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Most spinning stars, planets and their moons are hollow

Eric P Dollard, researcher on the Sun at Sonoma State University before his lab was taken from him. Because he is the only man who has replicated Tesla's wireless transmission technology. 

Most stars, planets and their moons are probably hollow

Is our Sun hollow? Is gravity being induced? According to Eric P. Dollard, who has done over 4 years of research on the Sun at Sonoma State University before his lab was taken from him and Stephen J. Goodfellow.... is Yes!

In these videos series, they suggest that the Sun is a shell of sustained charged plasma encasing a non-space/absolute vacuum that induces gravity. All of its arguments match perfectly with physics laws. The Sun is a shell of hydrogen with an absolute vacuum interior...

There is no light in the darkness of space, light-year as distance is a myth. The "distance" between stars can be closer than we thing. As the inside of a star is a non-space/absolute vacuum that induces gravity, there should be an opening in time to pass-through in order to get to or from other dimension.

The Earth, other planets and their moons that spin are probably hollow proportionally to their mass spinning speed that depend what their composition elements are. As their center is a non-space/absolute vacuum that induces gravity, it acts as sort of "converter" of energy between other dimension/star and ours, except dead ones such as Earth moon.

Plasma (from Greek πλάσμα, "anything formed") is one of the four fundamental states of matter, the others being solid, liquid, and gas. A plasma has properties which are unlike those of the other states.

A plasma can be created by heating a gas (Helium 3) or subjecting it to a strong electromagnetic field applied with a laser or microwave generator. This reduces or increases the number of electrons, creating positive or negative charged particles called ions, and is accompanied by the dissociation of molecular bonds, if present.

The presence of a non-negligible number of charge carriers makes the plasma electrically conductive so that it responds strongly to electromagnetic fields. Like gas, plasma does not have a definite shape or a definite volume unless enclosed in a container; unlike gas, under the influence of a magnetic field, it may form structures such as filaments, beams and double layers.

Plasma is the most abundant form of ordinary matter in the Universe, most of which is in the rarefied intergalactic regions, particularly the intracluster medium, and in stars, including the Sun. A common form of plasmas on Earth is seen in neon signs.

Much of the understanding of plasmas has come from the pursuit of controlled nuclear fusion and fusion power, for which plasma physics provides the scientific basis.

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The bloodlines knew the sun cannot be seen from Space this is why they called it “THE BLACK SUN. The black sun has many more secrets.

Hitler himself was fascinated with the Black Sun. One of these secrets is that the sun itself is hollow and only has a surface.

The sun does not burn or combust and there is no fusion in the sun. The only fusion is in the flares themselves.

No one knows exactly how the sun works. But remember Nuclear fission is Law..
It’s a religion …. Believe… B-e-l-i-e-v-e you are getting sleepy.. Sleepy… SLEEPY.

Why all this misleading lies?
To Programs us to think that “Everything works on Destruction” . and the fear factor of destruction.
So what is the sun?

The Sun is a converter!

When it hits the earth’s atmosphere we feel the heat and see it.
The Sun is a veil and a gateway to another Dimension its source is from another dimension.

The sun spots lets you see inside its dark and hollow.

This is known by many scientists around the world..
It’s all coming out now.
The Sun and Stars cannot be viewed from outer space or free space only the planets and moons can be viewed.

This is because it needs gross matter to be involved another words it needs the earth, the atmosphere or the surface of the moon to make the light visible. But many still think they can see the source of the light until go out themselves into space to witness themselves.

Therefore there are no light years which means when they say the stars or galaxies are 6 million light years away are false. The stars could be closer than you think.
ll the theories collapse when you can’t see the stars in space.

The 3 dimensional plane is just an illusion of electrons, protons and neutrons buzzing around at break neck speed, creating the illusion of MATTER, TIME and SPACE.

There is no such thing as MATTER! No such thing as TIME! And no such thing as SPACE!

Scientists can’t understand why subatomic particles can communicate instantly with each other over staggering distances; this is because they are thinking in terms of space. But there is no space involved.

Movie after MOVIE THEY brainwash us on what space looks like …Aliens movies hundreds of them… UFOs..


To give us a programmed false reality and to steal our true power of whom we are.

Nasa is so full of disinformation another one of there lies are about comets.

More fear porn movie after movie about comets hitting the earth or coming close and causing havoc and devastation.

We live in an electrical Universe.

Every planet, the sun and moon are all connected and work in a mathematical harmony with each other which affects us.

This is why everything is based on a form of astrology and numerology; however, the numerological and astrological forms commonly used are not accurate, but are introduced into the agenda as a smokescreen and front.

The Mythology references given by the early bloodlines related to the planets like Saturn and Mercury have many references some which are related to the financial markets and the sacrifice of the new born into slavery..

But this is what really the universe is all about .
Please always remember this famous line “ Its written in the stars “.. This has a hidden meaning.

The planets, galaxies, comets, black matter, suns and stars are hardware that runs the electric Universe and gives us the illusion of a simulated life.

It also controls the atoms which pop in and out of existence to form the 3D holographic experience.
We are the co-creators of our reality using thought as the software through the hardware of the electric universe.

The black matter we see in space between the planets is very much alive, that it is the highest form of vibration known, the vibrations of THOUGHT.

Every thought is stored in the ether, no thought originates in our mind. The ether is a cosmic external hard drive.

After seawapa completion, the theory can be tested, and if it is true, the high IQ lower form of life will quickstart-jump to interstellar and inter-dimensional civilisation to be able to develop the low IQ section of humanity.

Remember Physical mass does not move, only the information of the swirling mass of atoms that make it what it is.

PLAYLIST: The Electric Comet, sun, Earth, Universe, hollow sun, moon, earth | Full Documentaries

Upon cremation: your body returns to the same carbon state of the sun. Our soul is energy. According to the theory of relativity  our spirit would incarnate through magnetic fields, and be attracted based on gravity. Heat rises because it is attracted toward the sun. In essence, to fill yourself with light/fire, is to be magnetically attracted to it based on the sun’s gravity. You are shifting your body into a less dense or LIGHTer form. Mayan civilization believed the sun to be a wormhole into another dimension. The 5th dimension to be more specific.

There are only two ways to leave this Earth and break the reincarnation cycle.

LIGHT yourself on fire. (carbon 12), That what the sun does.
Fill yourself with carbon/LIGHT (melanin + sunlight + saved sex fluids)

Unfortunately most orthodox religions will encourage you to go toward the big bright light when you die..

DON’T! This is the BLACK SUN from german mythology, it is the center of earths gravity (grave). It is the reincarnation process. The black space which you exist in during death is known as the 4th dimension. The 4th dimension co-dependently exists within 3D  and it’s space can only be manipulated by specific spiritual individuals. During death, your consciousness sits in this void of time with the bright light in the middle.

You are to WAIT until you are CREMATED so your "Phenix may Rise from the Ashes". Most people aren't willing to becoming a reincarnated with the same body and fill themselves with the light from the sun during living life, so the method of lighting yourself on fire will free you.

In order to achieve in-the-flesh immortality & morning star consciousness, you MUST: 
A being who’s achieved christ-consciousness has awakened their kundalini sexual energy (link 2). The serpents explained throughout theology, are not reptillian creatures, but representations of the kundalini serpent energy. Winged serpents having raised there kundalini, and smaller serpents being of animalistic desire. Also represented by Lucifer or Draco (also a star cluster known to suck human consciousness) & is the equivalence of a living human messiah falling to sexual desire.
A Christed being is the only TRUE Alchemist, who has not only gained spiritual immortality through a kundalini awakening, but has also turned the base metals of there own body (iron, copper, mercury, etc) into gold & gained physical immortality. This is the only metal that doesn't rust by the compound of sulfur in the body.  A kundalini awakening within itself is not enough, your flesh will be consumed by the eternal fire if your mind and body have not the carbon or DNA to handle the vibrational electrical impulses of the spine & radiant light which is to fill the pineal gland. You will however have gained spiritual immortality, and will continue to live as an infinite being inside the sun, rather than reincarnating on Earth. Both processes must take place to become both physically & spiritually immortal in the 3rd/4th/5th dimensional realm.
A Christ can choose to reincarnate into other worlds before finally making an ascension into the 5th dimension for their own limitless spiritual growth. In theory, they are also immortal in the flesh, meaning if they choose, they can stay here in 3rd dimension, and manipulate the 4th dimension as an alchemist, while freely returning to the ‘sun planet’ at will.
A calcified Pineal Gland will never be awakened. To decalcify the pineal and achieve perfect evolutionary health, I suggest visiting this document