Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The explanation of Holographic Universe, Lucifer and Satan

Holographic Universe explained

The horrors of the luciferian controlled illuminati and the truther conspiracy movement, (2 sides of the same coin), are revealed in pages, BUT also included is the SOLUTION, trough re-education, science TO END THIS HORROR on an individual basis. The luciferian agenda, (which is this thing called the Thought Process), will always masquerade as a false reality, however, each conjured up individual 3D illusory human being can completely detach emotionally from the lunacy at any illusory moment and be free of the manipulation concerning this agenda.

It should be noted that the term “luciferian” does not imply a “devil” or a “satan” as expressed in religious terms. This site will use these terms from time to time, however, the reader should be aware that this is only to assist in comprehending the material. As the reader becomes acquainted with the perspective associated with this material, the terms, “satan”, “luciferian”, “devil”, “demons”, etc., will be phased out with terms associated with hypnosis, hypnotic suggestion, and subliminal manipulation, which are just some of the manipulative aspects of the Thought Process.

The terms “angel”, “spirit”, “soul”, “saint”, etc. will also be redefined in terms of hypnosis and subliminal hypnotic suggestion. Gaining an understanding from this perspective allows the reader the ability to comprehend all the mysteries of the universe and to walk free of this “hellish” prison. The terms “hell”, “heaven”, “judgment”, “good”, “bad”, “right”, “wrong”, etc., all of these will also be shown to absolute lunacy, and tools used by the luciferian Mindset which functions completely in the realm of hypnotic suggestion, … none of which is valid, or real, or of any worth.

The Thought Process, which is hypnotic suggestion, is the luciferian agenda. The term “lucifer” simply means “light bringer, or light bearer”, and the “light” is the “lie” that has conjured up what humanity is entranced to believe is real. Humanity itself, is the most deceptive conjured up aspect of the Mind of the Thought Process, and humanity is itself, the thick veil of deceit which is designed to separate Illusion from Truth. This separation cannot possibly succeed as pertaining to Who and What we really are (which will become apparent as the reader progresses through this material), … however, the misery it produces seems real and valid until each individual, … illusory, … human life experience, comes to the realization that everything is a lie and without validity, … which does include each illusory human being on the face of the earth.

Satan worship of “Lucifer”, simply means “light bringer, or light bearer”; the SUN. The Pope temporal power is far far weaker than the power of the SUN, the main reason they worship "Lucifer".