Monday, June 16, 2014

If You Want Proof of High Treason, You Need to See “The Sea of Arms”

No your eyes are not deceiving you. Do you want proof of high treason? Look no further than video footage received from Libya called “the sea of arms.”
This video is not fake or even satire. I wish it were. This comes directly from the Al Queda forces in Libya as a way of bragging. This is literally a stock pile of anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles handed directly to the Libyan rebels. This does not include the weapons deal that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens.
This is the honest title given to the video by the Al Queda forces that you can hear chanting “Allah Akbar” in the background and bragging about the US Military stockpile that their god has delivered to them.
In the comments are a chilling description of what you are seeing.
Discover the rebels Libyans by accident millions of pieces of weapons, missiles and Aldkhirh packed into boxes in the desert of Libya, where “hard-counted., And is unaware of the source and put it in that place and in that way where the look of the desert hyperopia full of weapons without a sergeant or the owner or the owner of” .. gift NATO, and the haka U.S. received a clear reason to enter .. Noaslo!!! ~Oueslati Med Ameur
Several rebels and Islamic backers are in the comments praising “Allah” and thanking him for the gift from the Demon US Government.
This is serious. These weapons are meant for the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Queda to attack any and all people that interfere with them and to be used in spreading the name of “Allah”. That means Assad, the United States, Israel, and any that would not submit to their terrorist regime. This weapons delivery by the CIA was no accident. It was signed off on by our State Department!
Get ready to loose your lunch. The proof is only a click away.