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President Kennedy Resists His Masters, the Jesuits

The Jesuits – 1960 - 1963

President Kennedy Resists His Masters, the Jesuits
Seeks to End the Vietnam War and the Cold War
Attempts to Destroy the CIA – the Intelligence Arm of the Vatican.

The purpose of the expose’ of the Twentieth Century is to prove the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, ordered by the Jesuit General and executed by

Pope Paul VI
, was carried out by “the American Pope”, Francis Cardinal Spellman.   Spellman, being the Archbishop of New York, was “the American Military Vicar” and therefore used his most obedient soldiers – certain Knights of Malta, Shriner Freemasons, Knights of Columbus and Mafia Dons – in carrying out his orders from Rome.
The single reason for the President’s assassination was his interference with the purpose of the Jesuits’ Fourteenth Amendment American Empire created in 1868.  That purpose was to restore and maintain the worldwide Temporal(political) Power of that Jesuit Creation of 1870 – the “infallible” Pope.  In resisting the Pope’s Temporal Power, he threatened the monopoly of the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve Bank by enacting Executive Order 11110 (4 June 1963) thereby injecting into the economy nearly five billion dollars (4.7) in interest-free “United States Notes”, only to be recalled the day after his burial.
The President also attempted to break the foremost international intelligence arm of the Vatican’s Jesuits – the evil Central Intelligence Agency – “into a thousand pieces.”  In 1963 the CIA was manned by many of Hitler’s old warriors –the Jesuit-controlled Nazi SS – turned “cold warriors”.  According to the great Frenchman, Edmond Paris, in his The Secret History of the Jesuits, it was theJesuit Bernhardt Staempfle who wrote Hitler’s Mein Kampf.  This fact is further confirmed by one of the founders of the Nazi Party, Roman Catholic Otto Strasser, in his revealing book, Hitler and I.  It was Roman Catholic Hitler who said of the Roman Catholic Himmler having modeled the SS after the Jesuit Order,
“I can see Himmler as our Ignatius of Loyola.”
And lastly, one of the main posts of the feared SD, the Central Security Service of the SS (after which the American CIA would be modeled with the help of the repatriated Nazi General, Reinhard Gehlen), was manned by a priest – a former teacher of the evil Council of Trent at the Court of Bavaria, one of the Jesuit General’s favorites, a superior officer of the SS and the uncle of Heinrich Himmler – the Jesuit Himmler, who controlled Hitler’s every move through Martin Bormann!
Secreted out of Europe through the Vatican’s Ratlines, these murderers escaped their rightful punishment as war criminals who, during the Jesuit Crusade in Europe and Russia, killed millions of Russian Orthodox People and Jewish People pursuant to the Jesuits’ evil Council of Trent, which, after condemning freedom of conscience and freedom of the press, concluded with these words:
“Accursed be all heretics. ACCURSED!! ACCURSED!!”
Lastly, President Kennedy began to end the Vatican’s hoax known as “the Cold War“, the American CIA and Russian KGB having secretly worked together since World War II.  He also began to end that Jesuit Inquisition in Vietnam, as its future highpoint would be “Operation Phoenix“, the CIA mass-murder of 60,000 Vietnamese “in cold blood” according to its Director, William E. Colby.  The President interfering with Rome’s Holy Office of the Inquisition could not be tolerated! Millions of “heretic” Buddhists were to be exterminated, the international drug trade would explode, American patriotism and liberty would further be destroyed and Vietnam would be reunited under another communist military dictator loyal to the Pope – like Stalin, like Chairman Mao, like Castro, like George H. W. Bush and son -, Ho Chi Minh.
Waged under the guise of “fighting godless communism”, Cardinal Spellman championed America’s most disastrous conflict known as “Spelly’s War” overseen by Spelly’s General, the Roman Catholic and CFR member, William C. Westmoreland.  (Remember, according to Col. L. Fletcher Prouty in his JFK,the forced movement of over 600,000 Roman Catholics on U.S. Navy transport vessels from North Vietnam into South Vietnam was “one of the root causes of the Vietnam War.”  The arch-Catholic Secretary of the Navy responsible for implementing that Jesuit-agitation was the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, Francis P. Matthews.  Knight Matthew’s Master was America’s “Military Vicar”, Francis Cardinal Spellman.  Later, Spellman made several visits to the war-front calling the American troops “the soldiers of Christ”, fighting the Pope’s Crusade against “godless Jew Communism”!)  The outcome was 58,000 dead, 80,000 post-war suicides and a 220 billion dollar debt to the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve Bank.
All these acts of President Kennedy were proper assertions of national sovereignty and therefore infringed on the Pope’s Temporal Power. As the “infallible” Vicar of Christ and thus, “the Universal Monarch of the World“, the Pope, through the religious, political and financial power of the Jesuit Order, fully intended, then and now, to ultimately rule all nations through his loyal kings and dictators from Solomon’s rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem.

For when the Pope is crowned during his coronation these words among others(having never been taught to us in the Public Schools) are spoken:
“Take thou the tiara adorned with the triple crown,
and know that thou art the father of princes and kings,
and art the governor of the world.”

Thomas Aquinas, Rome’s “Angelic Doctor” wrote in his Summa Theologica in 1272:
“The Pope, by Divine Right,
hath spiritual and Temporal Power,
as supreme king of the World: …”
Lucius Ferraris wrote in his Bibliothica Prompta (1763), which has been adopted as a standard of Roman Catholic law, as follows:
On account of the excellence of his supreme dignity, he is called Bishop of Bishops, Ordinary of Ordinaries, universal Bishop of the Church, Bishop or Diocesan of the world, divine Monarch, supreme Emperor and King of Kings.
Roman Catholic Priest and editor, David S. Phelan paraphrased those words when he wrote in the Western Watchman, June 27, 1912:
“…Why, if the government of the United States were at war with the Church, we would say tomorrow, To Hell with the government of the United States; and if the church and all the governments of the world were at war, we would say: – To Hell with all the governments of the world… Why is it the Pope has such tremendous power? Why the Pope is the ruler of the World. All the emperors, all the kings, all the princes, all the presidents of the world are as these alter boys of mine: …”
Therefore, for challenging the Pope’s Temporal Power, in attempting to thwart Rome’s grand design against the peoples of the world, John F. Kennedy, America’s first Roman Catholic President, was brutally murdered in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, by the soldiers of Francis Cardinal Spellman within the FBI, the CIA, the Secret Service, Military Intelligence and the Mafia.
On September 11, 2001 this same Intelligence Network, overseen by New York Archbishop Edward Cardinal Egan being under the supervision of Jesuit General Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, attacked and destroyed the Twin Towers of New York’s World Trade Center and partially destroyed the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.  These acts of high treason against the American People have now justified American present Crusade against Islam, surnamed “the war against terrorism”, and heartily endorsed by the Pope’s Masonic Jewish Zionists to the detriment of the beloved, racially Jewish People in Israel.  This “war on terrorism” is to the exclusion of notorious Jesuit-trained terrorists and mass murderers such as Fidel Castro of communist Cuba and Gerry Adams of Ireland’s Irish Republican Army. Why?

“ . . . the defeat of Hitler . . . was not to put an end to the Vatican’s insidious work in free America. Does it not still have 30 million who are blindly devoted to the Holy See? It is more than the Jesuits require to develop a large-scale operation, of the kind needed to ensure that occult domination over the State which is the overriding purpose of their society. . . . ‘It is a fact that the policy of the State Department is under the influence of Cardinal Spellman. At least 50% of State Department personnel represent the point of view taught by the University of Georgetown, the Jesuit diplomatic school. This school is directed by the famous Jesuit Father [Edmund] Walsh, a geopolitician of General [Karl] Haushoffer [Haushofer], the former Hitlerist theorist . . . ’ ” - Edmond Paris, 1964 French Historian “Catholic Action” The Vatican Against Europe.

All was going well for the Vatican’s Jesuits. With their International Intelligence Community, they had begun their Inquisition and Crusade in the Far East. Their tools, Truman and Eisenhower, had begun the Vietnam War and it would prove to be a great harvest of “heretics” pursuant to the Jesuits’ Council of Trent. The Cold War had been heated up with the sabotage of Francis Gary Powers’ U-2 spy plane. Because of lack of fuel it was forced down in Russia, which ended the planned meetings for peace between the United States and Russia. Nixon, openly backed by Spellman (who was secretly for Kennedy), would have continued Eisenhower’s foreign policy of “fighting communism.” But “Surprise, Surprise!” John Kennedy won the election in 1960 by a mere one hundred thousand votes.

As usual, the Society of Jesus with their powerful Knights of Malta had engineered the election.    Kennedy, loyal to his masters, continued the Jesuits’

Communist Negro agitation (called the Civil Rights Movement, inspired by Jesuits McSorley and LaFarge), forcibly integrating the Armed Services and thus further destroying the morale of our once invincible American Military. He also, according to Dr. Peter Beter, was used to rob Fort Knox of Fourteenth Amendment America’s gold, moving it to the Federal Reserve Bank in New York.

But after the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion President Kennedy changed. Due to his betrayal by the Jesuits’ Council on Foreign Relations in the person of McGeorge Bundy, he sought to “break the CIA into a thousand pieces.” Why? Because the CIA was the teeth of the Council on Foreign Relations, the enforcer of the Empire’s secret government. Of this relationship Victor Marchetti tells us:

“It was in such an atmosphere of restiveness and doubt, on a January meeting in 1968, that a small group of former intelligence professionals and several other members of the cult of intelligence met to discuss the role of the CIA in U.S. foreign policy, not at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia but at the Harold Pratt House on Park Avenue — the home of the Council on Foreign Relations.” {2}

And no wonder, for Allen Dulles, the Director of the CIA in 1961 had been a CFR member for years just like Bundy, who was Dulles’ tool to wreck the Cuban invasion that Kennedy had approved. So, Kennedy secretly fired Dulles – the darling of the Vatican’s Jesuits – while openly he accepted his resignation. Kennedy then appointed John A. McCone to replace him. McCone was one of Spellman’s Knights and would prove to be one of the President’s assassins, resigning in 1965. Meanwhile, President Kennedy seriously resisted the power of the Vatican’s Jesuit General Janssens. First, according to The Washington Post, he determined to destroy the CIA — that agency which Truman described after the Kennedy Assassination as “a symbol of sinister and mysterious foreign intrigue.” We read:

“Kennedy did fail in his attempt to gain full control of the CIA and its major partners in the Defense Department. It was the most crucial failure of his abbreviated presidency. He recognized his adversary during his first term, and as he related confidentially to intimate acquaintances, ‘When I am reelected, I am going to break that agency into a thousand pieces.’ He meant to do it too, but the struggle cost him his life.” {3)

Secondly, President Kennedy sought to end the Vietnam War. The way in which he sought to end it was described in a report, entitled,

“ ‘Memorandum for the President, Subject: Report of McNamara-Taylor Mission to South Vietnam’ . . .

With this report in hand, President Kennedy had what he wanted. It contained the essence of decisions he had to make. He had to get reelected to finish programs set in motion during his first term; he had to get Americans out of Vietnam.” {4}

President Kennedy began to implement these policies along with limiting the power of the CIA. But those policies were reversed.

“On November 22, 1963, the government of the United States was taken over by the superpower group [the Order merely using its American Intelligence Community to remove one of its Presidential creations] that wanted an escalation of the warfare in Indochina and a continuing military buildup for generations to come.” {5}

And who was responsible for the reversal of President Kennedy’s policies after his brutal assassination? It was the Jesuits’ CIA, controlled by one of Cardinal Spellman’s Knights of Malta, John A. McCone. We read from the book First Hand Knowledge written by CIA agent and Kennedy assassin, Robert D. Morrow:

“At 8:30 AM, on Saturday, the 24th of November, 1963, the limousine carrying CIA Director John McCone pulled into the White House grounds. McCone was there to brief the President and the slain President’s former aide, McGeorge Bundy [the one responsible for the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion] . . . He was also there to transact one piece of business prior to becoming involved in all the details entailed in a presidential transition — the signing of National Security Memorandum 278 [in fact 273], a classified document which immediately reversed John Kennedy’s decision to de-escalate the war in Vietnam. The effect of Memorandum 278 would give the Central Intelligence Agency carte blanche to proceed with a full-scale war in the Far East, a war that would eventually involve over half a million Americans in a life and death struggle without the necessity of Congressional approval.

In effect, as of November 23, 1963, the Far East would replace Cuba as the thorn in America’s side [because the Jesuits had given Cuba to Castro!]. It would also create a whole new source of narcotics for the Mafia’s worldwide markets. (As mentioned earlier, Victor Marchetti, the former Deputy Director to Richard Helms, claimed in his book, The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence, that Air America, the CIA’s proprietary airline, was used as a carrier for opium.)”

Dear truth-seeker, there you have it! The Vatican’s Jesuits with their tool, Cardinal Spellman, using one of his Knights of Malta, John A. McCone, escalated the Vatican’s War in Vietnam and gave the CIA unlimited power to carry out the Jesuit General’s policy of mass-murder while developing the Mafia’s drug trade. Every segment of Rome’s Fraternity benefited. The Vatican’s Federal Reserve Bank made trillions financing the Military Industrial Complexes of both the East and West; the International Intelligence Community grew to unbelievable proportions united at its apex in the Vatican; the pharmaceutical industry made billions; the Mafia made billions with the drug trade; Rome’s oil companies and Arab nations made billions; President Johnson and his Texas oil men made billions as the tankers of Rome’s shipping tycoons unloaded their crude in both Saigon and Hanoi; and, millions of “heretics” were murdered throughout Southeast Asia. The blindly patriotic people of Fourteenth Amendment America were further reduced to economic and political slavery with its White Protestant Middle Class further destroyed along with eighty thousand vets committing suicide, many of whom having suffered untold tortures.

Thirdly, President Kennedy also resisted the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve Bank and its monopoly fiat currency, properly called “indulgences.” Colonel Gritz writes:

Jesuit Federal Reserve Note

A United States Note - or a "JFK Bill"

“When Kennedy . . . called for a return of America’s currency to the gold standard, and the dismantling of the Federal Reserve System — he actually minted non-debt money that does not bear the mark of the Federal Reserve; when he dared to actually exercise the leadership authority granted to him by the U.S. Constitution . . . Kennedy prepared his own death warrant. It was time for him to go.”

Indeed it was, time for him to go. Like Lincoln resisting the policies of the Radical Red Republicans leading to the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment, so Kennedy resisted the policies of the Council on Foreign Relations leading to the war in Vietnam. Neither could be allowed to serve a second term. John F. Kennedy, unlike any President since Lincoln, truly resisted “the superpower group,” Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty’s The Secret Team (so described by Papal Knight of Malta Daniel Sheehan, the chief legal council of the Jesuits’ Christic Institute, and called “The Octopus” by the murdered freelance writer Danny Casolaro), known in history as the Society of Jesus. May we Americans never forget the courage that President John F. Kennedy showed in refusing to bow to Francis Cardinal Spellman, knowing full well that his countrymen would never appreciate the pain and national tragedy he sought to prevent. Indeed, his several acts in resisting Jesuit tyranny were Profiles In Courage, forever wounded in the house of his friends, who continue their betrayal of the last bastion of freedom in the world — an America founded on Protestant and Baptist-Calvinist liberties. Their continual example of sinning by silence, allowing our enemies to triumph over us, makes cowards of our men, whores of our women, undisciplined idiots of our children and slaves of us all.

“Stand back, thou manifest conspirator,
Thou that contrivedst to murder our dead lord; Thou that giv’st whores indulgences to sin:…Under my feet I stamp thy cardinal’s hat:
In spite of pope or dignities of church,
Here by the cheeks I’ll drag thee up and down…Now beat them hence; why do you let them stay?Thee I’ll chase hence, thou wolf in sheep’s array. Out, tawny coats! out, scarlet hypocrite!” {1}

Edward de Vere, 1590
17th Earl of Oxford
alias, “William Shakespeare” I King Henry VI, Act I, Scene III

“Finally, — Let all with such artfulness gain the ascendant over princes, noblemen, and the magistrates of every place, that they may be ready at our beck, even to sacrifice their nearest relations and most intimate friends, when we say it is for our interest and advantage.” {2} [Emphasis added]

Ignatius Loyola, 1540, Founder, 1st Jesuit General, 1540-1556 Secret Instructions of the Jesuits

“It is of faith that the Pope has the right of deposing heretical and rebel kings. Monarchs so deposed by the Pope are converted into notorious tyrants, and may be killed by the first who can reach them. If the public cause cannot meet with its defense in the death of a tyrant, it is lawful for the first who arrives, to assassinate him.” {3} [Emphasis added] - Francisco Suarez, 1613 Spanish Jesuit Defensio Fidei Catholicae

“That it is absolutely allowable to kill a man whenever the general welfare or proper security demands it.” {4} - Mendoza Escobar, 1655 Spanish Jesuit Moral Theology

“Following so notorious a Society, its tracks are imperishable — a trench filled with the corpses of kings.” {5} - Edwin A. Sherman, 1883 American Shriner Freemason Friend of our hero, Charles Chiniquy The Engineer Corps of Hell.

“The right of deposing kings is inherent in the supreme sovereignty which the Popes, as vice-regents of Christ exercise over all Christian nations.” {6} - Henry Cardinal Manning, 1892 Archbishop of Westminster.

“Every Shriner, kneeling before the Koran, takes this oath . . . with terrible bloody consequences if we revealed any of the ‘secrets’. . . (to have our ‘eyeballs pierced to the center with a sharp, three-edged blade’). . . . in the name of Allah, and acknowledges this pagan god of vengeance as his own (“the God of our fathers”). And, in the ritual, he acknowledges Islam, the declared blood-enemy of [Biblical] Christianity, as the one true path.” {7} - James D. Shaw, 1988 Ex-33rd Degree Freemason The Deadly Deception.

“A conspiracy is rarely, if ever, proved by positive testimony. When a crime of high magnitude is about to be perpetrated by a combination of individuals, they do not act openly, but covertly and secretly. The purpose formed is known only to those who enter into it. Unless one of the original conspirators betray his companions and give evidence against them, their guilt can be proved only by circumstantial evidence . . . and circumstances can not lie.” {8} - John A. Bingham, 1865 Special Judge Advocate The Trial of the Conspirators.

“Freed remembers what apparently passes for polite conversation when men such as Colby [CIA Director] and Cline get together. ‘It was quite bizarre,’ Freed said, ‘for the subject they chose was, ‘When is it acceptable to assassinate a head of state?’ ’ Colby presented what he said was a theological and philosophically sound approach. The Catholic church, he said, had long since wrestled with this question and had, to Colby’s mind, emerged with a sound concept. ‘It is acceptable,’ he said, ‘to assassinate a tyrant.’ ” {9} [Emphasis added] - Mark Lane, 1991 American Jurist Plausible Denial.


The first killing shot came from 1. Jackie who shot Kennedy in the head with a special weapon developed by the CIA or 2. the driver of the President’s Limousine, a CIA [Secret Service] agent or he was just watching.


"The truth depends on, and is only arrived at, by a legitimate deduction from all the facts which are truly material."  [S. T. Coleridge, "Table-Talk," December 27, 1831.]


There is evidence of an entry wound to the left side of the President's head -- the side on which Jackie was located.   Several eyewitnesses, including doctors and other medical personnel, a priest giving last rites, and an eye witness at Dealey Plaza, reported seeing a wound of the left temple.  This is compatible with Jackie having fired a shot from a small caliber hand gun at close range to her husband's head.  The Zapruder frames of that moment show her head so close to her husband's that, if there was a shot to the left side of JFK's head, it would be nearly impossible to execute from any distance away without striking the First Lady.  In addition, no gunshots were reported being seen from the left side of Dealey Plaza where the crowd was sparser and there less places for a gunman to hide.

Where’s the EVIDENCE for what you’re implying, you ask?  Here’s a slow-motion clip of the Zapruder film for your perusal.

(Just found one that's a closer-up view.)   Please zero in on Jackie beginning at the point JFK grabs his throat and look for 5 CLUES:

1.  She leans into him but does not put an arm around him as would be a more natural response.  Instead, she keeps her hands out of camera range by contorting her arms rather awkwardly, perhaps conscious of the possibility that there are cameras on both sides of the street.  Photos and film taken from the left side of the car also do not show exactly what she’s doing with her right hand.  It appears she's using her left hand to steady his chin for a clean shot to the left side of his head.  

2.  She seems more focused on Gov. Connally’s words to her than on her husband’s condition.   Could Connally possibly be telling her it’s time to “do it”?  Or perhaps he’s uttering the trigger words that will elicit a previously induced hypnotic suggestion.   Does it look to you like they're shocked by what's happening or do they look more like they're having a confab? 

 The special design bag can be shown at frame 253

3.  At point of head impact, white smoke moves upward on LEFT SIDE of JFK’s head.   This white wisp of smoke or vapor is visible even in photos and film taken from the other side of the car.  Here's a slow motion clip of just the head shot that clearly shows white smoke before the blood splatter.   A bullet doesn’t cause smoke; the barrel of a gun does. 

There are various reports (here’s one) that indicate that the gunshot entry wound was on the left side of JFK’s head; exit wound to the right front.   One of the doctors at Parkland, Dr. Jenkins, testified to the Warren Commission that he had discovered what appeared to be a bullet wound to the “left temporal region” "right above the zygomatic bone" in the hairline of the President’s head.  (Of course, the Warren Commission took care of that “misconception”!) (See also: EVIDENCE OF LEFT HEAD WOUND).   For a shocking discussion of the theory that the bodies of J.D. Tippit (the Dallas police officer reported to have been shot by Oswald after the assassination) and JFK were switched in order to produce autopsy photos and x-rays closer to the false conclusions of the Warren Commission, read this and this.  Could this be how the conspirators hid the fact of JFK's real head wounds?

4.  She quickly hides something (the gun?).   In the still frames of the Zapruder film, it appears to me that there must be several  frames missing between #326 and #327.  Judging from the slow progression of the other still frames (It takes more than 60 frames to show Gov. Connally turning his head toward Jackie!), there’s no conceivable way that Jackie’s arm could have skipped from an upright position to one pointing down in the space of one frame (1/18 of a second)!  What do those responsible not want us to see?  A gun?  Or did the conspirators want to save themselves the trouble of having to obscure with black paint the right rear exit wound reported by both Dallas medical personnel and various witnesses?  ....or both?  (See all frames.) 

5.   Judging by the blood and brain spray exiting JFK’s head, what kind of trajectory would the bullet have to travel?  Isn’t it more consistent with someone placing the muzzle near his left ear and firing upwards than it would be of a long-distance shooter firing from behind…or even from the front?   (See image at top showing skull fragment spinning through the air.)  There is an assassination researcher who puts forth the theory that there was a shooter in the trunk of the car!  He is actually closer to the truth than other theorists because the intensity and trajectory of the shot indicates that it came from within the tight little circle of the car and those in it and around it.   His conclusions support rather than deny mine.  Then there's the testimony of photographer Hugh Betzner, who was in close proximity to the car at the time of the shooting.  He stated, "I heard at least two shots fired and I saw what looked like a firecracker going off in the president's car."  He also said, "I also remember seeing what looked like a nickel revolver in someone's hand in the President's car or somewhere immediately around his car." (Full testimony HERE.)  Witness Austin L. Miller on the railroad bridge thought the shots came from the Presidential limousine itself, and Senator Ralph Yarborough smelled gunpowder at street level following the assassination. (Taken from Amazon's excerpt of "False Mystery," by V. J. Salandria).  There are experts who insist that the Zapruder film was altered and also that frames were removed; and these alterations seem aimed at obscuring the moment of the head shot.   The final product still shows evidence of a shot from the front, so this alteration must, more importantly in the minds of the alterers, have been done to hide both the fact that the car was brought to a complete standstill for the execution of the head shot(s), and to hide the fact that Jackie’s hand held a gun.   This video has more details about the obvous alterations to the Zapruder film and an interview with a French journalist who claims he has seen an unedited copy of the film bought from Zapruder by H. L. Hunt just hours after the assassination.  Of interest to me especially is the fact that this journalist claims inside information that there were two head shots fired almost simultaneously from two different directions.   Another fact that is pointed out in the video is that the "kill zone" on Elm Street was marked with three yellow stripes painted on the curb at intervals, which can be seen in the Zapruder film (see one here) and also still remain faintly visible to this day in Dallas.  The role of the umbrella man is also covered.
The sequence of events that took our President’s life was, in my opinion, and based on observation of the Zapruder film, as follows:

1.  JFK was shot in the throat from the front, possibly by a bullet or fragment of a bullet that went through the windshield of the car.  Contrary to popular belief, Gov. Connally was not wounded until AFTER the fatal head shot (as evidenced by the fact that he is able to turn his body around and toward Jackie in order to speak to her).  Note: If you click on the link to the article regarding Gov. Connally’s wounds, notice how clearly the white smoke is visible in the Zapruder frames he posts.)

2.  One or more bullets from the rear were fired at some point during the sequence, causing JFK’s back entrance wound (which was shallow probably due to his heavy back corset-like brace), and the injuries to Gov. Connally.

3.  Jackie maneuvers herself into position in order to deliver a head shot to enter from the left in JFK’s hairline near his ear and upward, but she hesitates a few seconds too long, forcing the sniper hidden on the grassy knoll to respond with a head shot of his own (occurring at frame #326).  (Robert D. Morningstar writes regarding a JFK autopsy photo in this article that, "This indicates to us that the bullet causing this wound would have to have passed through an already open frontal head wound without having struck frontal or temporal bone upon entry which would have resulted in its deformation or early fragmentation.").   This sniper’s shot nearly coincided perfectly with Jackie’s shot, and the startling realization that rifle shots were coming in her direction, coupled with the horror of her mortally wounded husband falling toward her and not away from her, caused her to flee away from their source and towards the rear of the automobile seeking the protective arms of her personal Secret Service agent, Clint Hill.   (Jackie almost roughly pushes JFK’s body aside as she swiftly climbs out onto the trunk of the car reportedly to retrieve some mysterious object.  The official story that she was trying to save brain matter or a piece of skull is suspect as the Zapruder film clearly shows that the trunk area is still in pristine condition.  (Note: I have to admit that still shots of the trunk area at this JFK Lancer site seem to show some sort of debris.)  I believe that she looks like she grabbed her bullet casing -- on the boot of the car because she’s reaching for the protruding “buttons” about halfway to the Secret Service handles in order to hold on to something while she makes her escape. Frame 422-455 was tempered.  Note:  Kitty Kelley's unauthorized biography, "Jackie Oh!" ignores the standard media hype and simply states that Jackie was trying to "flee." (Pg. 230).  It's really immaterial whether Jackie was grabbing for a piece of skull and/or brain matter, or fleeing a possible shot from a sniper, as the evidence for her involvement in the murder is enough to render it so.  Who knows, maybe she was afraid the piece of brain she is said to have retrieved contained incriminating bullet fragments from her gun and not the official "murder weapon."

4.  The nearly simultaneous head shots coming from two different directions - one close to the head from the left and the other traveling a distance from the right front - explain the conflicting bodily movements indicating JFK’s physical reaction to the two head injuries.   (Slightly forward at the first shot (Frame #312), but then quickly back and to the left (Frame #313 and 314) after the incoming shot from the grassy knoll.)  This video made by Bob Harris explores evidence that there were two nearly simultaneous head shots from different directions.  David Lifton, in "Best Evidence: Disguise and Deception in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy," reports being first shocked and then troubled when it's pointed out to him that his "back and to the left" phenomena noted on the Zapruder film in Frame #313 is immediately preceded by a forward motion in #312.  My thesis that JFK was shot at close range from the left side and slightly towards the back of his head would account for this motion.  David Lifton's "Case for Three Assassins" theory is made more credible by the realization that Jackie was one of the shooters from the "rear," albeit, a very close rear.

Another good link to a larger, blown-up version of the Zapruder film can be found at Metacafe.  The white smoke is clearly visible, as well as the gun-hiding motions of Jackie Kennedy after impact.

Just found this YouTube link: "Was Jackie Directly Involved in the JFK Assassination?"  (5/26/10).

Although I do mention the following "Jackie did it" site under "Left Head Wound." I want to give it mention here as I feel much of it has merit to the discussion:   This is a fascinating read - be sure to download the pdf) and has some creative suggestions for mode of delivery for Jackie's kill shot!   The writer is not afraid to identify the overarching entity behind the crime that still operates from the shadows today, although those shadows are being dispelled by the unafraid (and foolhardy?) on the Internet.

“Kennedy . . . was murdered at Dallas on November 22, 1963. . . . The killing shot may also came from the driver of the President’s Limousine, a CIA [Secret Service] agent who shot Kennedy in the head with a special weapon developed by the CIA. If you look at the original [Zapruder] film of the assassination in slow motion and watch the driver, then you can clearly see that he turns around with a gun in his hand, shoots, and the back of Kennedy’s head bursts. The films shown in most Western countries [JFK, Director’s Cut] have the driver cut out . . . The bullet, too, was a CIA special that only exploded after entering the body, and thus annihilated Kennedy’s brain [Since no Chief Executive has been killed with a rifle in over two hundred years, a maxim of all Jesuit-authored assassinations when using a firearm is the killing shot must be at a point-blank range like Presidents Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley as well as Franz Ferdinand at Sarajevo.] . . . all the witnesses of the conspiracy were either killed or died of fast-growing cancer [viral cell mutations created by the Jesuit General’s CIA] that they had injected — the deadly marksman in the car [the driver, Navy Seal William Greer] three weeks after the deed, for example.” {11} - Jan van Helsing, 1995
Swiss Historian Secret Societies and Their Power in the 20th Century.

“Between seven and ten shots were fired by four different assassins . . . but Lee Harvey Oswald never fired a single round. Two of the shooters were CIA contract agents. Two were actually picked up by the cops and released, and another one flew out of Dallas untouched. Of the four, I was personally acquainted with three of them . . . Charles Harrelson . . . and he was capable of killing anybody; . . . Frank Sturgis; . . . and Charles Rogers (alias Carlos Montoya).” {12} [Emphasis added] - Hugh Huggins (alias Hugh Howell), 1993 Joe Kennedy’s CIA “Chameleon” Assassin JFK: Breaking the Silence.

“As St. Peter was given the power of punishing with temporal punishments and even with death for the correction and example of others . . . even so the Pope can depose the [Holy Roman] emperor and give his empire to another, if he does not defend the [Pope’s] Church.” {13} - Antonio Santarelli, 1626 Italian Jesuit.

This chapter will examine the forest, not the trees. The hundreds of works covering the Kennedy assassination can be reduced to a few simple facts. These facts viewed in the context of the previous chapters lead us to the “Lion” in his “Den of Iniquity” that had the power to execute the murder and successfully cover it up. That Lion was the Cardinal of New York and his Den of Iniquity was St. Patrick’s Cathedral, “the little Vatican,” and home base of the American Branch of the Knights of Malta. From the death of Cardinal Spellman in 1967 until now (2003), the succeeding “Lions,” having kept the assassination covered up, were Cardinal Cooke (himself a Knight of Malta) and Cardinal O’Connor, a Knight of Malta and former Chaplin during Spellman’s Vietnam War, and later, a Navy Admiral. (O’Connor must have known Admiral Edward Kenney, the Surgeon General of the Navy, as well as every detail of the President’s deliberately botched and covered up autopsy overseen by JFK’s physician, Admiral George G. Burkley, at the Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland.) Edward Cardinal Egan is presently the Archbishop of New York and will continue the Great Jesuit Cover-up. Of Cardinal Spellman’s power in 1963 controlling the American Empire’s intelligence and military structure we read:

“Spellman . . . the Military Vicar of the American armed forces . . . was also the unofficial link between the Pope and John Foster Dulles, the U.S. Secretary of State [whose son, Avery Dulles, is a Jesuit] and, therefore, the Secretary’s brother Allen, head of the CIA . . . The Catholic Church in the USA [controlled by the Jesuit Order] is a force in the Pentagon, a secret agent in the FBI and the . . . prime mover of . . . the Central Intelligence Agency.” {14} [Emphasis added]

Knowing that President Kennedy was not going to escalate the Vietnam War, the Intelligence Community began to prepare for his assassination. Raised a Lutheran, Lee Oswald was chosen to be a patsy . . . As a CIA agent, he had been sent to Soviet Russia by Allen Dulles in 1959, supposedly as a defector. Knowing that the CIA (OSS) and the KGB (NKVD) had worked together during World War II, Oswald apparently took a vacation for nearly two years. During that time he married a Russian woman, Marina, whose uncle was a KGB Colonel, Vasili Khritinin. When he returned to the American Empire in 1962, without being formally debriefed, he associated with CIA agents Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, David Ferrie (a former Catholic Priest), Guy Banister, Count George DeMohrenschildt (a personal friend of Jackie Kennedy’s father) and Clay L. Shaw. Oswald was a CIA agent and was related to a Jesuit. Emanuel Josephson tells us:

“An interesting angle is presented by the Lee Oswald involvement. His cousin is reported to be a Jesuit priest. And it is a matter of record that Lee Oswald was invited to address the Jesuit College in Springhill, Alabama, on the subject of his activities, two weeks before the Kennedy Assassination. The Jesuit involvement closely parallels that in the Lincoln Assassination.” {15}

Jim Garrison clearly proved the CIA was involved in the assassination through Clay L. Shaw. He writes:

“ . . . we discovered Shaw’s extensive international role as an employee of the CIA. Shaw’s secret life as an Agency man in Rome trying to bring Fascism back to Italy was exposed in articles in the Italian press . . . To me among the most significant revelations were . . . the confirmation by both Victor Marchetti and Richard Helms that Clay Shaw had been an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency.” {16} [Emphasis added]

And who was the Director of the CIA in 1963? It was Knight of Malta John A. McCone. Prior to that McCone had been a defense contractor who had formerly headed the Atomic Energy Commission. Later in 1970, he was a board member of International Telephone & Telegraph Company (IT&T) while remaining a CIA consultant. Marchetti tells us:

“(ITT board member who later admitted to a Senate investigative committee that he had played the key role in bringing together CIA and ITT officials was John McCone, director of the CIA during the Kennedy administration and in 1970, a CIA consultant.)” {17}

Cardinal Spellman’s soldier and Director of the CIA, John A. McCone, participated in the Kennedy Assassination.

Jim Garrison and others have proved that the FBI was also involved in the assassination. He writes:

“I already had concluded that parts of the local Dallas law enforcement establishment [controlled by Cardinal Spellman’s Dallas Bishop Thomas K. Gorman] were probably implicated in the assassination or its cover-up. But now I saw that the highly respected FBI was implicated as well.” {18}

Cardinal Spellman had two agents in the FBI. The first was the Shriner Freemason and brother Cold Warrior, J. Edgar Hoover. According to John Loftus, Hoover had cooperated with the Vatican Ratlines resettling Nazi war criminals in the predominantly Roman Catholic Northeast United States. Why should he not cooperate with Spellman now? Why would he refuse? More importantly Spellman’s key man in the FBI was Knight of Malta, Cartha DeLoach. As the third in command, DeLoach was in a position to supervise the assassination and suppress evidence. Garrison proved DeLoach did in fact suppress evidence.

After the assassination we see a telling relationship between President Lyndon Johnson and Cartha DeLoach. DeLoach was known as Johnson’s man in the FBI and the President would call him any time of day. Curt Gentry writes:

“Lyndon Johnson couldn’t sleep. Late at night he had his aid Marvin Watson telephone the DeLoach bedroom. The president had suddenly become convinced that the murder of his predecessor had been a conspiracy and wanted more information from the FBI.” {19}

This is the Cartha DeLoach that had signed a five-year contract with Lee Iacocca’s Ford Mercury in connection with the television series, “The FBI.” Both DeLoach and Iacocca were Knights of Malta subject to Cardinal Spellman during the Kennedy assassination. Later DeLoach went on to be a director of PepsiCo, and according to Colonel Prouty, that company also participated in Kennedy’s assassination. We read with wonder, as it seems this web of assassins appears to be endless:

“Nixon was in Dallas with a top executive of the Pepsi-Cola Company, Mr. Harvey Russell, the general counsel. Nixon was a legal counsel to that corporation. That top executive’s son has told of Nixon’s presence in Dallas at the time of the assassination, and Russell has confirmed the accuracy of his son’s account. Later, sometime after the shooting, Nixon was driven to the Dallas airport by a Mr. DeLuca, also an official of the Pepsi-Cola Company. In addition, the son of another Pepsi-Cola executive was in Dallas at that time and had dinner with Jack Ruby, Oswald’s killer, the night before JFK was murdered.” {20}

(Is it any wonder why President Nixon, a co-conspirator in the assassination, was paranoid over the release of “the Watergate tapes”?) DeLoach, Iacocca and the Knights of Pepsi, now PepsiCo, all worked together.

At the time of the assassination in Dallas, the Catholic priest, Oscar Huber, escorted by an unknown priest, was sent from Holy Trinity Catholic Church to administer “last rites” for the President. Knowing that Kennedy’s wounds were frontal wounds of entry, Huber reported everything to his superior, the Bishop of Dallas, then “The Most Reverend Thomas Kiely Gorman, DD.” According to Martin Lee’s article entitled “Who Are the Knights of Malta?” appearing on October 14, 1983 in the National Catholic Reporter, Thomas K. Gorman was a Knight of Malta. Being a brother Knight, he must have reported directly to Cardinal Spellman and kept him apprised of what was happening in Dallas.

At the time of the assassination in Dallas, roughly 12:30PM (in the afternoon), all the telephones went dead in Washington, D.C. for about one hour. How could this have happened? Someone at IT&T had to be responsible as it serviced the Washington area. In 1963 one of the VIP’s of IT&T was Francis D. Flanagan. You guessed it. According to Martin Lee’s same article, “Who Are the Knights of Malta?”, Flanagan was a Knight. Later McCone, with his brother Knights, coordinated a deal between the CIA and IT&T to better work together.

The author knows there were several Knights of Columbus involved in the Kennedy assassination. They were working for the FBI in particular. But the only notable Knight involved was Senator Edward Kennedy, in that, through his silence he has consented to his brother’s murder. Maybe this is what has driven the perpetual Senator from Massachusetts to his ruined, alcoholic life. Let us take a few moments to pray for the Senator that he might have a change of heart, that he would tell all and that we might protect him. For he too was subject to the occult power of Pope Paul VI’s Francis Cardinal Spellman. He was indeed “Spellmanized”!

Lastly, we know that the Mafia was involved in the Kennedy Assassination. The Mafia, OSS/CIA, FBI and Office of Naval Intelligence had been working together throughout World War II. Jack Ruby was a Mafioso and David E. Scheim makes it perfectly clear in his Contract on America that the Mob had at least two motives; the Kennedy brothers assault on Organized Crime and the loss of the Mob’s gambling paradise in Cuba.

But those were not the reasons. The Mafia Dons must have been promised that they would make more money than Havana could ever produce, through the explosion of the International Drug Trade made possible by the Vietnam War. If they helped eliminate Kennedy, Johnson would escalate the war and thereby, the drug trade. The CIA would bring the drugs in from the Golden Triangle, distribute them to the Mafia families (Sam Giancana and Santos Trafficante families) and both would profit. Mob bosses not wanting to participate would be deposed or eliminated.

More importantly, the Mafia’s Commission had a favor to repay. Cardinal Spellman, through FDR, had arranged the release of Charles “Lucky” Luciano because of “Operation Underworld” mentioned in a previous chapter. Now the Cardinal needed a favor. If refused, Spellman could use the entire International Intelligence Community, which he had helped to organize, to eliminate any Mob boss. If agreed to, new gambling centers would open up, Atlantic City being one of them. Clearly, if the President was removed, everybody would acquire more power and wealth, the Intelligence Community would become more absolute and the Cardinal would be even more respected by his peers in Rome. The rest is history.

Later, in 1964, for the first time in the nation’s history as a Republic (1789-1868) or an Empire (1868-2003), the Pope of Rome set foot in Fourteenth Amendment America. Cardinal Spellman had performed well and was rewarded by a visit from his Master, fellow Cold Warrior and Vatican Ratline handler, Cardinal Montini, who was now the Papal Caesar, Pope Paul VI.

There is yet another reason for the removal of President Kennedy. He wanted to arm Israel. Loftus and Aarons write:

“In September 1962 Kennedy decided to supply Israel with defensive ground-to-air missiles capable of stopping aircraft, but not the Egyptian offensive missiles. It was the first arms sale by the U.S. Government to Israel . . . Kennedy promised the Israelis that as soon as the 1964 election was over, he would break the CIA ‘into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.’ . . . With Kennedy’s assassination in November 1963, the Israelis lost the best friend they had had in the White House since Truman departed.” {21}

And why did the Vatican’s Jesuits not want any arms sales to Israel at this time?

Why did our Jesuit-controlled President, Lyndon Johnson, turn his back while the Egyptian army moved up through the Sinai desert to prepare its assault on Israel in 1967? Because the attack upon Israel had to be provoked! The Jesuits’ International Intelligence Community, deceiving Egypt into falsely perceiving the weakness of the Israeli army and the supposed abandonment of Israel by the American Empire, provoked that attack. Indeed, weakness breeds contempt and invites attack! The Six-Day war, engineered by Knight of Malta James Angleton, had one primary purpose: the taking of Jerusalem from Islamic Jordan, along with the Temple Mount. The apparent lack of military hardware on the part of Israel provoked the planned attack by Egypt. Therefore, Israel launched a preemptive strike and in six days the holy city was in the hands of Rome’s Zionist government. Had Kennedy armed Israel, the Egyptians would never have been emboldened to maneuver for war. With no provoked war there would have been no Israeli attack. With no Israeli attack the Zionist Army, controlled by the Jesuits’ Mossad, would never have taken Jerusalem. With Jerusalem in Arab hands, the high Masonic Jewish Zionists could never rebuild Solomon’s Temple – unbeknown to the Israeli people – for the Jesuits “infallible”

Papal Caesar who, when risen from the dead, will be

“ . . . a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences . . .

And he shall speak great words against the most High . . .
and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god,
and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods,
and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: . . .
Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.” - Daniel 8:23; 7:25; 11:36, 37

“Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God [Solomon’s rebuilt Temple], shewing himself that he is God.” - II Thessalonians 2:4

For he “ . . . [shall] stand in the holy place [Solomon’s rebuilt Temple] . . . ” - Matthew 24:15

“But the court which is without the temple . . . of God [Solomon’s rebuilt Temple] . . . is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city [Jerusalem]
shall they tread under foot forty and two months.” - Revelation 11:1, 2

It is safe to say that the Jesuit General, using the “infallible” Pope with his most powerful Cardinal in the American Empire, assassinated President John F. Kennedy in 1963. For it was Cardinal Spellman, “the American Pope,” in command of his soldiers – the Knights of Malta – who oversaw the assassination.

And it was certain Knights of Malta, using the Central Intelligence Agency, that aided in the actual assassination of the President. Those Knights were CIA Director, John A. McCone, and CIA officers, William F. Buckley, Jr. and Henry R. Luce. In 1963, both William F. Buckley, Jr. and Henry Luce were personal friends of CIA agent E. Howard Hunt. We read from Mark Lane’s Plausible Denial on page 270 concerning Time and Life magazines of which Henry Luce was the owner;

“ ‘I [Howard Hunt] had them [fabricated official cables], typed up on a typewriter and they were Xeroxed, and the Xeroxes were eventually shown to a person of Mr. [Charles] Colson’s confidence, and in Time and Life.’ . . . Hunt, after swearing that he had never been involved in a disinformation effort to embarrass Kennedy, had now testified that he had merely sought to doctor and create evidence to prove that Kennedy was a murderer.” {22}

Again we read of Hunt’s connection with the pompous William F. Buckley, Jr.:

“[G. Gordon] Liddy completed his testimony perfectly, stating that while he no longer associated with Hunt, he did see him last, he recalled, when both men demonstrated their support for another former CIA officer, William F. Buckley, Jr., as Buckley celebrated the anniversary of his television show at the New York Yacht Club.” {23} [Emphasis added]

Dear truth-seeker, Hunt was close to both powerhouses, Buckley and Luce. Hunt was also working with two of his fellow criminals in the future Watergate scandal, G. Gordon Liddy (Jesuit-trained) and Chuck Colson (pro-Jesuit Protestant). And in 1985, it was Mark Lane who proved in Miami’s federal court that Hunt was in Dallas the day President Kennedy was murdered. Therefore, the conclusion was obvious. The CIA with its agent, E. Howard Hunt, had killed the President. In the words of the jury’s forewoman, Leslie Armstrong, we read:

“ ‘Mr. Lane was asking us to do something very difficult. He was asking us to believe that John Kennedy had been killed by our own government. When we examined the evidence (for 65 minutes) we were compelled to conclude that the CIA had indeed killed President Kennedy.’ . . . Hunt had been part of it, and that evidence, so painstakingly presented, should now be examined by the relevant institutions of the United States Government so that those responsible for the assassination might be brought to justice.” {24} [Emphasis added]

“ . . . and it came to pass, . . . that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him. And the LORD said unto Cain . . . What hast thou done?the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.” - Genesis 4:8-10

“Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.” - Genesis 9:6

Dear truth-seeker, if the government of the United States, presently overseen and managed by the Black Pope’s Council on Foreign Relations through the strong arm of its Central Intelligence Agency, its Federal Bureau of Investigation and now the Order’s Office of Homeland “Romeland” Security (it having absorbed one hundred federal agencies including the Coast Guard and now directed by the Jesuit-trained Roman Catholic Knight of Columbus, Tom Ridge), continues its refusal to punish the murderers of President John F. Kennedy, these murderers having now sacrificed many thousands of people in the Twin Towers of New York’s World Trade Center, (as both Towers were aerially attacked and then internally imploded by Archbishop Egan’s Central Intelligence Agency), we, like the Calvinists of old, must calmly and resolutely withdraw our allegiance; we must formally and legally declare our independence to the world; and then “throw off such government.” If we fail in this we will be consumed by the righteous judgment of the risen Son of God for disobeying His Holy Word — the Authorized King James Version of 1611.

“We see Rome’s satanic, Nazi Fourth Reich using United States troops to murder the leaders and peoples of nations so that the Roman Antichrist can place his own like-minded leaders in the place of those he ordered to be assassinated or murdered [as in the assassination of Knight of Columbus John F. Kennedy and thus replacing him with Shriner Freemason Lyndon B. Johnson]. These actions are causing all the nations of the world to hate the people of the United States of America. We who were once the most loved nation are now the most hated. The Antichrist in Rome doesn’t allow his world-controlled media to fully tell the truth about what the people of other nations think about us or why they think this way. They hate us because of what the Antichrist, through the high-ranking Roman Nazi agents, which have infiltrated our government, is doing to them [Serbians, Moslems, etc.]. When these nations respond to the Roman Nazi agents’ unholy aggression which is coming from the U.S. through the orders of the Antichrist in Rome, the Pope’s [CFR-controlled] media and his puppets lead us to believe we should go to war against them. Would you not hate someone who’s bombing you, your family and your friends for no apparent reason? . . . The BATF, FBI, DEA, the Federal Bureau Task Force, CIA, CFR, Knights of Malta, all these are branches of the Vatican. The Vatican doesn’t care at all if you come against a president, a king, a queen, or one of these branches, because they’re nothing but smokescreens for the Pope. . . .

President [George W.] Bush was the most Catholic president we’ve ever had. He is surrounded with cardinals. From the beginning of his presidency, George [W.] Bush has been promoting the Vatican-Nazi Jesuit agenda. Two months into his presidency, surrounded by cardinals of Rome, the President dedicated a cultural center in Washington, D.C., to the greatest enemy this Republic has ever had, the Pope of Rome. Bush declared that he is going to enforce the words and teachings of the Pope here in America. [According to Patricia Zapoa of the Catholic News Service, March 24, 2001] President Bush said,

Every President from Johnson to Bush, and now Obama, has been the abject tool of the Order fulfilling “Jesuitical Politics” — treasonous, internationalist and plotting to make its “infallible” Pope, ruling Satan’s Theocratic Kingdom offered to the Lord Jesus Christ, “the Universal Monarch of the World.” This political control was clearly described in 1933 by Lady Queenborough who wrote:

“The game of politics is the pursuit of power. In all democracies, there are two separate organizations playing the political game. The open and visible one, the members of which hold office as members of a government, and the invisible one composed of individuals who control this visible organization and in whom is vested the real power, the essence of which is finance, controlling the publicity which makes or unmakes its tools. This financial power may be used to promote truth or fallacies, good or evil, national prosperity or national ruin . . . the strength of a democracy thus lies at the mercy of invisible leaders who, being nationally irresponsible, cannot be called to account for the consequences of the acts of the governments they control.

This at the same time constitutes the inherent weakness of any form of government, the apotheosis of which is the control of both parties in the state, right and left, radical and conservative, by the same forces. Then, only the puppets change while the rule of the individuals controlling the machine continues unhindered. Voters who wonder why their efforts have failed, wonder in vain. As the dupes of a controlled publicity their privilege of the vote is a farce [see Votescam written in 1992 by Collier and Collier].

If all factions in a state can be controlled from one source [the CFR], why should International Control [from Rome] be impracticable?”

From the reversal of President Kennedy’s policy to end the Vietnam War (1963), to the war in Yugoslavia (1998), to the Crusade in Central Asia against Islam (2004), and now in Eurasia against the Orthodox, the Jesuits have maintained control over the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the Empire’s government. The murder of “heretics” continues abroad, from the “heretic” Buddhists in the Far East to the “heretic” Orthodox Serbians in the Balkans and Ukraine. The Jesuits, in control of both George H. W. Bush (along with the American military) and Saddam Hussein, through Shriner Freemasonry, “extirpated” the “heretic” Moslems of Iraq while initiating the unification of Europe’s military, largely Roman Catholic, during Operation Desert Storm. A former Jesuit and personal friend suggests why the Islamic people of Iraq have been mass murdered by the Military Industrial Complex of the Order’s “Holy Roman” Fourteenth Amendment American Empire for the last twenty years:

“At the request of Pope Pius XI in 1931, and as directed by Jesuit General Ledochowski, the Jesuits of the New England Province, headquartered in Boston, opened a new high school in 1932 by the name of Baghdad College, located in Baghdad, Iraq, and staffed by the Jesuit Fathers, Scholastics, and Brothers from four US Provinces. Over the years Baghdad College flourished on what became a beautiful date-palm-covered property, was attended by both Catholic and Islamic students, and developed a reputation as one of the finest schools in Iraq. The Jesuits in Iraq operated under a government restriction that they engage in no proselytizing of their Islamic students, although they were free to service Catholic communities in the country. Some years later, in 1956, the Jesuits opened Al-Hikma University, with curricula in business and engineering. Al-Hikma was also located in the Baghdad area, several miles from Baghdad College.

[Remembering that the Universities of the Military Company of the Society of Jesus are in fact military fortresses through which the Jesuits carry out their military quest in subordinating all nations to the absolute Temporal Power of the Papal Caesar in Rome, we read further that:]

The political events in Iraq from 1932 to 1979 included:

1932 – Independence, League of Nations Mandate.
Faisal I becomes King of independent Iraq. Jesuits open Baghdad College (high school) in Iraq.

1933 – King Faisal I dies. Faisal II becomes King of Iraq.

1956 – Jesuits open Al-Hikma University in Baghdad.

1958 – Hashemite dynasty overthrown (as had been done by the Order’s Wahhabi al-Saud tribe to the Arabian Hashemite dynasty in 1926), King Faisal II and Prime Minister Nuri aid are killed; Karim Kassem seizes power; Republic proclaimed.

1963 – President Karim Kassem overthrown and killed.

1966 – President Muhammed Aref killed in crash of helicopter. 1968 – November. Al-Hikma Jesuits expelled from Iraq; allowed five days to leave the country. 1969 – All Jesuits expelled from Iraq.

1979 – Saddam Hussein becomes President of Iraq; payback time for the Moslem People of Iraq.

I wonder if the above expulsion of the Jesuits entitled Iraq [ravaged by more than two decades of war, depravation and Jesuit tyranny administered by the Black Pope’s Masonic Hussein Dynasty] to the mass destruction and horrendous massacres connected with the various wars and bombings — the Iran-Iraq War; the Gulf war, etc. [now invaded during the Order’s present Anglo-American ‘War on Islamic Terrorism’].”

Dear truth-seeker, could it be that Saddam Hussein, the resultant Moslem military dictator of Iraq for over twenty years, who used chemical weapons not only on Iran but on his own Iraqi people, was put in power by the Jesuit Order? Is it not extremely telling that Saddam Hussein was never eliminated by an easily ordered “Special Operation” of the Jesuits’

American Military Intelligence during the Gulf War, as he had been a brother Shriner Freemason and business partner with the Order’s CFR member, Mafia associate and former CIA Director, President George H. W. Bush? (See Pete Brewton’s The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, published in 1992.) Clearly, the Black Pope’s wars upon Iraq for the last twenty years have been waged against the Moslem people of Iraq, not the Jesuit-controlled government of Iraq!

Meanwhile, we American people have been brainwashed into thinking of and pursuing games and amusements, while our intelligence communities are pursuing “fun and games” with false enemies, intrigues and assassinations, in restoring and maintaining the Temporal Power of the Pope around the world. The revived Greco-Roman Olympic games fulfill a major goal of the Jesuit Order: the bringing of the world’s people together glorifying the physical abilities of Man. One day it will be an international union around one Satanic Man — the “risen” Papal Caesar!

The American people are not only addicted to the Olympic games but they are consumed with the vanities of professional sports. This is precisely what the Jesuits said they would do in their blueprint for world government, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Protocol number 13 declares:
“In order that the masses themselves may not guess what [our fruitless agitations] are about we further distract them with amusements, games, pastimes, passions, people’s palaces . . . Soon we shall begin through the press to propose competitions in art, in sport of all kinds: these interests will finally distract their minds . . .”

Dear truth-seeker, it is a matter of fact that these games and amusements are not controlled by a Jewish conspiracy, as the authors of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion would have us believe, but by a Gentile conspiracy. How do we know this? Jesus the Messiah declared to his Hebrew/Jewish disciples:
“And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh . . .
And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.” - Luke 21:20, 24

Since the destruction of Jerusalem along with its Second Temple in 70 A.D. by Titus’ Roman legions, due to Israel’s breaking of the conditional Mosaic Covenant which includes the rejection of “That Prophet” of Deuteronomy 18:18 being King Jesus the Messiah, the Nation of Israel composing the Hebrew/Jewish Race, has been “the tail” of all nations (Deuteronomy 28:13), scattered and persecuted by ruling and rich Gentiles throughout the world, as foretold by Moses the prophet being somberly moved by the Holy Spirit of God in writing:
“The LORD shall cause thee to be smitten before thine enemies: thou shalt go out one way against them . . . And shalt be removed into all the kingdoms of the earth . . .

And thou shalt become an astonishment, a proverb, and a byword, among all nations whither the LORD shall lead thee . . . The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low.

He shall lend to thee, and thou shalt not lend to him: he shall be the head, thou shalt be the tail . . .

And the LORD shall scatter thee among all people, from the one end of the earth even unto the other; and there thou shalt serve other gods, which neither thou nor thy fathers have known, even wood and stone.

And among these nations shalt thou find no ease, neither shall the sole of thy foot have rest: but the LORD shall give thee there a trembling heart, and failing of eyes, and sorrow of mind: And thy life shall hang in doubt before thee; and thou shalt fear day and night, and shalt have none assurance of thy life: In the morning thou shalt say, Would God it were even! And at even thou shalt say, Would God it were morning! For the fear of thine heart wherewith thou shalt fear, and for the sight of thine eyes which thou shalt see. - Deuteronomy 28:25, 37, - Deuteronomy 28:43, 44, 64-67

During this time of dispersion Jerusalem has been under Gentile dominion. And even though the Holy City is presently governed by Jewish Masonic Zionists, they willingly rule by permission only from the evil, White Gentiles now governing New York, London and Rome — the Jesuit General with his “infallible” Pope!

Therefore, we are living under the preeminence of a White Gentile Jesuit Conspiracy. It employs notorious Masonic Jews (and Gentiles) as their agents. This furthers the deception of an “International Jewish Conspiracy” oppressing the nations. Using this lie, Satan, with his White Gentile Jesuit General in control of all major secret societies, is creating global, anti-Jewish fury once again. This fury will one day culminate in the last mad attempt of the world’s Gentile Nations to invade Israel, “the holy land” (Zechariah 2:12), and destroy the physical descendants of Jacob, “the holy people” (Daniel 12:7) or “the holy seed” (Isaiah 6:13) — Armageddon.

A few examples of the White Gentile Jesuit Conspiracy will suffice, as the players are always members of the same secret societies. Walt Disney, the founder of “Disneyland” and “Disney World,” was a thirty-third degree Freemason. The Professed Jesuit of the Fourth Vow, Leo J. O’Donovan, president of Georgetown University and a bosom friend of President Clinton, was on the seventeen-member board of directors of the Walt Disney Company from 1996 to 1998. The racial Jew and Roman Catholic Knight of Malta, Bowie Kuhn, was the Commissioner of Baseball. Knight of Malta Frank Capra was Hollywood’s greatest director and censor of World War II, and the land upon which Yankee Stadium sits was, and still is, owned by the Knights of Columbus. Of the Knights of Columbus we read:

“The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal organization of Catholic men with a membership of nearly 1.2 million [over 1 million junior-Jesuit crusading executioners for the Pope!!!] . . . the Knights bought for $6.5 million the land on which Yankee Stadium in New York stands . . . Thus when in October 1965, Pope Paul [Paul VI] went to New York City to visit the United Nations and later at a pontifical mass in Yankee Stadium, His Holiness in effect was on home ground.” {15} [Emphasis added]

After the death of Spellman’s President Johnson, Richard Nixon became Commander-in-Chief. Nixon, the old friend of Spellman and fellow “Cold Warrior,” extended the War in Vietnam to the bombing of Cambodia at the advice of a Jesuit, Dan Lyons, who personally consulted General Abrams, the Commander of U. S. Forces in Vietnam! Nixon continued to promote the Jesuit agenda as outlined in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, as his speechwriter was a Jesuit!

at a salary of $32,000 a year [and presently heads the publicly aired “The McLaughlin Group” televised by CFR member Ted Turner through his media monopoly, Cable News Network (CNN)].” {16} [Emphasis added]

(Dear truth-seeker, do you see how the Black Pope, in controlling his Fourteenth Amendment American Empire through the Cardinal’s Council on Foreign Relations and implementing The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, fulfills his evil Council of Trent through his Militia, the Company of Jesus?)

The progress of the Great Jesuit Conspiracy in controlling the American Presidents from Johnson to Clinton is clearly described in two great works. The first is Colonel James “Bo” Gritz’s Called to Serve: Profiles in Conspiracy from John F. Kennedy to George Bush, from which we read:
“This is a definite account of a nation betrayed. A spider web of ‘patriots for profit,’ operating from the highest positions of special trust and confidence, have successfully circumvented our constitutional system in pursuit of a New World Order. They have infused America with drugs in order to fund covert operations while sealing the fate of our servicemen left in Communist prisons . . . At the very least this book represents a factual, true-life adventure that will take you on a riveting journey from the White House, down a heroin highway, to Burma’s Golden Triangle where you will meet General Khun Sa — undisputed drug overlord. You will infiltrate the jungles of Communist Asia to rescue U.S. POWs, and in turn be pursued. You’ll be taken behind the veil of U.S. covert operations to view deceit and betrayal. At best, this will produce a crack in the façade of 20th century American government, through which concerned citizens can view the looming peril and act in time to reverse our course while God gives us time.” {17}

(Dear truth-seeker, we must never forget that the Mormon, James “Bo” Gritz, Army Colonel and Commander of the Green Berets – though many believe he is still a CIA operative and thus in the employ of the American Roman Hierarchy – was the most decorated soldier of the Vatican’s War in Vietnam.)

The second is Mark Phillips’ and Cathy O’Brien’s Trance: Formation of America, which declares:

“This book is primarily the autobiography of Cathy O’Brien, who did not volunteer for service to her country, but was used her entire life against her innate, voluntary will for perpetrating criminal activity by many so-called leaders within the U.S. Government . . . Together, Cathy and I have dedicated our lives to the pursuit of justice and rehabilitation for her and

Kelly [Cathy’s repeatedly raped, tortured and abused daughter]. All avenues of justice and rehabilitative relief have been blocked For Reasons of National Security. . . . The question arises, whose security? Cathy O’Brien provides the logical answer.” {18}

(Cathy O’Brien, forced into compulsory prostitution to service American Presidents Ford, Reagan and Bush, has bravely come forth and told her story, for which she should be given the Medal of Honor! Mark Phillips, who rescued her from White slavery and near death, ought to be given the same. For in recalling Jeremiah Crowley’s great work written in the early Twentieth Century, The Pope — Chief of White Slavers, High Priest of Intrigue, our hero proved “the Vicar of Christ” controlled organized prostitution in the American Empire. Today he controls it through his Mafia and CIA, protected by his “Grand Inquisitor,” the Attorney General, in control of the “Department of Injustice” and “the Order of the FBI.”)

These works, including “Jesuit Vatican Tyranny,” a twenty-one page article (found on the web at updating the reader on the people presently empowered by the Company to rule over its “Holy Roman” Fourteenth Amendment American Empire, serve as companions to Vatican Assassins: “Wounded In The House Of My Friends”, and are heartily recommended by the author in describing the Jesuit control of Washington through the Council on Foreign Relations for the last forty years. Author Joel Bainerman in his 1992 masterpiece, The Crimes of a President: New Revelations on Conspiracy & Cover-up in the Bush & Reagan Administrations, further sums up the matter:

“[Shriner Freemason] George [H. W.] Bush has corrupted the American system to such an extent that he can get away with any crime [just like his son, President George W. Bush]. . . . George Bush. Skull and Bones. Drug trafficking by the CIA. The assassinations of JFK and RFK. The Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. There is a global conspiracy founded on the [Jesuit General’s] Freemasonry notion of a New World Order and global domination and President Bush [and now his President son who is a party to the Jesuit-controlled CFR/CIA demolition of the WTC] plays a major part in it.” {19}

Let us read, then pray, and then acquit ourselves as men remembering the Lord’s exhortation at the mouth of Joab: “Be of good courage, and let us behave ourselves valiantly for our people, and for the cities of our God: and let the LORD do that which is good in his sight.” - I Chronicles 19:13

JFK wanted to end the Vietnam War.

JFK wanted to destroy the Jesuit Federal Reserve with the Treasury notes.

LBJ hated Kennedy and wanted to be president so he helped murder JFK.

JFK was going to destroy the Jesuit CIA.

JFK was going to fire the Jesuit FBI homosexual Chief Jay Edgar Hoover.

JFK fired Jesuit CIA Chief Nazi Allen Dulles and family members working for the Jesuit US Government.

JFK wanted to destroy the Jesuits organized crime in the US.

JFK wanted peace with the Soviet Union created by the Jesuits to wage war.

JFK was hated by the Jesuit funded Cubans because of the Bay of Pigs attemt to overthrow Castro which failed because of the Jesuit CIA. Cuba were given to Castro by the Jesuits to wage war.

Richard Nixon was also part of the plot because he had hatred for JFK defeating him in the 1960 election.

George W. Bush ran the CIA and hated JFK and was part of the plot to kill JFK.

Here are more elaborated documentary with names involved and chronological events from JFK to 911