Thursday, October 23, 2014

Exposed: The Canadian Parliament Shooting

Watch that marked guy, above, in this CNN video busting in the place pretending he is Bruce Willis in a Die Hard scene stealing the show as he walks in the middle of the hallway feeling completely immune for any possible gunshot wounds that may result from the allegedly ongoing firing of bullets while everyone else, except for his human shield, are scratching their backs along the walls, in an event that is clearly controlled ever since the first shot was fired at the war monument outside a block away.
“Video captured inside Parliament showed officers filing down the empty corridor of the Hall of Honour as at least a dozen shots could be heard ringing out in the background.” – CTV News
Controlled from the start?
YES! Why else could the hallway hero be so sure he’d be safe?
Daily Mail“Zehaf-Bibeau [Michael Joseph Hall] entered the front entrance that has ‘many armed guards’ but no metal detector.”
So the shooter was allegedly seen emptying his riffle outside at the war monument, he then allegedly drove to the parliament and shot at the door, before entering, where obviously the MANY ARMED GUARDS would be standing and awaiting him.
Since there were clearly no armed guards at the front entrance at all, since the alleged shooter could just walk into the building, someone ordered the guards to be relieved by… no one!
On top of that you don’t really need a metal detector for an alleged shooter carrying a long riffle that he allegedly used to shoot at the entrance. First of all the guards would shoot him on the spot, OUTSIDE. Second, the long riffle of the alleged shooter could not have been concealed since he used it at the very location. The only thing you could use the metal detector for at this point is to slam the shooter’s head into it after he’d been disarmed by a well-trained imaginary guard in a Steven Seagal combo frenzy.
We also have the Royal Canadian Mounted Police tweeting“Members of the public are asked not to post videos or photos of the on-going incident to ensure safety of first responders and the public”, which along with creating confusion about another shooting at the same time  provides a great way of clearing the area and the reporting from any possible clues and leads that could expose the lies in a later stage.
Foreknowledge and a patsy drawn into the plot in advance? YES, exactly!
A picture caught from a dash cam video showing the alleged shooter/government patsy/psyop operative entering a parked vehicle without rear license plate proves that also the deliberate reports of him carjacking his ride are false and are only meant to distort the facts. The guy obviously already had this car available as he, in the morning, drove to his government sponsored job for the day.
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As for the “recently converted to islam” angle. Aren’t people getting tired of this worn out narrative spinning? It’s so Mossad-like and has been exposed over and over again. It's all about to increase public support for endless wars. The same as the Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin incident, ... 
I know I am tired of it and it already bothered me an awful lot during the NO BEHEADING in Oklahoma.
Whatever they are going to bring in next into this story it will be fabricated. The media is not even sure which picture and which name for the shooter to use. But they don’t really need to, most folks have already fallen for the current false official story fronted by CNN and CBC, who nonetheless did provide the most damning footage of all.