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Europe is run by the Jesuits



The Jesuit Order that continued the Reign of the Holy Roman Empire is an almost 500-year old covert operations, geo-political, male-only organization, structured as a secret military operation:
demanding secret oaths and complete obedience to each direct superior, which is ultimately the Superior General (often nicknamed as the Black Pope, since he dresses in black and 'stands in the shadow' of the white Pope).
The "Society of Jesus" - as they are officially known - was originally used by the Vatican to counter the various Reformation movements in Europe, to which the Vatican lost much of its religious and political power.
Absolute-temporal-ruling power has always been the Vatican institution's primary objective. The Jesuit Order is since 1814 in complete control of the - obscenely wealthy - Vatican institution (and its Catholic clergy hierarchy) and presently also controls various other organizations together with the Military Order of Malta, such as:


There are plenty of reasons to keep a close eye on Herman van Rompuy, the President of the European Council. Early September 2013, Van Rompuy spoke to the 'Interreligious Dialogue' in Florence. The world press did not notice, but fortunately there was still the 'Katholiek Nieuwsblad' from Den Bosch, Rome's last resort in the Netherlands. The newspaper proudly quoted Van Rompuy as announcing: 'We are all Jesuits'. He was referring to those prominent
European leaders with whom he is developing the architecture for the future Europe. 'It creates unbreakable ties. So there is a 'Jesuits International''.

Who are those people that Van Rompuy, himself schooled by the Jesuits at Sint-Jan Berchman College in Brussels, was talking about?

First of all, there is José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission.

Secondly, there is Jean-Claude Juncker, Prime minister of Luxembourg and Chairman of the Euro group. Van Rompuy also mentions the President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, who was schooled in the Roman Jesuit College Instituto Massimiliano Massimo. The Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and his Spanish collegue Mariano Rajoy have also been shaped by Jesuit colleges, Van Rompuy cheerfully added.

Angela Merkel
Fortunately there is Angela Merkel, the stubborn daughter of a vicar from the former DDR, to act as a counterweight. Listening to Van Rompuy, you will instantly notice the similarities of the Jesuits with Europe. 

Jesuits formed the vanguard of the Catholic Church

Like the European elite is the vanguard of the European integration, both portray themselves as 'the elite', elevated above the ordinary people. Their methods are very similar. A sophisticated lie or purposeful deception is allowed when framed in the interest of the greater goal. A barely contained cynicism typifies the attitude toward the normal citizen, the ignorant fool, who within a "democracy" needs to be protected from himself. The Catholic and European elites work through inner circles.

The rest is prose. Van Rompuy, Barroso, Monti and Rajoy are frequent visitors at papal audiences. It is not surprising that this mentality leaves traces in the European structures and working methods.
The ECB has a Governing Council of twenty three members, among which are the six members of the Executive Board. The ECB setup is hardly different from the Vatican.

The Governing Council ranks no women, is not accountable to a Parliament and the minutes of its meetings are classified. The American Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank of Japan have to publish the minutes from their board meetings.
The ECB plays a central role in the Euro zone, moving around billions of Euros, but no one knows how the bank in Frankfurt makes decisions. The Pope butler exposed their secrets, admitted Euro Jesuits are intellectually superior. They are ways smarter than Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the Liberal fraction in the European Parliament and his Green counterpart Daniel Cohn-Bendit. In their book ‘For Europe!’ they scream their goals at the top of their lungs: a federal Europe with one government, one European tax and one army.

The only thing that is missing is one secret service and one leader, so Europe is back to where it started.
Put this to a referendum and the ‘United States of Europe’ is limited to Italy and Belgium. Even sillier is the ‘final report’ of a handful of Ministers of Foreign Affairs on the future of Europe. The report is signed by eleven out of the twenty seven Member States; a minority, among them the Netherlands. The usual suspect, the UK, did not sign and neither did Sweden or Finland. Of the new Member States, only Poland signed. The conclusion of the group: ‘The Euro is the most powerful symbol of European integration’. The many rescue operations and emergency funds are conveniently ignored.

Some amongst the eleven Ministers (it is not clear which ones) argue in favour of a European army. Such an army will undoubtedly be a paper tiger, because the armies of the Euro countries are shrinking rapidly as a result of the crisis. Surprisingly, Greece spends the most on its military per capita! Yet Greece did not sign. In short, these eleven ministers, like a disoriented soccer team, excel at scoring in their own net. That is something that would never happen to the Euro Jesuits.

Their report ‘Toward a genuine Economic and Monetary Union’ only consists of ‘building blocks’ and ‘suggestions’.
The report suggests implementing a European deposit guarantee scheme. Nothing dramatic of course, it is just a suggestion. In a painless exercise of words citizens are moulded into a thinking process that goes beyond them. As soon as they realise what building those blocks are meant to create, they are already trapped in it. What used to be suggestions will be fait accompli and those who object are labelled as unreasonable and fractious, as populists.

Meanwhile, the never elected Prime Minister Monti has announced that he will start a European campaign against ‘populism’. Van Rompuy, also never elected, immediately gave him his support. Monti had earlier stated that national parliaments should not get in the way of European leaders, thereby referring to the German Bundestag. They have to be ‘educated’. Jesuits lead the people, who are in turn supposed to follow. What is populism to them? It is the ‘ignorant’ who refuses to follow: the angry Greeks, the protesting Spaniards, the concerned Germans and the Euro-critical Dutch. A Europe with such an elitist mentality needs a Reformation, but that is something Jesuits International detests.
What an annoying populist he was, that Martin Luther!

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Depopulation "AGENDA 21" started in the Netherland

Nazi put millions if not billions of lives once again in jeopardy. The present Dutch monarchy was originally founded in 1813. After the expulsion of the French, the Prince of Orange was proclaimed Sovereign Prince of The Netherlands. William I Frederick, born Willem Frederik Prins van Oranje-Nassau (24 August 1772 – 12 December 1843), was a Prince of Orange, the first King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

In Germany, he was ruler (as Fürst) of the Principality of Nassau-Orange-Fulda from 1803 until 1806 and of the Principality of Orange-Nassau. In 1813 King William I was named 'Sovereign Prince' of the Netherlands, and proclaimed himself King of the Netherlands, where one year later (1814) he founded De Nederlandsche Bank (The Dutch Bank) and exchanged the British Bangka Island in Indonesia against the Dutch"establishment Cochin" in India. Nathan & James  Rothschild (Ashkenazi Jews video) had come up with a scheme that would put the Illuminati plan for world domination into action. It would also make them filthy rich. The brothers helped finance both sides (French and English (video) by Napoleon’s famous battle at Waterloo (former United Kingdom of the Netherlands, now Belgium) which was fought on Sunday, 18 June 1815 by a combination of British / Dutch, Hanoverian and Prussian armies.

With advanced knowledge of the British victory, Nathan Rothschild spread lies that the British had been defeated, which caused a crash in the value of British Government bonds. While panicked English investors sold up their life savings, Nathan Rothschild bought-up their bonds for pennies on the dollar. In one foul swoop, the Demon Brothers had double-crossed the English masses.

They received this time control of half the world's wealth, including the Bank of England  video and confirmed officially the new Dutch monarchy at the Congress of Vienna as part of the re-arrangement of Europe after the fall of Napoleon Bonaparte. The House of Orange-Nassau were given, what is the present day the Netherlands and Belgium to govern as the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, and Grand Duke of Luxembourg. In 1822 the Dutch Generale Bank was founded by King Willem I of the Netherlands, and two years later (1824) the British transfer the island Billiton (Indonesia) into Dutch hands despite its rich resources, so the Dutch King Willem I established a Dutch colonial bank to promote and develop trade, shipping and agriculture.

After the Belgian Revolution of 1830 the Dutch General Bank became Belgian, under the French name Société Générale de BelgiqueIn the year 1900 the Dutch colonial bank (Queen Wilhelmina) founded the Dutch Cocaine Factory (NCF) in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) (video), which produced in the 20th century on large-scale cocaine out of the in Dutch East Indies grown coca plants.

In 1910, the NCF factory has become the largest cocaine factory in the world. On 28 July 1914 began a global war centered in Europe (WW I) and lasted until 11 November 1918 (video1/2/3/4). It was predominantly called the World War or the Great War, and involved all the world's great powers. During World War I the Dutch Cocaine Factory (NCF) expanded and soldiers were drugged worldwide as fighting machines (tablets where pressed in England) and supplied to countries worldwide including to the Germans (Listen to interview English).  Despite the Opium Act just after WWI in 1919, the Netherlands manufactured and exported further because of the huge international market with cocaine addicts they had created. (WWI, what actually happened according to Benjamin Freedman video1/2/3/4).
One must be aware of the fact that a repetition of the mistakes that were made in the past lies again in front of us (video). The lives of millions if not billions of people will once again put in jeopardy (video), even worse as was the case of the World War I and II (video1/2/3/4). The aim of the cartel was the same, to conquer and rule over Europe, America (video) and finally, the rest of the world. This time with far fewer people to control, (less useless eaters) with all possible political, economic and military resources (video), including mass poisoning "genocide" (video), wherefore "Agenda 21" (video1/2). A false flag attack on the global people (video) comparable to Hitler’s financiers who burned the Reichstag. After World War II, the Hitler Cabinet conquered through the territory of the Netherlands, with Nazi Prince Bernhard zur Lippe-Biesterfeld and his mother in law Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands as implementers in collaboration with the Belgian" Robert  Rothschild" (video) and socialist Paul-Henri Spaak, whom father was good friends with the Jewish Rothschild banking family, (video) (Ashkenazi Jews video / Zionist video).  Jointly they lived in exile during World War II in England (Rothschild / video) where the Windsors supported the Nazis and Prince Philip, not only was trained in the Hitler Youth curriculum, but his German brothers-in-law, with whom he lived, all became high-ranking figures in the Nazi Party.

They implemented a hidden agenda to continue strengthening the Third Reich through the Netherlands in case Adolf Hitler and his financiers officially lose the war. This to illegal expansion on the Dutch territory and to continue Nazi government, first through the Benelux, thereafter Europe, America and finally the rest of the world.

However, King Leopold III of Belgium thwarted these plans where John F. Kennedy (video), Robert Welch (video) and Eisenhower (video) warned us about. King Leopold III refused to cooperate with these Nazi and therefore deliberately did not fled to England with the Dutch and Belgium government.
He has written in January 1944 a "political testament", to be published in case he would not be in Belgium if the allied forces would liberate the country (himself wrote "occupy"). In the testament he demanded an apology from the government in exile for the events of 1940 and he rejected the treaties they had signed in London.

This means that King Leopold III posthumously rejected the Benelux Treaty, an opportunity to re-build Europe with independent countries based on the democratic laws applicable before the Treaty.
Thereby the Belgian King Leopold III shortly save the world from the fascist takeover, like his father Albert I intended to do. They defeated the Nazi conquering Belgium who took the Netherlands in hostage.

From the Netherland, they expanded current Nazi across other part of Europe.
For substructure: read our registered letter (Dutch language), sent on 3 October 2012 to the Belgian Constitutional Court. Proof of receipt
Nazi strengthening further from Dutch territory: Read history
Therefore, they can dump any illegal chemical waste, pesticides like Roundup (video) and others, a genocidal mass poisoning of the earth and its inhabitants by spreading illegally their harmful chemicals on soil, therefore natural crops will no longer grow, except their engineered and harmful GM crops.  Nazi companies like Monsanto a leading producer of genetically engineered (GE) seeds and of the herbicide glyphosate, which it markets under the Roundup brand. The company also manufactured controversial products such as the insecticide DDT, PCBs, Agent Orange, and recombinant bovine somatotropin. In the 1960s and 1970s, Monsanto was also one of the most important producers of Agent Orange together with the Dutch company Philips Duphar who first produced the highly toxic and carcinogenic Agent Orange in Nazi Netherlands (video) than used between 1962 and 1971 during the Vietnam War (video),  sprayed by the United States military. Nearly 20,000,000 US gallons (76,000,000 l) of material containing chemical herbicides and defoliants mixed with jet fuel were deployed in Vietnam, eastern Laos and parts of Cambodia, as part of Operation Ranch Hand. "Agent Orange" is synonymous with the Vietnam war, Nazi Prince Bernhard) preferential mass killing product: - many veterans suffered permanent side effects from their exposure to this potent defoliant - hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese children have been born with serious birth defects (video) - current use global mass poisoning through Nazi Dutch territory; US, Europe (video) see chemtrails (video) and the rest of the world, causing massive silent mass poisoning -  The Vietnam War ended but a silent threat from Agent Orange remain an Unfinished Business, Dr. Mercola Interviews Mark Kastel About Agent Orange post war effect (video).

As a Nazi hostage, Netherlands first dumped chemical waste in Belgium because of the open borders on the Benelux Treaty of 1958, later across all Europe, America and the rest of the world, including the gravel pits and landfill in the Wallon (Belgium) with former President European Socialists Guy Spitaels (Bilderberg member, mentioned in the Dutroux files) as driving force. Spitaels was called Dieu = GOD, in the province of Limburg (Flanders) with former President European Socialists and Secretary General of NATO Willy Claes.  

In 1990 the Belgian multi-national Solvay took over the Dutch (Nazi) company Philips Duphar who in the 1960s produced 2250 tons of the highly toxic and carcinogenic Agent Orange (video), in the Netherlands for the US Army, whereby in 1963 a tragic disaster happened in a Dutch factory, where after they dump chemical Agent Orange waste illegal in nature like the Dutch Volgermeerpolder. Many veterans suffered permanent side effects from their exposure to this potent defoliant, and hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese children have been born with serious birth defects (video) as a result of its use during the war, what happened as testing ground for the current global mass poisoning with pesticides and other known and unknown substances in our atmosphere caused by chemtrails (video) possible because of the in Nazi Netherlands based companies (video) who give directly authorization to their global subsidiary company with shortcomings in the Nazi laws on the Dutch territory. What is in very serious conflict with Articles 1, 21 and 22 of the Dutch Constitution, However no longer may be reviewed by a judge because of Article 60 afterwards Article 120 "The court shall not assess the constitutionality of agreements". Chemtrails (video) are officially recognized by the U.N. and German government (video) and executed by NATO and low budget aircraft (video) allowing to poison our earth, flora and all live one it, including our water.

In 1976, the Belgian, former Eu-commissioner Karel Van Miert became cabinet chef of Willy Claes, (then Minister of Economic Affairs) both are Socialist, Bilderberg members mentioned in the Dutroux files. On W. Claes request, K. van Miert became deputy national secretary of the unitary Belgian Socialist Party, followed by Euro-parliamentarian (1979), and after European Commissioner for "Transport, Consumer Affairs, Credit and Investments" (1989 until 99). He was international advisor by the Goldman Sachs Group, who conquers Europe (video) and participate in financing the global mass poisoning (Genocide Agenda 21 (video). Karel Van Miert was director of the Belgian multi-national Solvay who in the 1990s took over the Dutch (Nazi) agent orange producing company Philips Duphar. He was counselor of Solvay America, Solvay North America, and several Philips companies worldwide, even Big pharmacy giant Eli Lilly Holdings (video) and not to forget the Rabobank in the Netherlands... Agent Orange first could be produced due to the Dutch Pesticide Law that was declared in (1962) to counter a bankruptcy after the Netherlands lost of Indonesia by the efforts of Robert and J. F. Kennedy. Which means that the Dutch constitution (Nazi) is not only disabled after the revision of Article 60 in 1953 with the extension: "The court shall not assess the constitutionality of agreements" afterwards in 1980 changed in Article 120, but in combination with this pesticide Law of 1962, no account should be taken of:
- The adverse effects of these pesticides during the use phase and the disposal phase;
- And where not active chemicals, being unknown other very toxic, toxic, corrosive or harmful substance (s) need not be mentioned on the label:
they granted the possibility of illegal dumping of chemical waste with high profit to subsidiary companies worldwide, including the possibility to manipulate products with harmful substances among others vaccines, pesticides (video), chemtrails (video), chlorine for tap water... All possible because of the authorizations obtained in the lawless by Nazi occupied Netherlands, that are giving directly to foreign subsidiary companies which may be used in all countries in the world where these companies are located. (outside the approval of all governments worldwide, whiteout respect the local constitution, ore a court has ruled on it) Please look what Agent Orange is doing with our DNA (video) click here to view the report: "Genetic Damage in New Zealand Vietnam War Veterans - Participants' Report" See: Institute of Molecular Biosciences (video) if added to our tap water, also Agent Orange Ingredient headed toward your plate? (photo’s)

Global Dé-population Agenda 21 started in 1992
Belgium socialist and former deputy prime minister, André Cools, announced in 1991 that he was about to make some revelations about the mafia and their links to some of the most important people in Liege. "Cools had most imprudently announced to the Belgian press... that he would soon release startling evidence about corruption in Belgium's growing arms industry and its ties to the Canadian billionaire Bronfman brothers, a number of major U.S. political figures and republican fat cats with influence reaching into the inner circles of the Bush White House (video) "Among the names that Cools promised to present evidence on were Dick Cheney, Neil Bush, Frank Carlucci, Donald Rumsfeld (video) and members of the powerful Barbour and Racicot clans who all own large shares in major arms manufacturers as well as Britain's Jonathan Aitken, Thatcher's secretary of state for defense who had large holdings in a string of British arms suppliers and was a leading figure in the Tory Party hierarchy, shortly thereafter (1991) Cools was shot dead before he could speak out. Guy Spitaels, (photo, right person) Willy Claes (photo, person left) and André Cools (photo middle person) were members of the masonic Grand Lodge of Belgium that was separately established in the year after the Benelux treaty (1959) because of the good relations with the Jews of Antwerp, England (Rothschild) and America (Rockefeller / Bush) (video) miss-used to support the Nazi fascist World Order continued from the territory of the Netherlands, expanded by the Benelux, Europe, America and then the rest of the world with a fascist agenda and genocide consequences. Since the assassination of Andre Cools nobody dares to talk publicly. Shortly after, Willy Claes follow up Guy Spitaels as President of the European Socialists and in July 1992 they officially start "Agenda 21" (video) together with George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and the socialists whit in the Nazi Netherlands and the U.N.. A genocide agenda that officially expend worldwide by signing the "Rio de Janeiro Protocol "in 1992, under the chairmanship of the Dutch environment minister, socialist Hans Alders (PvdA). With this knowledge and science the same year, colleague socialist, Dutch State Secretary, Hans Simons (PvdA) of Health, Welfare and Culture, faked the label of the pesticide Superwolmanzout-Co on its own from 374 g/l of arsenic acid to 304 g/l of arsenic pent oxide, knowing that in reality 374 g/l arsenic acid remained (cat1 carcinogenic chemical Waste) what is much more dangerous as arsenic pent oxide. (click on the document

This worldwide dumping of massive illegal chemical waste with high profits and genocide consequences now and "Explosive" in the near future, following by signing of the "Kyoto Protocol" by the European Community in April 1998, again under the chairmanship by a Dutch socialist, environment Minister Jan Pronk (PvdA) subsequent the signature in South Africa during the sustainability conference in Johannesburg in September 2002 ones again under the chairmanship by a Dutch Environment Secretary Pieter van Geel (CDA).

In 1996 there were reports that the gangs involved in the Cools' killing had been involved with Marc Dutroux. The discovery of computer discs at Dutroux's house, in 1996, "unraveled an international pedophile ring involving Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, the U.S., Great Britain, Japan..." The names found on the computer disks reached into the highest levels of politics and society in the various countries and institutions, including some of the very members of the Belgian government who had originally been implicated in the assassination of Andre Cools..."  For these elite there is no way back? 
Genocide Agenda 21 implemented to justify their actions, and global expansion the from Nazi Netherlands out of hand, mass poisoning for high profits.
Since there is no way back, this time they include mass de-population (genocide) (video) implemented from the Netherlands to continue funding there fascist World Order under the guise of "Sustainability", mass poisoning at high profits called, ecologically, environmentally friendly, biomass, green power, sustainable, CO2 reduction, environmental concrete, secondary fuel, recycling, Rio de Janeiro Protocol, Kyoto Protocol... Dumping the most carcinogenic industrial waste such as arsenic acid, chromeVI and many more... 

The U.N., part of the continuing Nazi policies, wherefore they have reestablished the International U.N. Court of Justice in 1946 in The-Hague, with the knowledge that Holland sins 1940 is in hands of the Hitler Cabinet because of Article 21 of the Dutch Constitution that says "Under no circumstances can the seat of Government be placed outside the Empire" which means that the Dutch Government has lifted itself to violate. 

Reichskommissar Seyss-Inquart (Hitler Regime) could that way put himself in the place of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, after the War the Germans never officially given back Dutch territory whereby the Third Reich stealth could be transferred further by the Netherlands. For these elite there is no way back? Therefore they decided to implement stealth killer mass depopulation through global poisoning including chemtrails and vaccinations. During the investigation into the murder of the Belgian politician André Cools came a number of corruption scandals upwards, including the affair Agusta, Dassault, who would lead in the late 90 to the conviction of Billderberg members Guy Spitaels and Willy Claes who came in the early 90s out of nowhere on the world stage together with CIA cocaine distributor  (video1/2) Bill Clinton (video) former (Video1/2/3/4/5/6) governor of Mena, Arkansas who organizes contra supply and drug operation (video). Both are considered responsible for the Rwanda genocide.

As the terror in Rwanda had unfolded, Clinton had shown virtually no interest in stopping the genocide, and his administration had stood by as the death toll rose into the hundreds of thousands (video). One of the pivotal conversations in the course of the genocide took place, when the that time Belgian Foreign Minister Willy Claes, called the State Department to request "cover." "We are pulling out, but we don't want to be seen to be doing it alone," Claes said, asking the Americans to support a full UN withdrawal (video). Dallaire had not anticipated that Belgium would extract its soldiers, removing the backbone of his mission and stranding Rwandans in their hour of greatest need. 

Belgium did not want to leave ignominiously, by itself. Warren Christopher agreed to back Belgian requests for a full UN exit. Policy over the next month or so can be described simply: no U.S. military intervention, robust demands for a withdrawal of all of Dallaire's forces, and no support for a new UN mission that would challenge the killers. Willy Claes had the cover he needed (video1/2/3). In the course of a hundred days in 1994 the Hutu government of Rwanda and its extremist allies very nearly succeeded in exterminating the country's Tutsi minority. Using firearms, machetes, and a variety of garden implements, Hutu militiamen, soldiers, and ordinary citizens murdered some 800,000 innocent men, women and children over the course of approximately 100 days (from the assassination of Juvénal Habyarimana and Cyprien Ntaryamira on April 6 through mid-July) (video1/2), Tutsi and politically moderate Hutu. It was the fastest, most efficient killing spree of the twentieth century (video documentary).
In September 1994, just two months after the Genocide massacre in Rwanda, The Belgian Willy Claes (mentioned in the Dutroux files) was nominated by NATO Foreign Ministers to succeed Manfred Wörner as Secretary General of NATO (for excellent services?). Illuminatie (Nazi = N.W.O) for centuries deceive the the human race into war with each other to divide and conquer, mislead and distort the truth, where the Serbian nation for centuries fought against (video), therefore the human race should unite in peace, and share responsible opposition to there real enemy. Balkan (including Croats citizens) where ones more misled by this powerful minority warmongers (video1/2).

The Belgian Bilderbergmember Willy Claes took up his appointment as Secretary General on 17 October 1994. Not coincidentally Dutchbat soldiers hastily formed out of the emerging first ever Air Mobile Brigade of the Royal Netherlands Armed Forces between February 1994 and November 1995 to participate in peacekeeping operations in the former Yugoslavia. In its third replacement, "Dutchbat III," commanded by the Dutch Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Karremans(video), the Srebrenica enclave fell to the Bosnian Serbs under Colonel General Ratko Mladić (video1/2) who did not caused Genocide like the media put forward (video1/2/3/4). This enclave was sacrificed (video) to justify the occupation of the Balkans in collaboration with the Bosnia Mohammed Sacirbey ambassador by the U.N (video), Islamic Jihad (video1/2) linked to 9/11 (video), muslim leader and former Hitler's SS officer Alija Izetbegović (video), The Nazi Connection To Islamic Balkan Terrorism and Nazi Netherlands Dutch Blue Helmets (video), the NATO, Secretary General Willy Claes (video), and the USA, (video) president Bill Clinton (video) who represent the New World Order and deceive the whole world population. Clik here fore picture, from Haj Amin Al-Husseini with Hitler (video), these radical muslims have continued to work together (video) including false flag terror (video) on there one people (video) to take over and radicalize Muslim countries (video) with the prospect to establish an united fascist World Order at the expense of ordinary Jewish (video), Christian, Muslim and other world population who should perform united opposition against these mass murderers. Co-founder of No Cancer Foundation has 3 immediate family members who survived the camp of Auschwitch. Just like the genocide in Srebrenica (Bosnia), Auschwitch reality was twisted and misused to implement there fascist World Governments (N.W.O.). Islamic Turkey can extort the along Dutch territory continued Nazi regime including his influence on the Bilderberg Conferences (video) because of the child abuse in Turkey (see here) by the Dutch Secretary General of Justice Joris Demmink (video), also involved in False Flag Terror (video). Therefore the U.S. Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) calls on the U.S. Secretary of State to seek to remove the ICJ seat from the Hague, which is "undermined by its current location".
The Bosnia Mohammed Sacirbey served briefly as the Bosnian foreign minister (video). When the Bosnian War began in April 1992, Sacirbey was asked to assist the fledgling state gain admission to the United Nations. He became Bosnia's first ambassador to the United Nations, and ambassador by the U.N. Mohammed Sacirbey had a relationship for six years with the Dutch Mabel Martine Wisse Smit, present wife of Nazi and Bilderberg member Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau of the Netherlands. She finished during her study internships at the United Nations, Shell, ABN AMRO and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she was co-founder of the European Action Council for Peace in the Balkans, and one of the founding members of the European think tank European Council on Foreign Relations. After World war II (1946), the U.N. reestablished the International Court of Justice, in the since 1940 by Nazi adopted country (Netherlands) with a Hitler Cabinet and a Nazi agenda. The Dutch Bilderbergmember Jaap de Hoop Scheffer received after the Yugoslavia war the reward and became Secretary General of NATO. Nazi Holland (The Hague) was rewarded with a huge bag of money and got the International Criminal Court, a permanent tribunal once more located in the lawless illegal Nazi Netherlands to prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression that came into being on 1 July 2002 with the Headquarters official seat in Nazi Netherlands (The Hague), which proceedings may take place anywhere to eliminate (video) and convict (video) innocent opposition (video) like Dr. Slobodan Milosevic (video1/2/3/4/5) in a undemocratic matter (video) with a non-legally tribunal that "cannot" judge independently to condemn the worldwide genocide crimes done by Nazi Netherlands and its collaborators self (video).  In Chapter 7 of "Beyond Dutroux" is stated: “Parties with under aged children in Eindhoven (Netherlands) with Delvoie. 18th century Castle. Departure in convoy from Knokke (Belgium).

The cars with German license plates followed with the little girls.” Here it concerns the Belgian judge Delvoie who is mentioned in the same Dutroux file as former Secretary General of NATO Willy Claes, who under international pressure resigned as NATO Chief for accepting bribes during contract negotiations with Agusta helicopters. Delvoie was first employed in the Brussels Court of Appeal, then the Yugoslavia tribunal and is now at the International Criminal Court in The Hague Illegal founded on the Dutch territory continuing Nazi regime, which again is very worrying for the global democracy and freedom.
Milosevic wrote a letter one day before his death claiming he was being poisoned to death in jail in the Netherlands, he had to be killed before it was proved that he was innocent. Also the killing of Princess Diana was predicted by HER (video), she wrote two letters - one handed to her loyal staff member PAUL BURRELL and the other note, in which Diana plainly stated that a friendly spy had informed her that Prince Charles had asked Her Majesty's Intelligence Services to plan a "car accident (video) that would result in head injury" was given by Diana to her personal lawyer (video’s). The same is true for Muammar Gaddafi, who comparable with J.F. Kennedy, (video) introduced a new currency (video), and get murdered by a French secret agent (video). The France had made secret deals with the Libyan rebels in exchange for supporting the uprising against Muammar Gaddafi who had a large portion of his capital in Ridderkerk (Netherlands). The Dutch Princes Mabel Wisse Smit (involved in the Balkans) was also commissioned in Sirte during the Libya war to settle transactions (video) but get lost and captured in the desert (video). At the request of "The Hague" on 27/02/11 a Lynx helicopter from the Royal Navy get launched 50 miles south of Malta from the frigate Tromp to pick up 2 people from the beach near Sirte (Libya). Mabel including Erik Oostwegel (video) the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nijmegen-based engineering company Royal Haskoning (video). Libya had one of the largest inventories of pure water (video) that get contaminated with depleted uranium during the war (video). Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau, also had a relationship with the Dutch Klaas Bruinsma, the biggest drug lord Europe has even seen (video) who's employees for decades undisturbed settle in Belgian Limburg (video), where Bilderberg member former Secretary General of NATO (1994-1995) Willy Claes, comparable to his colleague Bill Clinton as governor in Mena, Arkansas, who did contra supply and drug operations (video’s) has dictatorial power of law enforcement, whereby criminals can operate undisturbed condoned by corrupt and hostage justice. Including worldwide illegal transport among others chemical waste. In essence a Bruinsma-like organization for trafficking chemical waste and distributing opium throughout the colonies. The enormous family capital of the Orange family dates back to that illustrious era. By introducing Wisse Smit into the Dutch royal family they continued its long established ties with drugs trafficking which originated with king William I who in 1824 founded the Netherlands Trading Society. According to insiders (video) Mabel Martine Wisse Smit was a former lady of easy virtue for the underworld to infiltrate all possible environments (video)? now she is princess of Orange (video).
Also in 1994 Secretary General of NATO Willy Claes (corrupt) introduced “Agenda 21” (video) as pilot project for Belgium in his home town Hasselt, the capital of the province Limburg where Mr. Claes sustained his dictatorial power to date, and abuses his own Belgium country, province, the socialist party and his members, al Belgian citizens, including his own children and grandchildren for a third fascist agenda with genocide consequences. Currently his daughter Hilde Claes is mayor of Hasselt and like here father she is regularly discredited due to fraud and misuse power to a fascist overturn and destroy whistleblowers. This Secretary General of NATO continue the mass poisoning from 1994 officially within Belgium together with his political child, Steve Stevaert (socialist) and environmental depute of the Province of Limburg. He was piloted by Willy Claes into local politics, first alderman, later in 1995 as mayor of Hasselt. He became State minister of Belgium, there after governor of the Province of Limburg to merge the Belgian Limburg with the Dutch Limburg like before the Belgian Revolution in 1830. A conflict which led to the secession of the southern provinces from the United Kingdom of the Netherlands and established an independent Kingdom of Belgium. However the Netherlands (Dutch Limburg) since 1940 is stealth adopted by the Nazi Hitler cabinet, a horse of Troy within Europe what consciously never officially is given back to the Netherlands and until now is Nazi territory! According to Steve Stevaert, the Belgium and Dutch (Nazi)Limburg have so much in common that they easily can be considered as a unit, what would work perfectly for these Nazi when all the sovereign states in Europe are dissolved with, Limburg as stealth Trojan horse from occupied Netherlands in to Europe. A relationship that were widely known throughout Europe and are considered as one province whitin Europe.

Shortly after the introduction of Agenda 21 in Limburg (Belgium), Frieda Brepoels (NVA) took Steve Stevaerts place as environmental depute (1994-1999) and granted together with the Flemish Minister for Environment (1995-99) Theo Kelchtermans a controversial environmental permit for dumping hazardous industrial waste at the REMO landfill from the Group Machiels, a small company that in 2 decades from scratch became a world player where Willy Claes, Steve Stevaerts and Theo Kelchtermans, all politicians from Limburg are advisors. This REMO landfill, is located in a nature reserve alongside military domain, where massif illegal dumping happened with the most carcinogenic chemicals like Chromium trioxide, arsenic acid and others, from, among Billiton, Shell, Budelco, Solvay, Monsanto ... including radioactive waste from the in 1992 crash Bijlmer disaster in the Netherlands, where a ELAL (Israel) Boeing aircraft is missing at least 152 kg of depleted uranium counterweights. Because of the very sensitive military cargo aboard the doomed aircraft, the official investigations have been shrouded in secrecy, denial and misinformation (video), however research revealed chemical weapons and radioactive military goods were aboard. These extremely dangerous wastes are dump at different landfill in the Benelux, partly on this REMO landfill according threatened witness. 
Which may explain why the Dutch inventor Leo Nevels his Nuloptie witch for more than 25 years is proven as a global solution, with the most severe abuse of the Dutch Nazi government authority is suppressed in Nazi Netherlands (video). Also in the Belgian Limburg where a subsidiary is located this option is deliberately divested because of conflicts of interest with the most serious consequences for public health, including genocide mass poisoning. In 1998 Theo Kelchtermans and Steve Stevaert both representatives of the Flemish parliament as Vice-Minister and Minister of the Environment reject the RESOLUTION 04/02/99 (Report hearing) to stop the dumping of cat1 chemical waste (arsenic acid chroom VI and others..) in impregnated wood, like Superwolmanzout-Co where there Dutch college Hans Simons (PvdA) in 1992 faked the label of from 374 g/l of arsenic acid to 304 g/l of arsenic pent oxide, knowing that in reality 374 g/l arsenic acid remained (cat1 carcinogenic chemical Waste) what is much more dangerous as arsenic pent oxide. (click on the document), and in its last waste phase is mixed with pure wood and pressed into pellets to burn in so-called green power plants and private wood stoves to burn at home with stealth murderous genocide consequences. In 2003 the Ethiopian freighter Andinet lost this cargo false labeled impregnating Super-wolmanzouten into the North Sea by the Dutch island of Texel (Netherlands) (video) with most serious consequences for public health like "Genetic Damage.
By example,
No coincidence the power plant in (Genk) (Belgian Limburg collaborators of the by Nazi continued Netherlands) was acquired in 2009 by the Dutch (Nazi) company E.ON Benelux, (since in the hands of Nazi Netherlands) and will be converted from coal power plant into a 100% biomass plant, the largest in Belgium with the combustion of wood pellet contaminated with arsenic acid, chromium VI... chemical waste from among others Shell / Billiton / Budelco / Solvay... This biomass power plant is located next to the Ford Genk.

Ford who comparable to the Second World War sacrifice Belgium (Limburg) citizens ones more, now by closing the Ford factory in Genk Belgium to make space for likely similar projects so-called green projects (false flag and human destructive) under the guise of Agenda 21 "Sustainability", ecologically, environmentally friendly, biomass, green power, sustainable, CO2 reduction, environmental concrete, secondary fuel, recycling, Rio de Janeiro Protocol, Kyoto Protocol... mass poisoning at high profits, dumping the most carcinogenic industrial waste such as arsenic acid, chromeVI and many more... which is implemented in 1994 in Belgium Limburg by Bilderbergmember Secretary General of NATO Willy Claes as pilot project for Belgium.
The illegal global dumping of chemical waste with high profits in pesticides and products such as impregnated wood and other, witch after get converted into biomass in order to burn(spread) through so-called green electricity plants world wide. (mass poisoning with government subsidy) MUST STOP!!!
Whereby Limburg colleague socialist Ingrid Lieten became in 2009 "unelected" undemocratic Flemish Vice-Minister and Minister of Research and Innovation, Government Economic Instruments, Media and Poverty by the strong hand of Willy Claes and Steve Stevaerts, in our opinion misled and abused. Mrs. Lieten introduced Cleantech in the province Limburg Houthalen-Helchteren where the industrial landfill (Remo) of the Group Machiels is located, with Bilderbergmember Willy Claes (video) and Steve Stevaerts as advisors. After an overflow of incinerators in central Europe, they want to buld 5 more massive incinerators in central Europe (Limburg) within a secluded natural environment, next to, and only accessible by military domain, near a major highway intersection in central Europe, what seems extremely worrying to us with a Bilderberg member, former Secretary General of NATO and Nazi collaborator like Willy Claes behind the buttons, seen the history and background including involvement regarding Genocide (Rwanda/ Srebrenica). Our own Auswitch-Birkenau ore chemical, nuclear Fukushima in Central Europe?
Cleantech is established with as Managing Director: Bart Vercoutere.
- Managing  Directorate  i-Cleantech Vlaanderen
- Visiting lecturer on portsat UNESCO-IHE. The UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education is the largest international postgraduate water education facility in the world and is based in Delft, the Netherlands UNESCO-IHE is owned by all UNESCO member states and is established as a UNESCO ‘Category I Institute’ jointly by UNESCO and the Government of the Netherlands.
- Sales Directorate Royal Haskoning Belgium.
- senior project manager / team leader at HASKONING
- project manager soil / water & ecology at Haskoning Belgium With nearly 8,000 professionals providing services worldwide from 100 offices in 35 countries, Royal Haskoning DHV carries out more than 30,000 projects every year in planning, transport, infrastructure, water, maritime, aviation, industry, energy, mining and buildings.
- Solvay Business School
- Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Coincidental it was the Chairman of the Board of Directors Erik Oostwegel (video) of the Holland-based engineering company Royal Haskoning (video) who together with the Dutch Princes Mabel Wisse Smit were commissioned in Sirte to settle transactions (video) with Muammar Gaddafi during the Libya war (video). Libya had one of the largest inventories of pure water (video) that is contaminated with depleted uranium during the war (video). Bilderberg member (video) Bill Gates invests in the Flemish Cleantech! He also donates in 2005, $ 750 million, in 2011$ 700 million, and over the coming years once more $ 10 billion dollar for vaccination program (video), to pave their own words for depopulation (video)
Global compulsory mass vaccination failed.
The in 1960s Agent Orange productive Dutch company Philips Duphar who in 1980 became Solvay Belgium builds in 2003 a new factory for flu vaccine in Weesp (Netherlands) three years later (2006) Solvay signs contract with Netherlands for pandemic vaccine and supply flu vaccine to USA. After the failure of Baxter who tried to create a bioweapon by infecting 72 kilos of the transmissible seasonal flu in 2009, with the deadly bird flu virus in its biosecurity level 3 facilities in Orth an der Donau and sent it to 16 labs in four countries (video1/2/3) for the virus to spread and subsequent mandatory inject the overall population with unknown illegal harmful substances MSDS (video). This Solvay Pharmaceuticals from Olst/Weesp in the Netherlands did not coincidentally provides the illegal, harmful Swine Flu vaccines (Depth study swine flu Philips) whose 100% contents are not known, therefore these vaccines are illegally globally distributed in the same manner as the pesticides where no account should be taken of the adverse effects during the use phase and the disposal phase, and where not active chemicals, being unknown other very toxic, toxic, corrosive or harmful substance (s) need not be mentioned on the label. After this failed attack on the global world citizens a U.S. company buys Solvay Olst/Weesp (Netherlands).

Bush, Prince Bernhard, Philips and I.G.-Farben who was a powerful cartel comprised of Bayer, BASF, Hoechst, and other German chemical companies which experimented mercilessly on Jewish prisoners as Hitler commanded, inside the World War II Auschwitz Concentration Camp, testing dangerous drugs and vaccines and killing thousands. All collaborators of the Nazi who abused Poland during World war II for their genocide agenda, wat the Polish government could not let happen again so they warn there citizens of the swine flu vaccine  1(video) 2(video). After almost the whole Polish government is killed in a plane crash, (video1/2) or/and liquidated. Also genetic modification of food has come under severe criticism from the scientific community as new health risks are being discovered. Do genetically modified vaccines carry any less risk? The study below outlines just a few of the unanswered questions about one of the genetically engineered vaccines currently in use, namely Gardasil® (video). the result is Genetically Engineered Gardasil Vaccine May Contain A New Chemical With Untested Toxicity as we have already explained. The fate of all girls from 12 to 18 years in the European Union, to be injected with the Gardasil vaccine against cervical cancer, is held by a number of 27 government officials, one per country without knowing the content. I.G. Farben was a powerful cartel comprised of Bayer, BASF, Hoechst, and other German chemical companies which experimented mercilessly on Jewish prisoners as Hitler commanded, inside the World War II Auschwitz Concentration Camp, testing dangerous drugs and vaccines and killing thousands, now implemented worldwide!
Nazi Netherlands on 11 May 2012 granted an illegal authorization to the Belgium Solvay company in Brussels for chlorine that should be added to the Belgium water supply.
- Active ingredient: sodium hypochlorite content: 150 g / l (as active chlorine)
- The remaining 850 g / l are unknown other very toxic, toxic, corrosive or harmful substance (s): That may be so Arsenic Acid, Chromium VI, cyanide, etc...
in the same month of May, the Belgium Province of Limburg launched a new campaign of 'drink tap water'. There extraordinary goal: to promote tap water on the map at the pubs and schools in Limburg and now all of Flanders, whereby the Belgian tap water is/or at any time can be poisoned with the most hazardous 100% in water soluble poison chemicals such as chromium VI, arsenic acid, Agent Orange etc... (see doc authorization) (video).
All under the guise of "Sustainability" mass poisoning at high profits called, ecologically, environmentally friendly, biomass, green power, sustainable, CO2 reduction, environmental concrete, secondary fuel, recycling, Rio de Janeiro Protocol, Kyoto Protocol... Co2 reduction with genocide consequences. Nazi Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands knowingly and intentionally help poison the global water, as part of "Agenda 21" and therefore is involved in water management issues. He is an honorary member of the World Commission on Water for the 21st century and patron of the Global Water Partnership, a body established by the World Bank and the UN. He was appointed as the Chairperson of the United Nations Secretary General's Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation on 12 December 2006 (pdf). Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) Ban Ki-moon stated despite that WATER is a basic human right, "it must have a market price". Healthy water therefore becomes un-payable for most global citizens, what is a part of their fascist takeover including de-population. The UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education is the largest international postgraduate water education facility in the world and is based in Delft, the Netherlands UNESCO-IHE is owned by all UNESCO member states and is established as a UNESCO ‘Category I Institute’ jointly by UNESCO and the Government of the Netherlands.
Real knowledge and solutions are manipulated ore undemocratic suppressed,
The Belgian (Limburg) Euro-parliamentarian Frieda Brepoels, suppresses efficient natural products against cancer like Flaraxin, (Raport1/2/3/4) confirmed by Prof. Jan Tytgat, head of the Laboratory of Toxicology of the University of Leuven in his report dated August 9, 2011. This despite here participation in the mass poisoning through the Nazi Netherlands in cooperation with the Belgian province of Limburg under her responsibility as environmental depute and later European Representative (Chairwoman of the European Green Party), causing countless cancer patients and death. She is a member of "Members Against Cancer" within the Eu-parliament a facade of Big Pharmacy (video) and there elite owners. The more natural health products people use, the fewer drugs they use. Millions are turning to natural health. Big Pharma fears this as it would diminish profits. Codex Alimentarius is designed to protect Big Pharma profits by eliminating natural health products and treatments. Also health food stores and wellness companies would be hit hard. Codex is based on the Napoleonic Code, dating back to Bonaparte. Under this code, anything not explicitly permitted is automatically forbidden. Under Common Law (our system), something does not have to be explicitly permitted to be legal. The tyrannical Napoleonic Code allows the banning of natural health options by default. The through Dutch territory continuing Nazi policy, and there international collaborators must be stopped to bring united, democratic solutions for everyone on this planet. If not, all Worlds and beyond by the hand of God will judge each individual for his actions!
Universities hijacked Universities can't operate independently because of conflicts of interest of corrupt politicians and multinationals to sell "Sustainability", ecologically, environmentally friendly, biomass, green power, sustainable, CO2 reduction, environmental concrete, secondary fuel, recycling, Rio de Janeiro Protocol, Kyoto Protocol...  when, in the meantime they poison the whole earth for profits and power, wherefore they want to accuse the citizens and let them pay for. The Co2 reduction is a lie (video), not only to suppress people but also for its enormous value as a resource, not for nothing they want to storage it with subsidy underground in the Netherlands. (Even NASA scientists are moving away from global warming). Published information even indicates that data on climate change have been manipulated. In one of the emails of the director department Climatic Research Unit (CRU), he suggests to use a "trick'' to manipulate and "to hide'' information about temperatures as temperature drops (Listen audio). The UN scientist behind the IPCC report on the melting of the glaciers that last was revoked, admits that he knew that the report was wrong. The scientist, Dr. Murari Lal, said this in an interview with the British newspaper  "The Mail on Sunday". He said he factually processed incorrect information in the report so politicians would take action. It will come as no surprise to you that Bilderberg member Willy Claes is advisor by the Group Machiels and in the meantime represent the highest position within the Flemish Universities as president of the Flemish higher education and Association University-Colleges Limburg where the highest amount of subsidy ever was issued by the Flemish government to investigate the burning and recovery of precious metals from the REMO landfill.
Secret technology like H.A.A.R.P misused against civilians and governments. HAARP (video) can provoke earthquakes (video) and "natural" disasters like huge storms (video1/2) and cyclones (video’s HAARP). Just when the Group Machiels with Bilderberg member (video) Willy Claes as advisor bought the Pukkelpop site, a unprecedented local storm at its most powerful moment struck precisely the location of the concert (video) where 60,000 young people were present, and death toll rises to 5 after storm slams Belgium music festival. His daughter Hilde Claes responsible as Mayer of Hasselt (video) had the right opportunity to regain their popularity and score by the upcoming elections to recover their power in the Province of Limburg. According to many, H.A.A.R.P (video) played a role (video). H.A.A.R.P is used worldwide as modern manner of stealth warfare (video) by these Nazi's to hostage, threaten and take down governments and their population (video) with great destruction (video) and mind control. If necessary to false flag attacks on nuclear facilities (video), like Fukushima Japan (video1/2) that deliberately is not recovered to nuclear poison all northern atmosphere of the Earth and destroy human DNA forever (video). People like Bilderberg member (video), Prince Friso van Oranje joins URENCO (grandson of Nazi Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld), operate nuclear plants in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the US, using URENCO's world-leading centrifuge technology to enrich uranium for the use as nuclear fuel for (civil) power generation. A company that is also located in Almelo (Nazi Netherlands) what ones more is very disturbing. Friso van Oranje began his career at McKinsey in Amsterdam, then joined Goldman Sachs in London (video) as a Vice President working in the firm’s Investment Banking Division (communications, media and technology) (video1/2) in the Principal Investment Area for Goldman Sachs Capital Partners. Subsequently, he became a Partner at Logispring, a supply chain and technology-focused venture capital firm based in Geneva, Switzerland until 2006 before joining Wolfensohn, that is founded by  James Wolfensohn, former President of the World Bank, where he was a Managing Director. Mr van Oranje has an MSc in aeronautical engineering from Delft Technical University and in economics from Erasmus University in the Netherlands, where Virologist Develops Highly Contagious and Lethal Strain of H5N1 Bird Flu Virus. He also has an MBA and is a member of the the Skull and Bones (video) like the Bushes are (video1/2). His wife is the controversial Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau, who had a relationship with the Bosnia Mohammed Sacirbey (video), and the Dutch Klaas Bruinsma, the biggest drug lord Europe has even seen (video).
Global drug trafficking by and for financing the NWO In the year 1900 under Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands the Dutch colonial bank founded the Dutch Cocaine Factory (NCF) in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) (video), which produced in the 20th century on large-scale cocaine out of the in Dutch East Indies grown coca plants. In 1910, the NCF factory has become the largest cocaine factory in the world. On 28 July 1914 began a global war centered in Europe (WW I) and lasted until 11 November 1918 (video1/2/3/4). It was predominantly called the World war or the Great War. It involved all the world's great powers. During World War I the Dutch Cocaine Factory (NCF) expands and soldiers were drugged worldwide as fighting machines (tablets where pressed in England) and supplied to countries worldwide including to the Germans (Listen to interview English). Despite the Opium Act just after WWI in 1919, the Netherlands manufactures and export further because of the huge international market with cocaine addicts they had created. NCF Cocaine production has stopped and shifted to South America, the Factory is present owned by AkzoNobel and Billiton became later part of Royal Dutch Shell. The house of Rothschild and the Dutch royal family are linked forever by their common interests and common past. In 1941 the Netherlands lost the dominion of the Dutch East Indies to the Japanese, and therefore the interests of the coca and poppy plantations, whereby one year later (1942) NCF (Dutch Cocaine Factory) begins with the production of amphetamine and delivers ones more to the soldiers worldwide, including the Germans. Until 1945 the Netherlands was the best and biggest drug producing country in the world and produced, among other Novocain,morphine, heroin and ephedrine. Now the Netherlands is the largest producer of ecstasy in the world. The market created by the Netherlands (Dutch Cocaine Factory (NCF) is continued by these Nazi's, however, now the cocaine production comes directly illegal from South America where Nazi's after World War II fled to with the help of the Red Cross. The CIA reportedly makes great use of Colombian secret agents, there involvement in Colombia began just after the 1950s shortly after Hitler fled to Colombia according to CIA documents (1/2/3/4/5/6). (What does the CIA trying to hide in Colombia)? There presents grew along with the drug trade, this to financial support the through Dutch territory continuing Nazi agenda to overthrow sovereign states like the Colombia government in co-operation with locals as Pablo Escobar (video) what happens today worldwide with so-called terrorists, rebels, supported by the elite including NATO. Pablo Escobar was first supported by western secret services CIA/ Mossad who were approving the cocaine smuggling operations by the CIA, like Mossad's Paul Lir Alexander (Paul Rothstein), a cocaine baron involved in Iran-Contra, who worked like David Headley for the US Drugs Enforcement Administration. Rothstein smuggled lots of cocaine into the USA. He worked alongside CIA agents (video’s) who were getting cocaine from Pablo Escobar (video) through General Manuel Noriega and smuggling it into the USA to sale to street gangs on the East and West Coast. In 1982 Rothstein was in Nicaragua helping Lt. Col. Oliver North during the Iran-Contra Affair CIA and Contras cocaine trafficking in the US (video) with connections between cocaine importers Bill Clinton and Bush (video’s). "In 1991 the CIA established a Colombian naval intelligence group that became a key part of the death squads continuing terror campaign against ... anyone who speaks out for change or peace." Including Pablo Escobar who turned against these Nazi's and chose to support the Colombian people. College cocaine distributor Bill Clinton as governor of Mena, Arkansas, did contra supply and drug operation (video1/2). Clinton became in 1993 USA president and let murder his rival Escobar. "Colombia is currently the center of the South American drug trade,, producing more than 80 percent of the world’s cocaine supply." Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds... testified to the use of NATO planes transporting drugs as well as international terrorists" At the Asian Tribune, Asif Haroon Raja reported that one reason the USA invaded Afghanistan was to restore and control "the world's largest supply of opium to use drugs as a geopolitics weapon against opponents. Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau, had a relationship with the Dutch Klaas Bruinsma, the biggest drug lord Europe has even seen (video) The Final Solution? (video1/2).