller and other Federal Reserve owners and directors and, chairmen of many of the largest corporations on earth including big oil, the military industrial complex, big pharma, big agro, and the corporate media who combine their resources and collective agenda in self-contrived institutions, think-tanks, and working groups to dominate humanity. Some of these include the Brookings Institution, the International Crisis Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Foreign Policy Initiative, and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. Below you will see a growing list of these names, companies, corporations, institutions, their agendas and how they interrelate. One thing that should be abundantly clear as one reaches the bottom, is that most of these names are reoccurring and the solution is self-evident. Many of these names are corporations, banks, and institutions we pay into on a daily basis. The solution of course, should we conclude they are indeed the problem, is to no longer pay into them with our time, money, energy, and attention.

1. The Federal Reserve Owners & Directors

The Federal Reserve is an unelected, private cartel of bankers who dictate to America, including its elected representatives, the United States' monetary policy. They generally do so with little or no oversight, lie to those charged with inquiring into their activities, and literally conspire against the American people through an additional corporate cartel their associations afford them that uses its vast power, influence, and operational capabilities to lord over the American public.

Greenspan says the Fed is above the law.
He says it at 7:40 

Image: A selection of mega-corporations and institutions that are represented by acting Federal Reserve directors. The incestuous relationship between banks, education, law, big oil, the military industrial complex and the US government has clearly reached a level of certifiable corporate-fascism.

The entire list of Federal Reserve directors can be found on their website, and includes the following perpetrators; James 'Jamie' Dimon of JP Morgan, James S. Tisch of the Loews Corporation, Lee C. Bollinger President of Columbia University, Michael F. Camardo formally of Lockheed Martin, Thomas I. Barkin of McKinsey & Company, Richard H. Anderson of Delta Airlines, Michael A. Cook of Walmart, Patricia E. Yarrington of Chevron, and many more.

2. The Group of Thirty

The Group of Thirty describes itself as "a private, nonprofit, international body composed of very senior representatives of the private and public sectors and academia," that aims to "deepen understanding of international economic and financial issues, to explore the international repercussions of decisions taken in the  public and private sectors, and to examine the choices available to market practitioners and policymakers." A list of the group's members can be found on their website. 

In reality, these are the policymakers; unelected, unaccountable bankers and corporate heads that literally write the destiny of the West and an increasing proportion of the developing world. The average person, saturated by lies, puppet politicians, crass entertainment, and false political choices most likely hasn't see a single face that makes up the Group of Thirty. 

This is the entire idea behind the corporate media and the parade of spectacles and distractions brought before the American public - so that you never take time to notice the Group of Thirty.  Should the American people notice them, and the amount of unwarranted power they have illegally accumulated within their hands, the people would mobilize to dethrone these self-appointed arbiters of America's destiny.

3. President Obama's Cabinet, Past & Present

"Obama's a Muslim." "Obama's a Marxist." "Obama's a socialist." None of these are true. Obama is a puppet for the Vatican, and most likely doesn't even select the tie he wears on a daily basis. A quick look at his presidential cabinet shows how deeply rooted it is with Wall Street mega-banks and Fortune 100 corporations involved in everything from lobbying and law, to the military industrial complex. Realizing this, those leading calls of  "Obama the Marxist" can now be written off as either careless in their research or intentionally misleading, with those in the corporate media, such as News Corporation's Fox News, amongst the latter. VideoThe Obama Deception, the definitive documentary illustrating how special interests control both sides of American politics and that a shadowy elite reign over the Western world economically, politically, and steer movements socially. You cannot "Occupy Wall Street" before watching and weighing the evidence presented in this important documentary. For the documentary's bibliography, please see this document.



Obama's cabinet represents some of the largest corporations and banks on earth and would only promote "collectivism" in order to have corporate-fascists lord over the "social purse" leftists would collect for them through the classic mechanics of a Communist society. It is unlikely that if intelligent, but otherwise misled liberals understood that Obama is just as much a corporate-fascist puppet as his predecessors were, they would continue supporting him. Obama's nose-diving approval rating seems to indicate that such a realization is occurring.

ImageSome members of President Obama's cabinet - each associated with the corporations and contrived institutions pictured below them. As we can see, this is a fair representative of the corporate-financier elite, who merely use "Marxism" as a political ploy to consolidate America's wealth before looting it.

Timothy Geithner (Secretary of the Treasury): Group of 30Council on Foreign Relations, private Federal Reserve

Eric Holder (Attorney General): Covington & Burling lobbying for Merck and representing Chiquita International Brands in lawsuits brought by relatives of people killed by Colombian terrorists.

Eric Shinseki (Secretary of Veteran Affairs): US Army, Council on Foreign RelationsHoneywell director (military contractor), Ducommun director (military contractor).

Rahm Emanuel (former Chief of Staff): Freddie Mac

William Daley (Chief of Staff): JP Morgan executive committee member

Susan Rice (UN Ambassador): McKinsey and Company, Brookings Institute, Council on Foreign Relations

Peter Orszag, (former Budget Director): Citi Group, Council on Foreign Relations Paul VolckerCouncil on Foreign Relations, private Federal Reserve, Group of 30

Ronald Kirk (US Trade Representative): lobbyist, part of Goldman Sachs, Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts, and Texas Pacific Group partnership to buyout Energy Future Holdings.

Lawrence Summers (National Economic Council Director): World Bank, Council on Foreign Relations

Obama's cabinet looks more like the makings of a corporate-fascist "Neo-Con" government, yet Obama's caretakers carefully camouflage the true nature of this overt contradiction with much help from billionaire bankster George Soros. Soros himself, is a long way from being any sort of "socialist" or "Communist" is too a corporate-fascist oligarch leading America's well-intentioned left along, just as he does social movements he funds throughout the world, sowing not the seeds for human progress, but those of human enslavement to an oligarchy he himself plays a role in.

Video: Via Jesuit alternative media's "National Movement Launched to Impeach Obama."


Editor's Note: It is important to hold accountable even the puppets of the global corporate-financier agenda. Conversely, by no means would simply impeaching US President Barack Obama, and then allowing his GOP counterparts to simply take his place upon the puppeteer's stage, rectify anything. It has been made abundantly clear that there is a singular agenda being devised and disseminated across all parties in every government of the growing Wall Street-London unipolar world order, to then be rubber stamped into law and sold to the public.

4. America's Unelected Policy Makers & Their Corporate Sponsors
International Crisis Group

Background: While the International Crisis Group (ICG) claims to be "committed to preventing and resolving deadly conflict," the reality is that they are committed to offering solutions crafted well in advance to  problems they themselves have created in order to perpetuate their own corporate agenda.

Nowhere can this be better illustrated than in Thailand and more recently in Egypt. ICG member Kenneth Adelman had been backing Thailand's Prime Minster Thaksin Shinwatra, a former Carlyle Group adviser who was literally standing in front of the CFR in NYC on the eve of his ousting from power in a 2006 military coup. Since 2006, Thaksin's meddling in Thailand has been propped up by fellow Carlyle man James  Baker and his Baker Botts law firmBelfer Center adviser Robert Blackwill of Barbour Griffith & Rogers, and now Robert Amsterdam's Amsterdam & Peroff, a major corporate member of the globalist Chatham House.

With Thailand now mired in political turmoil led by Thaksin Shinwatra and his "red shirt" color revolution, the ICG is ready with "solutions" in hand. These solutions generally involve tying the Thai government's hands with arguments that stopping Thaksin's subversive activities amounts to human rights abuses, in hopes of allowing the globalist-backed revolution to swell beyond control.

The unrest in Egypt, of course, was led entirely by ICG member Mohamed ElBaradei and his US State Department recruited, funded, and supported April 6 Youth Movement coordinated by Google's Wael Ghonim. While the unrest was portrayed as being spontaneous, fueled by the earlier Tunisian uprising, ICG's ElBaradei, Ghonim, and their youth movement had been in Egypt since 2010 assembling their "National Front for Change" and laying the groundwork for the January 25th 2011 uprising.

ICG's George Soros would then go on to fund Egyptian NGOs working to rewrite the Egyptian constitution after front-man ElBaradei succeeded in removing Hosni Mubarak. This Soros-funded constitution and the resulting servile stooge government it would create represents the ICG "resolving" the crisis their own ElBaradei helped create.

Notable ICG Board Members:

George Soros
Kenneth Adelman
Samuel Berger
Wesley Clark
Mohamed ElBaradei
Carla Hills

Notable ICG Advisers:

Richard Armitage
Zbigniew Brzezinski
Stanley Fischer
Shimon Peres
Fidel V. Ramos

Carnegie Corporation of New York
Hunt Alternatives Fund
Open Society Institute
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Morgan Stanley
Deutsche Bank Group
Soros Fund Management LLC
McKinsey & Company

Brookings Institute 

Background: Within the library of the Brookings Institute you will find the blueprints for nearly every conflict the West has been involved with in recent memory. What's more is that while the public seems to think these crises spring up like wildfires, those following the Brookings' corporate funded studies and publications see these crises coming years in advance. These are premeditated, meticulously planned conflicts that are triggered to usher in premeditated, meticulously planned solutions to advance Brookings' corporate supporters, who are numerous.
The ongoing operations against Iran, including US-backed color revolutions, US-trained and backed terrorists inside Iran, and crippling sanctions were all spelled out in excruciating detail in the Brookings Institute report, "Which Path to Persia?" The more recent UN Security Council resolution 1973 regarding Libya uncannily resembles Kenneth Pollack's March 9, 2011 Brookings report titled "The Real Military Options in Libya."

Notable Brookings Board Members:

Dominic Barton: McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Alan R. Batkin: Eton Park Capital Management
Richard C. Blum: Blum Capital Partners, LP
Abby Joseph Cohen: Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Suzanne Nora Johnson: Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
Richard A. Kimball Jr.: Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Tracy R. Wolstencroft: Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Paul Desmarais Jr.: Power Corporation of Canada
Kenneth M. Duberstein: The Duberstein Group, Inc.
Benjamin R. Jacobs: The JBG Companies
Nemir Kirdar: Investcorp
Klaus Kleinfeld: Alcoa, Inc.
Philip H. Knight: Nike, Inc.
David M. Rubenstein: Co-Founder of The Carlyle Group
Sheryl K. Sandberg: Facebook
Larry D. Thompson: PepsiCo, Inc.
Michael L. Tipsord: State Farm Insurance Companies
Andrew H. Tisch: Loews Corporation

(click on names to see a list of recent writings.)

Notable Brookings Foundation & Corporate Support:

Foundations & Governments

Ford Foundation
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
The Rockefeller Foundation
Government of the United Arab Emirates
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Banking & Finance

Bank of America
Goldman Sachs (Presence in Laos)
H&R Block
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
Jacob Rothschild
Nathaniel Rothschild
Standard Chartered Bank
Temasek Holdings Limited
Visa Inc.

Big Oil

Exxon Mobil Corporation
Chevron (Presence in Laos)
Shell Oil Company

Military Industrial Complex & Industry

Daimler (Presence in Laos)
General Dynamics Corporation
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Siemens Corporation
The Boeing Company
General Electric Company (Presence in Laos)
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Raytheon Co.
Hitachi, Ltd.
Toyota (Presence in Laos)

Telecommunications & Technology

Google Corporation (Presence in Laos)
Microsoft Corporation (Presence in Laos)
Panasonic Corporation
Verizon Communications
Xerox Corporation

Media & Perception Management

McKinsey & Company, Inc.
News Corporation (Fox News) (Presence in Laos)
Consumer Goods & Pharmaceutical

PepsiCo, Inc. (Presence in Laos)
The Coca-Cola Company (Presence in Laos)

Council on Foreign Relations

Background & Notable MembershipA better question would be, who isn't in the Council on Foreign Relations? Nearly every self-serving career politician, their advisers, and those populating the boards of the Fortune 500 are CFR members. Many of the books, magazine articles, and newspaper columns we read are written by CFR members, along with reports, similar to Brookings Institute that dictate, verbatim, the legislation that ends up before the West's lawmakers.

A good sampling of the most active wings of the CFR can be illustrated best in last year's "Ground Zero Mosque" hoax, where CFR members from both America's political right and left feigned a heated debate over New York City's so-called Cordoba House near the 3 felled World Trade Center buildings. In reality, the Cordoba House was established by fellow CFR member Feisal Abdul Rauf, who in turn was funded by CFR financing arms including the Carnegie Corporation of New York, chaired by 9/11 Commission head Thomas Kean, and various Rockefeller foundations.
Notable CFR Corporate Support:

Banking & Finance

Big Oil

Military Industrial Complex & Industry

Public Relations, Lobbyists & Legal Firms

Consumer Goods

Telecommunications & Technology

Pharmaceutical Industry

The Chatham House

Background & Membership: The UK's Chatham House is another name of Royal Institute for International Affairs, like the CFR and the Brookings Institute in America, has an extensive membership and is involved in coordinated planning, perception management, and the execution of its corporate membership's collective agenda.

Individual members populating its "senior panel of advisers" consist of the founders, CEOs, and chairmen of the Chatham House's corporate membership. Chatham's "experts" are generally plucked from the world of academia and their "recent publications" are generally used internally as well as published throughout Chatham's extensive list of member media corporations, as well as industry journals and medical journals. That Chatham House "experts" are submitting entries to medical journals is particularly alarming considering GlaxoSmithKline and Merck are both Chatham House corporate members.

No better example of this incredible conflict of interest can be given than the current Thai "red" color revolution being led by Chatham House's Amsterdam & Peroff with consistent support lent by other corporate members including the Economist, the Telegraph and the BBC.

In one case, the Telegraph printed, "Thai protests - analysis by Dr Gareth Price and Rosheen Kabraji," within which Price and Kabraji make a shameless attempt at defending the Western-backed, Maoist themed, violent protests. While the Telegraph mentioned that Price and Kabraji were both analysts for the Chatham House, they failed to tell readers that the Telegraph itself retains a corporate membership within the Chatham  House as does the Thai protest leader's lobbyist, Robert Amsterdam and his Amsterdam & Peroff lobbying firm.

Notable Chatham House Major Corporate Members: Amsterdam & Peroff

BBCBloombergCoca-Cola Great BritainEconomistGlaxoSmithKlineGoldman Sachs InternationalHSBC Holdings plcLockheed Martin UKMerck & Co IncMitsubishi CorporationMorgan StanleyRoyal Bank of ScotlandSaudi Petroleum Overseas LtdStandard Bank London LimitedStandard Chartered BankTescoThomson ReuterUnited States of America Embassy (Corporatocracy PR)Vodafone Group

Notable Chatham House Standard Corporate Members:

Amnesty International (presence in Laos)BASFBoeing UKCBS NewsDaily Mail and General Trust plcDe Beers Group Services UK LtdG3 Good Governance GroupGoogle (presence in Laos)GuardianHess LtdLloyd's of LondonMcGraw-Hill CompaniesPrudential plcTelegraph Media GroupTimes Newspapers LtdWorld Bank Group (presence in Laos)

Notable Chatham House Corporate Partners:

British PetroleumChevron Ltd (presence in Laos)Deutsche BankExxon Mobil CorporationRoyal Dutch ShellStatoilToshiba CorporationTotal Holdings UK LtdUnilever plc (big presence in Laos)

The Global GDP of these company are greater than UK GDP.
NGOs Members
ActionAid UK
Amnesty International
Concern Worldwide
Human Rights Watch
International Committee of the Red Cross
Oak Foundation
Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
The STARS Foundation
World Vision (Presence in Laos)
Academic Institutional Members
Centre for European and International Studies Research, University of Portsmouth
Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy, School of Oriental and African Studies
Department of Economics and International Studies, University of Buckingham
Department of European Studies and Modern Languages, University of Bath
Department of Government, London School of Economics
Department of International Relations, London School of Economics
Department of International Relations, Regent's College
Department of Politics and History, Brunel University
Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Kent
Department of War Studies, King's College London
European Business School, Regents College
Faculty of Laws and School of Public Policy, University College London
Goodenough College
Hult International Business School
London Academy of Diplomacy: University of East Anglia
Political, Social and International Studies, University of East Anglia
Richmond, the American International University in London
Royal College of Defence Studies
S Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University
School of Global Studies, University of Sussex
Standard Corporate Members

Aegis Defence Services Ltd
Afghanistan, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of
African Barrick Gold
Albany Associates (International) Ltd
Algeria, Embassy of
Allen & Overy LLP
Argentina, Embassy of
Armenia, Embassy of the Republic of
Asahi Shimbun (Europe)
Aspen Insurance UK Limited
AstraZeneca plc
Australia, High Commission of
Austria, Embassy of
Avio Group
AXA Investment Managers
Azerbaijan, Embassy of the Republic of
Bahrain, Embassy of the Kingdom of 
Banca d'Italia
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd
Belgium, Embassy of 
Belize, High Commission of 
Bell Pottinger Sans Frontières
Bland Group Ltd
Boeing UK
Booz & Company
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Embassy of
Brazil, Embassy of
Bulgaria, Embassy of the Republic of
Cabinet Office
Canada, High Commission of
Canary Wharf Group
CBS News
CDC Group plc
Chile, Embassy of 
China, Embassy of the People's Republic of
Chivas Brothers
Chubb Investment Services Ltd
Chubu Electric Power Co Inc
Citi Markets and Banking
Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP
CMS Cameron McKenna LLP
Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
Commonwealth Secretariat
Consolidated Contractors International (UK) Ltd
Costa Rica, Embassy of
Croatia, Embassy of the Republic of
Crown Agents
CRU International Ltd
Cyprus, High Commission of
Czech Republic, Embassy of the
Daily Mail and General Trust plc
Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP
De Beers Group Services UK Ltd
De La Rue plc
Deloitte Consulting
Denmark, Royal Embassy of
Department of Health
Diageo (GTME)
Dominican Republic, Embassy of the
Egypt, Embassy of the Arab Republic of
El Salvador, Embassy of
Energy Charter Secretariat
Energy Intelligence Group
Estonia, Embassy of
Ethiopia, Embassy of
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
European Commission
European Investment Bank
Finland, Embassy of
First Magazine
France, Embassy of
G3 Good Governance Group
Germany, Embassy of the Federal Republic of
Glenalmond Group
Greece, Embassy of 
Guardian, The
Henderson Risk Limited
Hess Ltd
HM Treasury
Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office
House of Commons Library
House of Lords Library
Hungary, Embassy of the Republic of
India, High Commission of
Indonesia, Embassy of the Republic of
International Institute for Environment and Development
Invest in France Agency
Investcorp International Ltd
Investec Asset Management
Iran, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of
Iraq, Embassy of the Republic of
Ireland, Embassy of
Israel, Embassy of
Italy, Embassy of 
Japan Oil, Gas & Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC)
Japan, Embassy of
Jardine Lloyd Thompson LtdJKX Oil & Gas
John Swire & Sons Ltd
Jordan, Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of
Kazakhstan, Embassy of the Republic of
KOKUSAI Asset Management Co Ltd
Korea, Embassy of the Republic of
Kraft Foods
Krull Corp
Kuwait Investment Office
Kuwait, Embassy of the State of
Kyodo News
Latvia, Embassy of the Republic of
League of Arab States
Lithuania, Embassy of the Republic of
Lloyd's of London
Lonrho Plc
Luxembourg, Embassy of the Grand Duchy of
Malta, High Commission of
Marathon Oil Corporation
Matheson & Co Ltd
Mexico, Embassy of
Mitsui & Co Europe plc
Moldova, Embassy of the Republic of
Mondi Group
Morocco, Embassy of the Kingdom ofMorpho UK Limited
Mozambique, High Commission for the Republic of
Mwana Africa
Namibia, High Commission for the Republic of
NEPAD Secretariat
Netherlands, Embassy of the Kingdom of the
New Zealand, High Commission of
Nexen Petroleum UK Ltd
NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation
Nigeria, High Commission for the Federal Republic of
Norway, the Royal Embassy of
Olayan Group, The
Oman, Embassy of the Sultanate of
OMV Gas & Power
Ondra Partners
Pakistan, High Commission for the Islamic Republic of
Panama, Embassy of
Peru, Embassy of
Petrofac Energy Developments
Poland, Embassy of the Republic of
Portugal, Embassy of
Prudential plc
Qatar, Embassy of the State of 
Quaker Peace and Social Witness
Quebec Government Office
Research in Motion (Blackberry)
Risk Advisory Group
Rolls-Royce plc
Romania, Embassy of
Russian Federation, Embassy of the
Rwanda, High Commission of the Republic of
Sarasin & Partners LLP
Saudi Arabia, Embassy of the Royal Kingdom of
Schlumberger Limited
Serbia, Embassy of the Republic of
Sierra Leone High Commission
Singapore, High Commission for the Republic of
Slovak Republic, Embassy of the
Slovenia, Embassy of the Republic of
South Africa, High Commission for the Republic of
Spain, Embassy of
Standard Life Group
Stephenson Harwood
Sudan, Embassy of the Republic of
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Europe Limited
Sweden, Embassy of the Kingdom of
Switzerland, Embassy of
Syrian Arab Republic, Embassy of the
Taipei Representative Office in the UK
Tanzania High Commission
Tata Ltd
Telegraph Media Group
The Group
The Schools Network
Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)
Towers Watson
Trinidad & Tobago, High Commission for the Republic of
Tullow Oil plc
Turkey, Embassy of the Republic of
Ukraine, Embassy of
United Arab Emirates, Embassy of the 
Uruguay, Embassy of
Uzbekistan, Embassy of the Republic of
Venezuela, Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of
Vietnam, Embassy of the Socialist Republic of
Warburg Pincus
Willbrook Management International
Wilton Park
World Bank Group
WorleyParsons Europe
Yemen, Embassy of the Republic of
Yomiuri Shimbun
Zambia, High Commission of

5. Solutions

Self-sufficiency and the harassing of technology in the hands of the people are the greatest fears of the global oligarchy - fears that oligarchs throughout the centuries have harbored. Simply boycotting the globalists' corporations and replacing them with local solutions is something everyone can afford to do starting today. And by simply raising awareness, of the personal fabrication revolution, and even in the smallest way participating can help overcome the obstacle of social-engineering and spur a profound paradigm shift. We have begun to seize back the media, now it is time to seize back the other levers of power. Now is the time to recognize true freedom as being self-sufficient as a nation, as a community, and as a household, and start living it everyday 


The hours of the Euro are numbered, and the failure of the hyper-inflationary bailout policy, together with the brutal austerity policies which are destroying Greece and other countries, is a testament to the incompetence of the governments who should be responsible. Trapped within the bell jar of the monetarism, these governments are completely incapable of finding the way out the vicious circle of collapse. In actuality, the challenge to civilization to follow that tendency which is in the very nature of Mankind, to willfully strive to achieve new, higher levels of evolution, and to break through the illusory 'limits to growth', repeatedly, must now become the foundation of Political Economy. The choice to take up this challenge will determine whether or not we will be capable of finding the means to surmount the present financial crisis.

Archive available on


As the crisis in the Trans-Atlantic economies intensifies, London's time frame to detonate thermonuclear war is quickly shrinking. Fundamentally against the idea that their world standing can be replaced by a Pacific-centered orientation, the British see Russian Prime Minister Putin's victory in the March 4 Russian Presidential election very undesirable.

Any planetary recovery must necessarily begin by examining the economic principles which underlie the difference between a successful and unsuccessful economic policy. In particular, we must first elaborate the characteristics of a self-developing system -- one whose evolution is entirely governed by its internal relations, not subject to any fixed outside metric. Then we will look at the case of Russia, where it stands now, and the where the current proposal for Arctic development fits within a self-developing system.


China's South-North Water Project Moves Forward

In North America, there is abundant fresh water in the far North that would make a vast difference were it to be brought south to water the American and Mexican deserts by means of NAWAPA. In China the situation  is reversed, there is excess water available from the Yangtze river in the South while North China is dry, bounded by the Gobi desert. China's South-North Water Diversion Project is of the same type of earth engineering project as NAWAPA, if significantly smaller in scale. Also different is that the Chinese project is underway.

Its South-North Water Diversion Project, one of China's largest infrastructure projects since the building of the Three Gorges Dam, will become partly operational this year and will start supplying water in 2013, according to a Xinhua report.
"About 6 billion yuan ($952.8 million) will be spent to complete civil construction in Shandong province before the end of this year, so as to ensure the entire project becomes operational in the first half of 2013," said Sun Yifu, deputy water resources chief in Shandong province.
He said the province aims to pass the state's acceptance tests for seven pumping stations, and 24 pivotal engineering projects including a tunnel beneath the Yellow River. The first batch of 18 water supply units will be operational next year, and the remaining 23 units will be completed by 2015, said Sun.
China's south-to-north water diversion project consists of three routes, the eastern, middle and western routes. Shandong has been building part of the eastern route, which runs 1,467 km, since 2002. As of the end of 2011, investment had totaled 15.8 billion yuan ($2.5 billion). The project was first conceived in 1952, and the State Council approved it in December 2002 after debates that lasted nearly a half century.
The project, with an estimated total cost of 500 billion yuan ($80 billion), has aroused Green fear and loathing, or "global concerns over land use, possible regional climate changes, environmental damage, impact on agriculture and human suffering in the wake of massive relocations," as the China Daily puts it.
The project plans to divert 44.8 billion cubic meters of water annually from the Yangtze through eastern, middle, and western routes to relieve water shortages in north China by 2050. Its central route, the construction of which began in 2003, would be operational in 2014. Construction has not begun on the western route.

China Development, with Russia, of North Korean Port City Leaps Ahead.

China has secured the rights to build three new piers in a special economic zone in North Korea's northeast port city of Rason, and use them for 50 years. Rason is also a development area for Russia, which has reconstructed the rail line from Vladivostok to Rason, and has built port facilities and other infrastructure in the area. Russia/China/North Korea cooperation, and bringing South Korea into the process, is at the center of the effort to end the old Cold War tensions in Korea used by the British to fuel their divide-and-conquer imperial policies.
China will also build an airfield and a thermal power plant in Rason, as well as a 55-kilometer railway track between China's northeastern city of Tumen and Rason. The Chinese just completed upgrading the road between these two cities, which has allowed trade to flow from Russia's Northeast through North Korea, rather than taking the long trip south to the nearest Chinese port. The rail link will vastly increase that trade flow, and will also serve as a rail link to Vladivostok through North Korea.
North Korea and China reached an agreement late last year to build infrastructure in Rason with Chinese investment of about US$3 billion.
People's Bank of China Director: Yuan Convertibility "Must Serve 'Real Economy'"

Full convertibility of China's yuan currency, like other international currencies, has been on the Chinese agenda for some time, but Zhou Xiaochuan, the governor of the People's Bank of China (PBOC), made it very clear that convertibility will be accomplished on the basis of China's actual interests. Xhou stated in an article published on Friday in the latest issue of China Finance Magazine that "currency convertibility doesn't mean giving up control of cross-border financial transactions, and said that it is reasonable to curb speculative capital flows when the international market registers unusual volatility. 'Convertibility should be based on the necessary management of the country's foreign debt. Yuan convertibility doesn't mean that anyone can borrow money in the global market freely.'
"In addition, China is not planning to develop any disputable financial derivatives products that may hurt the economy, and the country emphasizes that the free use of currency has a precondition that it must serve the 'real economy', which produces goods and services," Zhou added according to China Daily.
Earlier this week Zhou said that the yuan will be freely convertible soon. "Now, we are not too far away from our goal of convertibility," he was quoted as saying by
The official Chinese timeframe for the realization of full convertibility of the yuan is prior to the end of 2015. 
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