Monday, June 9, 2014

Colored Revolutions "Illegal Warfare Under International Law & Federal Constitution"

A Soviet-era anecdote tells of a man who steals parts at his factory job in order to build the sewing machine he has promised his wife. He manages to smuggle the parts home without any problem, but every time he assembles them, he ends up building a Kalashnikov rifle instead. In the same way, the Defense Ministry seems to end up with its own "Kalashnikov" every time it tries to restore the international dialogue on security issues.

The most recent example occurred at the Moscow Conference on International Security, at which members of Russia's General Staff announced the appearance of a new form of warfare.
When the conference agenda was initially set, the plan was to focus on regional security, with an emphasis on the problems that would inevitably arise when international coalition forces withdrew from Afghanistan. Prior to the Ukrainian crisis, the most pressing problem was the need for Russia and the West to work together to ensure at least a degree of stability in Central Asia.

However, the Kremlin clearly issued orders that radically changed the focus of the forum. In his opening address before the conference, President Vladimir Putin emphasized that so-called "color revolutions," are now the main threat to peace.

Senior Defense Ministry officials developed that argument during their subsequent remarks. According to them, Western intelligence agencies conspire to foment "color revolutions" around the world.

It turns out that Moscow considers "color revolutions" a new type of warfare. In his speech before the conference, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said, "Color revolutions are increasingly taking on the form of warfare and are developed according to the rules of warcraft."

General Staff head Valery Gerasimov and Main Operations Directorate head Vladimir Zarudnitsky expanded further on that brilliant idea. In fact, it appears that the primary function of the General Staff is to translate the policies of senior leaders into the language of military concepts.

General Zarudnitsky did not disappoint: he painted a frightening picture of this new type of warfare, saying, "First, the countries organizing the overthrow of the undesirable government use their military potential to apply overt pressure, with the goal of preventing that state from using its security forces to restore law and order," Zarudnitsky said.

"Then, as the opposition launches military operations against government forces, the foreign states provide military and economic aid to the rebels. After that, the coalition of countries can carry out military operations to defeat the government forces and assist the armed opposition forces to seize power," Zarudnitsky added.

Interestingly, the Kremlin does not even consider the possibility that people living under authoritarian rule might simply get fed up with their leaders and rebel without outside provocation or assistance. According to Russia's generals, all popular uprisings are the result of foreign intervention — and yet they offered no evidence in support of that claim.

Otherwise, they would have had difficulty explaining why, for example, Washington would have schemed to overthrow former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, whose regime had been loyal to the U.S.

The general also made the curious argument that color revolutions are just another form of military action. He said, "It is impossible not to notice that all of the actions of the armed rebel groups, the tactical airstrikes and missile strikes using precision weapons were all highly organized, coordinated and linked in terms of their goals, objectives, timing and targets."

He conveniently overlooked the fact that Libya was the only case where Western countries conducted military operations in support of an armed opposition. And yet there is no evidence that Libya's armed opposition were commanded by Western military headquarters.

Moscow's main goal is to use smoke and mirrors to prove that color revolutions are really a form of disguised aggression that uses new technologies to destroy undesirable governments and remove them from the political arena.

Russian officials tried to somehow force the situation in Ukraine to fit into their new construct. In so doing, they completely ignored the fact that the so-called "revolutionary" forces in Ukraine command that country's regular army, and that, according to the scenario spelled out by the head of the Main Operations Directorate, Russia played the role of the foreign government using its "military potential to apply overt pressure, with the goal of preventing that state from using its security forces to restore law and order" — in this case, by discouraging Kiev from using its army to deal with separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Unfortunately, the pronouncements at the conference were not just so much hot air. Even though they were only acting on orders from above, Russian generals effectively breathed life into Putin's paranoid fantasies.

After all, if "color revolutions" are really a new form of aggression, the General Staff must urgently develop a strategy for combating it. In this sense, Russia's annexation of Crimea and the actions of separatists in Ukraine's east and south can be seen as a sort of "color counter-revolution."
What is more, that approach paves the way for using military forces to combat internal threats because the Kremlin is convinced that the West is constantly looking for a way to organize a "color revolution" in Russia.

This sets up a chain of faulty conclusions in which Moscow interprets any protest against the authorities as an attempt to stage a color revolution — an act that is now defined as an act of aggression against the state. And by this logic, the government can mobilize not only the police and internal security forces to crack down on political protestors, but also the Army.

In a webcast on Friday June 6, 2014, Lyndon LaRouche called for the impeachment of Barack Obama for continuing to conduct war as did Bush and Cheney on behalf of the British Empire under the cover of the so-called Color Revolutions and the so-called Arab Spring. This policy, enunciated by Tony Blair, in 1999 in a speech in Chicago, and initiated following the British Empire/Saudia Arabia orchestrated 9/11 attack on the United States, was explicitly denounced by Russian and Belarusian military speakers including Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov, and Vladimir Zarudnitsky, head of Operations for the Russian General Staff, and Belarusian Defense Minister Yury Zhadobin at the May 23 Moscow Security Conference.
Zarudnitsky explicitly said:"Colored revolutions are a new technique of aggression, geared towards destroying a state from within."
According to Voice of Russia, President Putin personally sent a written keynote address to the Moscow Security Conference which was read to those attending by Defense Minister Shoigu, in which Putin explicitly denounces "color revolutions" by name, stating that the "archaic logic of geopolitical games" is leading to a serious increase in global instability and tension:
"The process of development of a new polycentric system of international relations is proceeding with difficulty and is accompanied by an increase in global instability. We have not been able to make considerable headway in the formation of a union space of peace, security and stability in Europe and the Atlantic. The situation in the Middle East and Northern Africa remains tense, and serious risks are associated with the situation in Afghanistan. Obviously, modern challenges and threats make it necessary to stop the archaic logic of geopolitical games with a zero result, the attempts to force your own methods and values on other peoples, including by color revolutions."
In an interview on French TV prior to the celebration of the anniversary of D-Day, Putin himself pointed to the fact that Europe and the United States are supporting an anti-constitutional armed coup in Ukraine which unleashed chaos and violence right on Russia's border and that the same type of operation is being attempted in Syria.
LaRouche emphasized in the webcast that this policy has been"going on in Northern Africa, in games with the Saudis, in games with terrorists, or Blair's operation in setting up the Iraq war, which was an unlawful war, a violation of everything by the British monarchy, the British Empire."
In comments on Saturday, June 7, LaRouche stressed that 9/11 was actually a "color revolution" directed at the United States. The purpose of this attack on the part of the British Empire and its Saudi Arabian ally was to turn the United States into the instrument for launching perpetual warfare under the doctrines of "limited sovereignty," "responsibility to protect" and "humanitarian intervention." The ultimate aim of that policy is to reduce the world's population, i.e. genocide, hardly humanitarian.
In his speech in Chicago before the Economic Club on April 22, 1999, Blair put forward the British Empire policy of so-called "humanitarian intervention" in violation of the principle of "non-interference" in the sovereign affairs of another nation-state as was established by the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648.
In a later speech on March 5, 2004, i.e. after 9/11, Blair was even more explicit:
"So, for me, before Sept. 11, I was already reaching for a different philosophy in international relations from a traditional one that has held sway since the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648; namely, that a country's internal affairs are for it, and you don't interfere unless it threatens you, or breaches a treaty, or triggers an obligation of alliance."
In addition to violating the U.S. Constitution, this policy is also in direct violation of Article 2 of the UN Charter which says:"All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state."
It also merits prosecution under the principle established by the Nuremberg Tribunal that it is a war crime and a crime against humanity to wage aggressive war.
And yet this is the policy which the Bush/Cheney administration carried out against Iraq under the influence of Blair's lies about weapons of mass destruction. It is also the policy under which Obama has carried out the intervention to overthrow Qaddafi in Libya and has attempted to overthrow Assad in Syria. It is also the doctrine under which Bush/Cheney tortured suspected terrorists and Obama has murdered innocent civilians and even American citizens in Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan through drone attacks. It is also the doctrine under which Obama carried out a Nazi coup in Ukraine.
In the name of humanitarian intervention and the responsibility to protect, also vehemently espoused by the witches who immediately control Obama, including Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, and Valerie Jarrett, the United States under Obama has allied with al-Qaeda terrorists in Libya and Syria and with Nazis in Ukraine.
As LaRouche stressed in his webcast,"the war has been going on, but it's not called a war. Well, for example, let's take the case of what happened just now recently, in terms of the Ukraine policy. The Ukraine policy is actually under the control of people with Nazi backgrounds."
Since the Bush, Jr. administration, but also totally under the Obama Administration the United States has been conducting warfare — actual warfare — warfare that violates the Constitution and committing crimes against humanity.
"What they've been using is what they call 'guerrilla warfare.' And under the name of gangsters and guerrilla warfare types of operation, they've moved in on various countries. For example: All of the Saudi operations of international terrorism were done under the British direction. For example, 9/11 was a British Empire operation. Bush and Cheney organized and supported and concealed the fact that there was a warfare operation being run by the British Empress, under her supervision all the way through.
"Now, Tony Blair's operation, for the Queen, in organizing an Iraq war that was illegal. It is a fraud against the nations. What's happening now, is that Obama is the patsy. It's actually the Queen who runs the thing. But Obama's been the patsy whose been running, in the name of the United States, support for operations which are actually warfare. In other words, what Obama has been doing, in his meddling in Europe with military operations, is a violation of the Constitution per se. They're conducting war. What was done in Iraq: the same kind of thing, the precedent. Northern Africa: same precedent. It was actually warfare directed by the United States, in violation of the Constitution.
"Now, the question is: When are there enough patriots in the United States in power in government, who will actually say, 'This is illegal warfare under international law, and it's also illegal under the Federal Constitution. The President of the United States cannot conduct war without the approval of the Congress. Cannot be done.' But it's being done all the time, especially by Obama. But Cheney was doing the same thing! Cheney was the guy who organized the cover-up of 9/11."
The color of the revolution launched in the United States with 9/11 was "green." This is the Queen's policy to reduce the world's population from 7 to 1 billion human beings. This is also the policy which Tony Blair implicitly enunciated in his 1999 Chicago speech.
In his webcast, LaRouche stated:"If you know history and you go back to the cases of the Zeus-versus-Prometheus issue, and trace that history, which comes from a Greek drama and account. But this was what the Roman Empire was! This was what the mass execution of Christians was, by the Roman Empire. This is the British Empire. The British Empire was modeled on the Roman Empire.
"So, we're dealing with an imperial force of a quality which has always been called 'satanic.' In other words, 'Zeus' is a Greek name for Satan. The Roman Empire was a satanic institution. The mass killing of Christians certainly defines it as a very evil force—a satanic force. The British Empire is also a satanic force. And this is the reality. The green policy in the United States: It's a satanic program, created by the British Empress herself. The green policy is a mass-murderous scheme against the people of the United States. The attempt to cut down carbon now, is a mass-murderous project. Who's doing it? Obama. Who is he doing it for? Well, the Queen wrote the recipe, and gave the orders.
"The question is: Does the United States have the moral fitness to survive? Now, the test is, if it has the moral fitness to survive, it is going to do, 1) immediately dump Obama; dump him, and impeach him. He's fully impeachable. He's more than impeachable.
"We can't wait until the next term of office; we have to have certain things now, because we're in a bail-in creation. You know what bail-in is? Bail-in is a time when the banks don't give you interest, they take interest away from you, and they do it on the basis of their method of speculation. So, they speculate you down. The drain the United States of every resource. They eliminate the U.S. population, by bail-in. And bail-in is already in process. And if we don't get Obama out of office soon, most of you citizens out there are going to be dead, probably this year.

Russia Identifies 'Colored Revolutions' As Aggressive Warfare At Moscow Security Conference

On May 23, 2014, the annual Moscow Security Conference was held in which speakers from the top levels of the Russian military command declared that they view so-called colored revolutions to be a new type of aggressive war, identifying the foreign-promotion of such revolutions to be a "new technique of aggression" deployed with the geopolitical intent to deliberately destabilize countries which occupy "an important strategic position and conduct an independent foreign policy" in order to cause "a major shift in the balance of power in a particular region," targetting not only Russia, but also China as well as the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, South Asia and South-East Asia.

Anthony Cordesman of Empire Think-Tank CSIS (Center for Strategic & International Studies), who attended the May 23 Moscow Security Conference, posted 52 pages of his raw notes, with power-point slides included, to the CSIS site under the title, "Russia and the Color Revolution: A Russian Military View of a World Destabilized by the U.S. and the West (Key Briefs)."

Putin Denounces West's Promotion of "Anti-Constitutional Armed Coup" in Ukraine, Support for Terrorists in Syria

In an exclusive interview with Europe-1 and TF-1, on June 4, 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin repeatedly denounced Obama and others in Western Europe for promoting an "anti-constitutional armed coup" in Ukraine in order to topple the previous government, posing a direct threat to Russia including the movement of NATO military infrastructure right up to Russia's border. Putin returned to this point several times throughout the interview, repeatedly using the phrase "anti-constitutional armed coup" as promoted by the United States and Europe. Putin also addressed the support for known al-Qaeda terrorists in the attempts to impose regime change against Bashar al-Assad in Syria, warning that regime change strategy threatens to "turn Syria into another Afghanistan, a completely uncontrollable spawning ground for the terrorist threat, including for European countries."

From The Archives: British Empire's "Color Revolution" Coups Target Russia

The following two articles, which appeared in the Jan. 20 and Feb. 3 editions of EIR Onlinemagazine, respectively, provide the essential documentation on the British Empire's spawning of the "color revolution" strategy, which has been implemented by "democracy" thinktanks and other irregular warfare operatives throughout the world. They have been slightly abridged.
Note that the major players in the direct anti-Russia operations described here have also been in the center of the Ukraine operation—notably, British money-bags George Soros, and British-trained National Endowment for Democracy head Nadia Diuk.

Democracy 'Projects' Are Not Democratic: The Case of Ukraine & Russia

LaRouchePAC published the following video in February of 2014 on the use of 'colored revolutions' as tools of regime change, as demonstrated in the case of Ukraine. The video details the operation run by Victoria Nuland in Ukraine as merely the latest in a series of "colored revolutions", carried out according the the playbook of Gene Sharp, as a form of warfare to destabilize Russia and the Eurasian bloc.