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Depopulation "AGENDA 21" started in the Netherlands

The present Dutch monarchy was originally founded in 1813 by the Jesuits Knights Templars to rule over North Europe, collect taxes for the Vatican.

After the expulsion of the French, the Prince of Orange was proclaimed Sovereign Prince of The Netherlands. William I Frederick, born Willem Frederik Prins van Oranje-Nassau (24 August 1772 – 12 December 1843), was a Prince of Orange, the first King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

In Germany, he was ruler (as Fürst) of the Principality of Nassau-Orange-Fulda from 1803 until 1806 and of the Principality of Orange-Nassau. In 1813 King William I was named 'Sovereign Prince' of the Netherlands, and proclaimed himself King of the Netherlands, where one year later (1814) he founded De Nederlandsche Bank (The Dutch Bank) and exchanged the British Bangka Island in Indonesia against the Dutch "establishment Cochin" in India. Nathan & James  Rothschild (Ashkenazi Jews video) had come up with a scheme that would put the Illuminati plan for world domination into action. It would also make them filthy rich. The brothers helped finance both sides (French and English (video) by Napoleon’s famous battle at Waterloo (former United Kingdom of the Netherlands, now Belgium) which was fought on Sunday, 18 June 1815 by a combination of British / Dutch, Hanoverian and Prussian armies.

With advanced knowledge of the British victory, Nathan Rothschild,the Jesuits agent spread lies that the British had been defeated, which caused a crash in the value of British Government bonds. While panicked English investors sold up their life savings, Nathan Rothschild bought-up their bonds for pennies on the dollar. In one foul swoop, the Demon Brothers had double-crossed the English masses. They received this time control of half the world's wealth, including the Bank of England  video and confirmed officially the new Dutch monarchy at the Congress of Vienna as part of the re-arrangement of Europe after the fall of Napoleon Bonaparte. The House of Orange-Nassau were given, what is the present day the Netherlands and Belgium to govern as the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, and Grand Duke of Luxembourg. In 1822 the Dutch Generale Bank was founded by King Willem I of the Netherlands, and two years later (1824) the British transfer the island Billiton (Indonesia) into Dutch hands despite its rich resources, so the Dutch King Willem I established a Dutch colonial bank to promote and develop trade, shipping and agriculture.
After the Belgian Revolution of 1830 the Dutch General Bank became Belgian, under the French name Société Générale de BelgiqueIn the year 1900 the Dutch colonial bank (Queen Wilhelmina) founded the Dutch Cocaine Factory (NCF) in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) (video), which produced in the 20th century on large-scale cocaine out of the in Dutch East Indies grown coca plants.

In 1910, the NCF factory has become the largest cocaine factory in the world. On 28 July 1914 began a global war centered in Europe (WW I) and lasted until 11 November 1918 (video1/2/3/4). It was predominantly called the World War or the Great War, and involved all the world's great powers. During World War I the Dutch Cocaine Factory (NCF) expanded and soldiers were drugged worldwide as fighting machines (tablets where pressed in England) and supplied to countries worldwide including to the Germans (Listen to interview English).  Despite the Opium Act just after WWI in 1919, the Netherlands manufactured and exported further because of the huge international market with cocaine addicts they had created. (WWI, what actually happened according to Benjamin Freedman video1/2/3/4).

One must be aware of the fact that a repetition of the mistakes that were made in the past lies again in front of us (video). The lives of millions if not billions of people will once again put in jeopardy (video), even worse as was the case of the World War I and II (video1/2/3/4). The aim of the cartel was the same, to conquer and rule over Europe, America (video) and finally, the rest of the world. This time with far fewer people to control, (less useless eaters) with all possible political, economic and military resources (video), including mass poisoning "genocide" (video), wherefore "Agenda 21" (video1/2). 

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands joined the SS during the early 1930s. He then joined the board of an I.G. subsidiary, Farben Bilder, from which he took the name of his postwar supersecret policy making group, the Bilderbergers. Farben executives played an important role in organizing the Circle of Friends for Heinrich Himmler, although it was initialy known as Kepplers's Circle of Friends, Keppler being the charman of an I. G. subsidiary. His nephew, Fritz J. Kranefuss, was the personnal asistant to Heinrich Himmler. Of the forty members of the Circle of Friends, which provided ample funds for Himmler, eight were executives of I.G. Farben or of its subsidiaries.

Despite the incredible devastation of most German cities from World War II air bombings, the I.G. Farben building in Frankfort, one of the largest building there, miraculously survived unscratched. A large Jesuits agents, the Rockefeller family mansion in Frankfort also was left untouched by the war, despite the saturation bombings.

Frankfort was also the birthplace of the other Jesuits agents, the Rothschild family.

Despite the incredible devastation of most German cities from World War II air bombings, the I.G. Farben building in Frankfort, one of the largest building there, miraculously survived unscratched. A large Rockefeller mansion in Frankfort also was left untouched by the war, despite the saturation bombings.

Frankfort was the birthplace of the Rothschild family.

All war are created by false flag attack, masquerading as enemy (video) and blame on others comparable to Hitler’s financiers who burned the Reichstag.

After World War II, the Hitler Cabinet conquered through the territory of the Netherlands, with Nazi Prince Bernhard zur Lippe-Biesterfeld and his mother in law Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands as implementers in collaboration with the Belgian" Robert  Rothschild" (video) and socialist Paul-Henri Spaak, whom father was good friends with the Jewish Rothschild banking family, (video) (Ashkenazi Jews video / Zionist video).

Jointly they lived in exile during World War II in England (Rothschild / video) where the Windsors supported the Nazis and Prince Philip, not only was trained in the Hitler Youth curriculum, but his German brothers-in-law, with whom he lived, all became high-ranking figures in the Nazi Party. They implemented a hidden agenda to continue strengthening the Empire Third Reich through the Netherlands in case Adolf Hitler and his financiers officially lose the war.

Nazi was the creation of the Jesuits Order, the 3rd Reich of the Holy Roman Empire.
This to illegal expansion on the Dutch territory and to continue Nazi government, first through the Benelux, thereafter Europe, America and finally the rest of the world.

However, King Leopold III of Belgium thwarted these plans where John F. Kennedy (video), Robert Welch (video) and Eisenhower (video) warned us about. King Leopold III refused to cooperate with these Nazi and therefore deliberately did not fled to England with the Dutch and Belgium government. He has written in January 1944 a "political testament", to be published in case he would not be in Belgium if the allied forces would liberate the country (himself wrote "occupy"). In the testament he demanded an apology from the government in exile for the events of 1940 and he rejected the treaties they had signed in London. This means that King Leopold III posthumously rejected the Benelux Treaty, an opportunity to re-build Europe with independent countries based on the democratic laws applicable before the Treaty.

Leopold III, Belgians King, prisoner in the castle of Laeken

Thereby the Belgian King Leopold III shortly save the world from the fascist takeover, like his father Albert I intended to do. They defeated the Nazi conquering Belgium who took the Netherlands in hostage. From the Netherland, they expanded current Nazi across other part of Europe. For substructure: read our registered letter (Dutch language), sent on 3 October 2012 to the Belgian Constitutional Court. Proof of receipt

Shadow government, who really run our planet: Council of 13, Council of 33, the 300B'Nai B'Rith, Grand Orient, Communism, Scottish Rite, York Rite, White Masonry, Blue Lodge, Mason without Apron, Secular Humanism  

Nazi strengthening further from Dutch territory: Read history
Therefore, they can dump any illegal chemical waste, pesticides like Roundup (video) and others, a genocidal mass poisoning of the earth and its inhabitants by spreading illegally their harmful chemicals on soil, therefore natural crops will no longer grow, except their engineered and harmful GM crops.  Nazi companies like Monsanto a leading producer of genetically engineered (GE) seeds and of the herbicide glyphosate, which it markets under the Roundup brand.

Round table group for global control, see NWO

Committee of 300;  one of the Empire Full-spectrum dominance structure.Today, the simple question to ask is what do they not control on Earth?
The Committee of 300 uses a network of round table groups, think tanks and secret societies which control the world's largest financial institutions and governments. The most prominent of these groups include Chatham House, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Ditchley Foundation, Club of Rome, Tavistock, RAND Corporation, PNAC and of course Freemasonry.

The power behind the Committee of 300 is the Anglo-Jewish cousinhood that dominate the financial and political systems of the world. This cousinhood includes the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Oppenheimer, Goldsmid, Mocatta, Montefiore, Sassoon, Warburg, Samuel, Kadoorie, Franklin, Worms, Stern and Cohen families.

These families hold monopolies over the worldwide banking system, the oil and gas industry and the metals and mining industry. Through this domination of the financial markets they pull the strings of every government in the world. They also control the illegal drugs trade, human trafficking and illegal arms trafficking causing continuous pain and suffering worldwide, poisoning air, land, water and 7 billion minds in 2014 and would be 9.6 billion by 2050 of those who want to survive have to work for them in order to get their products and services. 

An example of poisoning was that their companies manufactured controversial products such as the insecticide DDT, PCBs, Agent Orange, and recombinant bovine somatotropin. In the 1960s and 1970s, Monsanto was also one of the most important producers of Agent Orange together with the Dutch company Philips Duphar and IG Farben who first produced the highly toxic and carcinogenic Agent Orange in Nazi Netherlands (video) than used between 1962 and 1971 during the Vietnam War (video),  sprayed by the United States military.

Nearly 20,000,000 US gallons (76,000,000 l) of material containing chemical herbicides and defoliants mixed with jet fuel were deployed in Vietnam, eastern Laos and parts of Cambodia, as part of Operation Ranch Hand. "Agent Orange" is synonymous with the Vietnam war, Nazi Prince Bernhard preferential mass killing product: - many veterans suffered permanent side effects from their exposure to this potent defoliant - hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese children have been born with serious birth defects (video) - current use global mass poisoning through Nazi Dutch territory; US, Europe (video) see chemtrails (video) and the rest of the world, causing massive silent mass poisoning.
The Vietnam War ended but a silent threat from Agent Orange remain an Unfinished Business, Dr. Mercola Interviews Mark Kastel About Agent Orange post war effect (video).

As a Nazi hostage, Netherlands first dumped chemical waste in Belgium because of the open borders on the Benelux Treaty of 1958, later across all Europe, America and the rest of the world, including the gravel pits and landfill in the Wallon (Belgium) with former President European Socialists Guy Spitaels (Bilderberg member, mentioned in the Dutroux files) as driving force. Spitaels was called Dieu = GOD, in the province of Limburg (Flanders) with former President European Socialists and Secretary General of NATO Willy Claes.  

In 1990 the Belgian multi-national Solvay took over the Dutch (Nazi) company Philips Duphar who in the 1960s produced 2250 tons of the highly toxic and carcinogenic Agent Orange (video), in the Netherlands for the US Army, whereby in 1963 a tragic disaster happened in a Dutch factory, where after they dump chemical Agent Orange waste illegal in nature like the Dutch Volgermeerpolder.

Many veterans suffered permanent side effects from their exposure to this potent defoliant, and hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese children have been born with serious birth defects (video) as a result of its use during the war, what happened as testing ground for the current global mass poisoning with pesticides and other known and unknown substances in our atmosphere caused by chemtrails (video) possible because of the in Nazi Netherlands based companies (video) who give directly authorization to their global subsidiary company with shortcomings in the Nazi laws on the Dutch territory.

What is in very serious conflict with Articles 1, 21 and 22 of the Dutch Constitution, However no longer may be reviewed by a judge because of Article 60 afterwards Article 120 "The court shall not assess the constitutionality of agreements". Chemtrails (video) are officially recognized by the U.N. and German government (video) and executed by NATO and low budget aircraft (video) allowing to poison our earth, flora and all live one it, including our water.

In 1976, the Belgian, former Eu-commissioner Karel Van Miert became cabinet chef of Willy Claes, (then Minister of Economic Affairs) both are Socialist, Bilderberg members mentioned in the Dutroux files.

On W. Claes request, K. van Miert became deputy national secretary of the unitary Belgian Socialist Party, followed by Euro-parliamentarian (1979), and after European Commissioner for "Transport, Consumer Affairs, Credit and Investments" (1989 until 99). He was international advisor by the Goldman Sachs Group, who conquers Europe (video) and participate in financing the global mass poisoning, genocidal Agenda 21 (video). Karel Van Miert was director of the Belgian multi-national Solvay who in the 1990s took over the Dutch (Nazi) agent orange producing company Philips Duphar.

He was counselor of Solvay America, Solvay North America, and several Philips companies worldwide, even Big pharmacy giant Eli Lilly Holdings (video) and not to forget the Rabobank in the Netherlands... Agent Orange first could be produced due to the Dutch Pesticide Law that was declared in (1962) to counter a bankruptcy after the Netherlands lost of Indonesia by the efforts of Robert and J. F. Kennedy. Which means that the Dutch constitution (Nazi) is not only disabled after the revision of Article 60 in 1953 with the extension: "The court shall not assess the constitutionality of agreements" afterwards in 1980 changed in Article 120, but in combination with this pesticide Law of 1962, no account should be taken of:
- The adverse effects of these pesticides during the use phase and the disposal phase;
- And where not active chemicals, being unknown other very toxic, toxic, corrosive or harmful substance (s) need not be mentioned on the label:
they granted the possibility of illegal dumping of chemical waste with high profit to subsidiary companies worldwide, including the possibility to manipulate products with harmful substances among others vaccines, pesticides (video), chemtrails (video), chlorine for tap water...

All possible because of the authorizations obtained in the lawless by Nazi occupied Netherlands, that are giving directly to foreign subsidiary companies which may be used in all countries in the world where these companies are located. (outside the approval of all governments worldwide, without respect the local constitution, ore a court has ruled on it) Please look what Agent Orange is doing with our DNA (video) click here to view the report: "Genetic Damage in New Zealand Vietnam War Veterans - Participants' Report" See: Institute of Molecular Biosciences (video) if added to our tap water, also Agent Orange Ingredient headed toward your plate? (photo’s)

This Feudalism mechanism of taxes collection by the Holy Roman Empire Jesuits, for the Vatican via their Royalties and Corporates Feudalism system still in full operation today without the masses knowledge.