Friday, June 13, 2014

Football World Cup 2014, Brazil: soccer and illuminati mind control, exposed

Mind control: soccer / football, the illuminati way, exposed worldwide first time

In Europe and South America, it has been now almost one century since soccer / football is being used by the illumianti to make sure the sheeple are occupied in their "free time" with such meaningful things like watching their club's weekly match and discussing the referee's decisions and the virtues and mistakes of their club's best players with their working colleagues during the next six days.

But in the last years, football / soccer has gained even more importance in the illuminati's mind control agenda. What new items in that agenda does soccer now serve? How does it work?

Find the right answers and I will let you know, may God will.

Hint 1: for this task, you don't need to be a football / soccer expert.

Watching one game in the Football World Cup 2014 or one of the major illuminati european provinces, pardon, nations, is enough.

Hint 2, concerning Hint 1: Of course how easy that is to recognize depends on which game you will watch.

---- Note:
This is clear from the lines above, but just to make sure you don't go this track:

>>"don't let friends turn a healthy vigorous game of soccer/football into a conspiracy..."

The conspiracy is not about the masses playing football.
It's about what the illuminati serve to the masses on TV, The World Cup, the major leagues in Germany, France, England, Spain, etc.

Meanwhile in Brazil World Cup Brazil Hospital