Sunday, October 12, 2014

Japan’s Domestic Disaster: God Using Satan’s Jesuit Vatican for Two Occult Reasons

Caution must always be exercised when considering the reasons for what appears to be “natural disasters.” The present domestic plight of Japan is no exception to the rule.  Before we begin, be it known that your Editor has always been fond of the Japanese people.  He had a lovely Japanese girlfriend in High School for a while and has been acquainted with the late Brother Daniel Fuji, one of the greatest Japanese missionaries of the 20th Century.  Your Editor has charted the dismal history of Japan after the Devil’s Jesuit Order was formally readmitted into the island nation in 1865.  Yet, secretly the Company had been readmitted immediately after that American rogue—Commodore Matthew Perry—opened up Japan to White “Christian” (especially White Roman Catholic) men in 1854, to the exclusion of the Protestant Dutch, having been banned from the country for centuries due to one thing—the Jesuit quest of reducing Japan and her Emperor to the Pope’s Temporal Power, Japan then to be used for the submitting of Buddhist China to the Pope of Rome.

Emperor Komei: Poisoned by Jesuits, 1867
The events following the invasion of Commodore Perry were catastrophic to the sovereignty of old Japan.  The Order’s British Crown under Jesuitess and Apostate Protestant Queen Victoria was used in the attempted submission of Emperor Komei.  In 1863 the Emperor issued his “Order to Expel Barbarians,” but to no avail: the Shogun refused to enforce the order, the Emperor’s Protector now in the hands of the Jesuits.  In 1865 the Sons of Loyola were formally readmitted over the objection of Emperor Komei, the Order having many friends among the Japanese lords called “Daimyo.” For this relentless resistance, the Emperor was poisoned in January, 1867, with smallpox, at the virile age of only 36.  Within three days, Crown Prince Meiji ascended the throne at the age of 14, he to reign for over 45 years. The following year the Emperor’s great protector turned traitor to Rome, Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Shogun Yoshinobu was “forced” to resign thus ending the Tokugawa Shogunate (1603-1868)—once the foremost enemy of the Society of Jesus in the Far EastIndeed, that same year “the Meiji Restoration” occurred, Komei’s adolescent son Meiji, only 14 years of age, began his formal reign under the argus-eyed oversight of Japanese agents serving the Jesuit General. 

The Meiji emperor receiving the Order of the Garter
from Prince Arthur of Connaught in 1906,
as a consequence of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance. 
“The Meiji Restoration” began the Order’s Japanese Imperial Empire (1868-1945), the same year the Black Pope would create his “Holy Roman” Fourteenth Amendment American Empire on the ruins of George Washington’s Protestant Federal Republic of “These United States of America,” 1868.  The Jesuits then centralized all political power in Tokyo to be overseen by Jesuit Sophia University later established in 1913 with the blessing of Emperor Meiji.  (The Jesuits would do the same in their new American Empire, centralizing all power in Washington, D.C., 1871, this “Rome on the Potomac” to be directed by Jesuit Georgetown University!)  In 1877 the last Samurai resistance to the “New Order” within Imperial Japan was annihilated thanks to American machine-guns given to Meiji’s new Japanese Army.  (In this selfsame year Roman Catholic Army General Philip Sheridan, building the Black Pope’s “New Order” in Imperial America “from sea to shining sea,” defeated the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians during the Great Sioux War.)  The Order’s Hollywood movie titled “The Last Samurai” illustrates the event, Knight of Malta Tom Cruise playing the leading role.

Freemasons General MacArthur
and Emperor Hirohito, 1945
In time, Meiji’s grandson, ascended the throne in Japan. Fascist Emperor Hirohito would be used by the Jesuit Order in using Rome’s Japanese Imperial Army to wage war in the Far East, its primary purpose being to totally destroy the Protestant Reformation and the reading of the Protestant Bible among the Chinese, Korean and Filipino peoples. This is how we understand the Japanese Army’s “Rape of Nanking;” this is how we understand Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor American Army General Douglas MacArthur’s abandonment of the Philippines resulting in the “Death March of Bataan”sacrificing tens of thousands of White Anglo-Saxon American Protestants and Baptists of the Old Protestant South no matter how many Roman Catholics perished!  “Kill em all; let God sort them out” is an old Jesuit maxim of war.

To ignite a world war between the Jesuit Empires of Imperial Japan (1868-1945) and Imperial America (1868-Present), an “Event” was needed.  Enter Pearl Harbor.  As proven by Robert B. Stinnett’s masterpiece, Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor (2000), Masonic FDR and Masonic Hirohito worked together, via the Japanese High Command and the American Office of Naval Intelligence, for the successful attack on America’s foremost Naval Base in the Pacific.
The truth about Hiroshima.
This is another great lies of the JESUIT ORDER of the Roman Catholic Church. Col. Paul Tibbets (U.S.A.F.) flew a single B-29 Superfortress named Enola Gay (His grandmother's name) from the Tinian Island in the Pacific ==> Target Hiroshima.

The hoax atomic bomb was named Little Boy.Allegedly as per corrupt historical records, the B-29 dropped the Atomic Bomb and approximately half a million Japanese was annihilated.

After the atomic bomb blast, Jesuit Priests emerged from the building rubbles 8-city blocks away from the heart of the A-Bomb Explosion and ALIVE & WELL. These are Jesuit Priests - Fathers Hugo Lassalle, Kleinsorge, Cieslik and Schiffer. According to them it's a miracle that the Blessed Virgin Mary saved them through constant rosary prayer.THIS IS ANOTHER GREAT & BIG LIE.1. How these Jesuit Priests survived Atomic Bomb Blast within GROUND ZERO (Center Of Explosion Impact).

They can, simply because they are the detonators.2.

These Jesuit Priests emerged to the surface from underground, after the A-Bomb blast.WHAT ARE THEY DOING THERE !So many, many kind of peoples can be found there, AMAZING COINCIDENCE - HOW COME THE JESUIT FATHERS ARE THERE! Many historians believed that the Jesuits did done something evil again.

Thousands of Japanese in their homeland are killed after the A-BOMB blast but the JESUITS FATHERS (Germans) are there alive and well. And why they are hiding underground. Because they knew an explosion will occur and the pity Japanese are dead and have no slightest idea within their homeland that an A-BOMB explosion will occur. Amazingly, Fr. Pedro Arrupe (a top Jesuit Priest) character is also present in this well-hidden historical event. Fr. Arrupe is believed outside 1-Mile Radius of the A-BOMB Explosion.

WOW !I've discovered these conspiracy way back year 2001. The very reason, year 2002, two matured church workers knocked at my residence and instructing me to report to the nearest local Catholic Church being under Fr. Jocson. I replied, who are they to give such order. I'm a freeman guaranteed by our beloved constitution base on the Bible. ERIC JON PHELPS is right and it fitted on my research way back 2001. That the Jesuit Fathers are the ones who detonated the first A-BOMB blast that destroyed Hiroshima, Japan way back year 1945.

And that the B-29 that allegedly drop A-BOMB over Hiroshima is a HOAX. As I've told before so many times that if millions of people are well-educated about world history, it will be the END OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. You'll see I hit them based on my research and in-fact I've discovered the actual names of the Germans Jesuit Fathers Hugo Lassalle, Kleinsorge, Cieslik and Schiffer - WHAT ARE THEY DOING THERE IN HIROSHIMA BEFORE, DURING AND AFTERMATH OF A-BOMB BLAST. Hmmm.... I smelled fishy going on, another conspiracy. To proved my research that I'm on right target. I've discovered that the U.S. Air Force Commanding General during those time is Gen. Le May. I even knew U.S. Navy Commanders are Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, Admiral Halsey "The Bull", and Admiral Spruance.

For the U.S. Army Commanding General is Douglas MacArthur and his famous I shall return - this man is a high-ranking Freemason working for the Jesuit Order. But there is a real soldier that GOD sent to end World War II, he is no other than Gen. George S. Patton, Jr. 3-Star General U.S. 3rd Army and a Bible Believing Christian. Would you also believe my brethren that Gen. Reinhard Gehlen a former NAZI Germany "Hitler's Intelligence Officer" was admitted into the circle of the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) that participated in the assasination of United States Pres. John F. Kennedy. Another conspiracy, the very reason the Catholic Church will not able to convince me that their religion is true from GOD. Because, they are the mastermind of world wide conspiracy and murders. The Jesuits will even murder their brother in the catholic faith. Pres. John F. Kennedy is the only U.S. president who is a Roman Catholic. I always believe that GOD OF ISRAEL always put men of highest intellect and integrity to expose evil and to broadcast the truth around the world
This brings us to our current crisis.  We must ask, “Why were the recent earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis imposed upon Japan?”  For those of us who do not believe in “coincidence,” but rather in a Satanic International Conspiracy for World Government under the Pope of Jesuit-making as well as the Providential Sovereign Hand of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ over the Affairs of Nations, the answer is twofold.  The first involves the Devil’s Jesuit Papacy; the second involves the judgment of the Son of God put upon a nation in open violation of his infallible written Word concerning the Nation of Israel.

As to the FIRST REASON, your Editor shall repeat his response given to one of his advisers who posed our question above.
“As stated above, Japan has been a most obedient tool of the Pope’s “Holy Roman” Fourteenth Amendment American Empire since 1945.  With its historic, anti-Jesuit culture totally destroyed by B-29 bombers of the Order’s Army Air Force commanded by Masonic General Curtis Lemay, it was rebuilt into a commercial slave-state by the U.S. Congress, it receiving credit to pay for that “urban renewal” from the Pope’s Federal Reserve Bank, the labor and person of the U.S. “taxpayer” serving as collateral further ensuring a future U.S. financial collapse and enslavement of the people under Cartel-Corporate Jesuit fascism.  Japan also has one of the world’s largest navies.  Thus, the Jesuits have rebuilt the commercial infrastructure of Japan for a reason, the same reason Communist China’s infrastructure is presently being built today.  I believe both have been created so as to unite them both in the building of a massive Asian naval flotilla and military for the planned attack of North America in the future as foretold by Bible-believing ex-priest Jeremiah Crowley in his Romanism: A Menace to the Nation (1912).  This is the present Counter-Reformation endgame within the next, say, 20 years.  And when the apostate Protestant, Fourteenth Amendment American Empire falls, that will be the formal end of the Lord’s Grand and Glorious Protestant Reformation.  The White Protestant German Empire and White Protestant British Empire disappeared during the 20th Century via the Black Pope’s Second Thirty Years’ War (1914-1945); the Protestant American Empire will end during the 21st Century—if the Jesuit Generals have their way.
“So why the did the Order use its HAARP and underwater thermonuclear weapons in tandem to create these series of massive earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis in their Japan, a mere commercial colony of the American Empire?  Indeed, this is the $64,000 question.
“I believe the purpose is primarily to ultimately drive Japan—the Japanese people—into the arms of the rulers of Red China (as the Japanese and Chinese rulers both work together for Jesuit ends).  China will probably extend relief aid to Japan endearing the Japanese people to the Chinese people (two ancient enemies), thereby creating a willingness among the Japanese to abandon the camp of the U.S. and enter into the developing Asian Union headed by Red China.  As you know, the Prime Minister of Japan was appointed by the Emperor who is a mere tool of the Jesuits, the Sons of Loyola working from their military fortress of Sophia University in Tokyo.  (Notice this ‘disaster’) transpired north of Tokyo with the plan of the radiation to be blown east over the Pacific and not south over Tokyo—the Jesuits of Tokyo escaping calculated harm.)  The relations between Japan and China are not good at present and must be “mended.”
“Other events seem to validate this conclusion of Japan’s future union with Red China.  The Order’s conspiracy to use its CFR-controlled government of the American Empire to push Toyota into the “Gas Pedal Recall” of 2009 was uncalled for.  There was no problem with all those hundreds of thousands of Toyotas.  The real purpose behind this injustice was to financially attack the auto giant so as to provide a justification (in the eyes of the Japanese people) for Toyota (also run by Japanese Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors) to move out of the U.S. and into the arms of Red China, then to set up shop inside the Communist giant.  China is to be the 21st Century’s military “superpower,” so why not move the world’s largest auto manufacturer to Red China with the cheapest labor and largest workforce on earth?
“As events play out, there is going to be a horrible, unforgettable mass-death and destruction in Japan.  The Japanese Emperor and Jesuit Joe Biden are parties to the plot (Barry Davis Obama is an idiot “out of the loop” merely to play the role of “president.”)  When top Japanese Samurai nobles are informed of the U.S. government’s hand in this greatest of Japan’s desolations since WWII, moved with that internal Japanese rage they will deceptively drive the Japanese people into the arms of the Pope’s Red Chinese dictators ruled by the Jesuits in Beijing. When this alliance if finalized, the New Panama Canal will have been completed (2015-16) enabling the Chinese and Japanese navies to move their huge carriers through the canal so as to attack the apostate Protestant South via the Gulf of Mexico. And no wonder! For the “Gulf oil disaster” (orchestrated by certain Knights of Malta such as Peter Sutherland) has softened up the U.S. Southern coast enabling a successful beachhead to be established after the attack.
The SECOND REASON concerns a judgment of the Risen Son of God upon Japan for violating Genesis 12:1-3.  Pronouncing both a “blessing” and a “curse” with regard to both individual and national treatment of the racial sons of Abraham through Jacob/Israel and their ABSOLUTE EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to the land of promise (Genesis 15:18-21), Japan is now experiencing “the curse.” Japan has sided with the Arab Muslims in their false claim to the land of Israel, a land solely the possession of the racial Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites.  Yes, Japan, ruled by the Jesuit Order, has promised to aid the savage Arab Muslims to rebuild the Jordan Valley “once the Jews are removed.”  Indeed, Japan, ruled by the Black Pope, has donated ONE BILLION Dollars to the savage Arab Muslim “Palestinians” to this end of driving the Jews off of their land and into the sea pursuant to the Palestinian Covenant of 1968.
God usually uses “Second Causes” in His enforcement of this “blessing and curse” of Genesis 12:1-3.  With regard to the weather, He can command storms, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, forest fires, floods, mudslides, urban destruction, etc.  But He can also use the means of evil men—men in command of the White Power Structure subservient to the Jesuit Papacy now ruling the world—to bring about these same “natural disasters.”  America is, to a lesser degree, under this “curse,” its effects having been repeated over and over again for the last 20 years or so. The floods in the breadbasket of the Mid-West, the forest fires in the West, the floods in the South and the snowstorms in the North-East are evidences of “the curse”due to the American Empire’s facilitation of the theft of Israel’s promised land having been taken away from Jehovah’s “holy seed” (Isaiah 6:13) also called “the holy people” (Daniel 12:7)—the Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitic racial people of the everlasting Abrahamic Covenant.

Typhoon Vongfong, cursing Japan to be united with the Order’s
Communist China  
in preparation for the Black Pope’s
 invasion of America.
Japan is now experiencing this national “curse” via the hand of the Risen Son of God using Satan“the god of this world” (II Corinthians 4:4).  Satan’s Jesuit Papacy has been permitted to impose the earthquakes and tsunamis on Japan via high technology, this mass-destruction fulfilling the plans of both Satan and the Risen Lord Jesus Christ.  As to Satan’s plan, he is driving Japan into the hands of his Red Chinese government ruled by his high Jesuits, Satan assembling his “kings of the east” for a future attack into Israel (Revelation 16:12). Meanwhile, God will use this crisis to save His Elect Japanese saints made willing to believe the blessed gospel of Jesus Christ unto eternal salvation!
As to the plan of God the Father through His beloved Son presently at His Right Hand to Whom the Father has given all power in heaven and in earth (Matthew 28:18-20; Psalm 110:1), High Priest Jesus Christ is enforcing the “curse” He pronounced in Genesis 12:1-3 before the days of His flesh. In so doing, the LORD is preserving a Jewish presence in the promised land, a presence that is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY if all prophecies concerning the Second Coming of Messiah are to be fulfilled. With no regathered Nation of Israel and with no Jews living in Jerusalem, there can be no Second Coming of Messiah (Zechariah 12:10; 14:1-4; Joel 3:1).
So let the intense suffering of Japan be a warning to all persons (natural and artificial) and nations, especially those in America.

For in so refraining ourselves from such persecution and theft, we shall escape the “curse” and be brought into the “blessing” of the Abrahamic promise.

And in adding the frosting to the cake, we must expel the Jesuit Order from our shores—FOREVER, that diabolical creation of Satan, whose agents in governments—acting in our names—are bringing the catastrophe of national destruction to all of our nations, which destruction of National Sovereignty and Individual Manhood is so necessary for the Pope’s Vatican-led, New World Order.
God help us to legislate the maxims of His Holy Word, the Reformation Bible in the languages of all nations, into our domestic and foreign policies that we might be “blessed” with the peaceable fruit of righteousness including domestic tranquility, plenteous food harvests and economic prosperity like America once had experienced this “blessing,” and we can so again—if we repent, SEAWAPA will be the centerpiece of that system.