Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Vatican controls Washington D.C.

The Council of Trent still stands and it's the Pentagon and NATO.

Sovereign Washington DC has no power over the Sovereign Vatican. The Vatican controls Washington D.C. which was created out of Roman Catholic land belonging to the Pope and Carroll families. You have part of Virginia and part of Maryland giving us the Virgin Mary or Queen Semiramis of Babylon. It was the same Carroll family who created Georgetown ‘military fortress’ University which dominates Washington D.C and the United States of America. The U.S. Pope aka Cardinal Timothy Dolan has no allegiance to the U.S. and every allegiance to the Pope (Sun door) to which is he one of many hinges. Timothy Dolan does not control the United States either, he is mastered by the Jesuit Order power at Washington D.C. which is Thomas Smolich SJ who answers directly to James Grummer SJ a direct aid to the Superior General based in the Curia Generalizia in sovereign Borgo Santo Spirito protected by Jesuit trained King Juan Carlos of Spain’s CNI intelligentsia.

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Now getting back to Washington D.C. you will notice this is where Webster Tarpley lives and thus this should also ring alarm bells. At one time this area was known as little Rome in 1663 property records and today it is modeled off Rome such as the Capitol Building (Farnese Acorn of Zeus) etc.

Farnese Palace, SP69, 01032 Caprarola Viterbo, Italy. The model for the Pentagon.

May I remind you that Washington D.C. was planned at the Villa Farnese in Luzio, Italy way before anyone had a clue it was to be. Villa Farnese being the old war rooms of the Jesuit Order and the Council of Trent counter-Reformation and the model for The Pentagon that is the open military power over the World today. Lets remind ourselves that the Council of Trent still stands today and that it curses all protestants with death over one-hundred times.

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Jesuit communities and apostolic works are organized by 'provinces' which belong to one of ten 'assistancies' or 10 Kingdoms around the world. Click on the map of the world to see a list of all the real world government ruled by the Holy Roman Empire, governed by their Jesuit Order. They divided the world by provinces that belong to the assistancy you have selected; you will find the addresses of the administrative offices of each one as well as links to its web site. The countries names that you know them are for taxes collection and population control of divide and conquer purposes only.

How they govern the world via puppets These are the real World power structure.

Jesuit Central and Eastern Europe Assistancy, Eurasian Kingdom 

Provinces: Austria, Bohemia, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, North Poland, South Poland, Romania, Russia Region, Switzerland, Ukraine District, Slovakia, Slovenia

 Website CEP (Conference of European Provincials)

Province web sites
 Jesuiten (Austria/ Jesuiten in Öste...)
 Céska provincie Tovarysstva Jezísova (Czeck Republic/ Céska provinci...)
 Deutsches Provinzialat (Germany/ Deutsche Jesuiten....)
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 Jesuits of Ukraine (Ukrain/ Information in Ukraini...)

3, rue des Trévires
B-1040 Bruxelles, (België)
Fax: 32-2 738.7729

Österreich Provinzialat (Austria Province)
Dr.-Ignaz-Seipel-Platz 1
A-1010 Wien 1, (Österreich)
Fax: 43-1 512.4899

Bohemia Provincialát
Jecná 2
120 00 Praha 2, (Czech Rep.)
Fax: 420-296 216.440

Bohemia Provincialát
Jecná 2
120 00 Praha 2, (Czech Rep.)
Fax: 420-296 216.440

Deutsches Provinzialat (Germany Province)
Seestraße 14
D-80802 München, (Deutschland)
Fax: 49-89 38185.202

Hungary Province
Horánszky utca 20
1085 Budapest, (Hungary)
Fax: 36-1 327-4056

Lietuvos Jezuitu Provincija (Lithuania/Letthonia Province)
Didzioji g. 34
LT-01128 Vilnius, (Lituania)
Fax: 370-5 212.1876

Provinji Wielkopolsko-Mazowieckiej
(North Poland Province)
ul. Narbutta 21
02-536 Warszawa, (Polska)
Fax: 48-22 848.1599
Provincja Polski Poludniowej
(South Poland Province)
Maly Rynek 8
31-041 (Kraków, Polska)
Fax: 48-12 423.0312

Romania Province
Str. Tudor Arghezi, 2
400363 Cluj Napoca, (Romania)
Fax: 40-364 102.369

Russia Region
ul. Friedricha Engelsa 46/4
P. Box 127
Moskva, 105005 (Russia)
Fax: 7-499 265.4735

Slovakia Provincialát
Panská 11
P.O. Box 173
814 99 Bratislava, (Slovakia)
Fax: 421-2 5920.0420

Slovenia Province
Vodnikova 279
1000 Ljubljana, (Slovenia)
Fax: 386-1 583.0049

Switzerland Province
Hirschengraben 74
CH-8001 Zürich, (Suisse)
Fax: 41-44 26621.31