Sunday, May 4, 2014

Empire Build up to World War 3

5/4/14 - Crisis in Ukraine is part of NATO’s plan to expand its borders across Europe as far away as Russia. Western governments wrongly claim that they are “reacting to Russian aggression” against Ukraine, adding, “It was clear from the beginning that the US and the EU through NATO were creating unrest in an attempt to foster regime change in Kiev.”

Right now, however, the Obama Administration, the Western media, and most Western governments are indeed continuing to tell lies. In the face of one of the most brazen Nazi massacres in recent history--the burning alive of anti-Kiev protestors in Odessa on May 3 by neo-Nazis from the Right Sector, soccer hooligans, and others--nary an official or a publication from the West has come out to tell the truth. Horrific available videos are being ignored, and the Russians are being blamed for these crimes.

I encourage everyone to read and distribute this EIR Factsheet on the Nazi coup in Ukraine. Please write op-eds and letters to the editor. If you have a podcast report on its contents. We must break the media cover-up of Obama's lies before they get us into WWIII.

"If this war propaganda succeeds," stated Lyndon LaRouche on May 4, "World War III could be the result. The U.S. press and the Obama Administration do not have the authority to tell brazen lies about the situation in Ukraine, with impunity. They must be held accountable, and now, or we could be looking at a global catastrophe."