Sunday, January 13, 2013

Translating Food Sovereignty into Total Sovereignty

Food is a fundamental aspect of power - but it is not the only aspect. Water, energy, industry, communications, security, transportation, and education are also essential. Translating the food sovereignty movement into a total sovereignty movement is the next step in the real revolution. A single county is more than capable of handling its own energy requirements, the management of communications, its own security via the sheriff and his ability to deputize, the production of clean water that meets the requirements of the local people, the management of transportation, and all matters regarding the education of its people.

Proof of this is the modern city-state of Singapore, no larger than most US counties, that indeed manages everything from commerce, transportation, and education, to their water supply, energy, and defense. Singapore boasts one of the best education systems in the world, a formidable military, and is a regional hub for industry and technological research & development. We can imagine then, American communities building a similarly localized independent society based on the US Constitution. These communities, independent and thriving, would act as cells do in the body, constituting healthy states, and in turn a magnificent nation - true to the principles it was founded on, honoring those who laid and defended with their blood that foundation.

By declaring and exercising our sovereignty in all matters on a local basis, we leave the elite's cage of societal management and begin managing our own affairs free of their influence. It is then up to us as to where our destiny leads us, a destiny we ourselves shape directly, day to day, rather than waiting and hoping in vain for a better "administration" next election. We must stop reacting to the global elite's strategy of tension, ever reacting to their outrageous provocations and egregious crimes against humanity.

We must instead look ourselves in the mirror and understand that we are the ocean upon which their entire empire floats, and we can just as easily sink that empire. Instead of reacting, we must start simply acting - locally, as the people of Sedgwick, Blue Hill, Penobscot, and Trenton have, declaring and exercising our sovereignty and independence on a daily basis. We do not need to ask permission to exercise what is our birth right. We do not need to ask permission to reassert our sovereignty in matters concerning agriculture, commerce, industry, or education. We simply need to start doing it.