Saturday, December 20, 2014

Laotian US Population as per 2010 census

For those of you who does not have the last census report, we are re-posting this map that was created by Ms. Kith Chittarath using the information from the Census 2010. As a national organization we worked closely with the Census to get all Laotian Americans counted by encouraging them to mark "other" on the census form and write in Laotian so we can help our community be more visible. We even created a PSA to encourage our community to be counted. Why is being counted so important? It is very simple: to get funding we need to show the numbers. As a national organization we would love to apply for grants and then disburse it to the Laotian communities to help fund projects. Help us bring visibility to our community by proudly identifying yourself as Laotian on all forms of document whether it be a school registration form or job application. More information, contact: