Thursday, December 18, 2014

No Contract Return To Sender – Label Explanation

By Julian Websdale
Tuesday, March 11th, 2014.
Four years ago I cancelled all so-called ‘debt’ in my life using a method called ‘No Contract Return To Sender’ (NCRTS). This is a simple procedure in which all attempted communication by mail, from entities demanding money, is returned with a label on the envelope clearly stating the actual situation. All debt is contrived and manufactured, and is completely unnecessary. Here is an explanation of the meaning of the label.
I do not recognize you
Your office is a corporate fiction / dead entity and you are an officer (representative) of a dead fiction. Any title you work under makes you an object and not a real flesh and blood man / woman / being; you claim titles like TV Licence Inspector, Constable, Traffic Warden, Chief Executive Officer, HM Revenue and Customs Officer, etc. So I cannot, as a Sovereign flesh and blood being, interact / talk / see / hear or recognize anything that is dead or has a fictional title like the one you claim to be. I also do not recognize any fictional legal title / name bestowed on me at birth. Therefore I do not answer to names which are fictional legal titles that exist only on paper. I am Sovereign on the land of … .

I do not understand your intent
You assume that I am a corporate fictional entity like yourself, through this illusion you further assume that you may have some sort of binding contract with the legal fictional / entity / name that you assume I hold claim / title to. I do not understand your intent, since how can you ever intend to have a contract with a Sovereign flesh and blood being who is without title, is not legally bound and answers to no one. I stand Sovereign in … and in God’s Kingdom only, governed by the natural laws of Mother Earth. Your intent is deluded and relies on people standing in or under your alleged authority.

I do not have an international treaty with you
Because I am Sovereign and not a legal fiction, I am classed as a Foreign Jurisdiction (in your world) and not a Legal Jurisdiction; foreign to your CORPorate world. Legal Jurisdictions can have contracts / treaties with other Legal Jurisdictions (corporation to corporation) therefore an International Treaty is needed to contract between the corporation and the LIVING man. As I am Sovereign and in a different state, I am out of state, out of your state, so an International Treaty is needed in order to have a meeting of the minds.

No assured value
Means any demands for your money has no real value because you were not supplied with, nor did you order, any goods or services. If you were supplied with assured valuable goods or services (that you requested) then naturally you would have also been supplied with a valid invoice. In this case you would honour the contract and pay the bill. So when you get a demand for rates, income tax, property tax, household tax, TV licence tax, etc., just simply ask yourself: what did you get supplied with? It shouldn’t take you very long to work out the answer. NOTHING of course. No value. You ordered nothing and nothing was ever given or received except a demand or a notice. So if nothing was supplied or was requested or ordered by you then why would you pay for nothing? This is the reason why you never get a true valid invoice from these people. A demand for your money, by a corporation with the threat of court if you don’t pay up, is no different to a demand by a gangster for your money with a threat of violence if you do not comply.

No liability
Means if there is no assured value then there can’t be a liability or an obligation to pay. There can’t be a liability simply because there is no evidence of harm, loss or injury caused to another human being and there is / was nothing of any substance or value ever exchanged. By returning a letter (contract) with “no liability” on it you are not accepting any claims of liability from any corporation that deems such a liability to exist. In contrast to this if a valid true bill / invoice is issued and a contract willingly entered into by consent and a being accepted the terms and conditions and received the services and / or goods, and then decided not to pay thereby causing another being some loss, then there is a liability simply because something of value changed hands and a contract was dishonoured resulting in loss.
There is only the illusion of a perceived value existing on paper in their fictional world. And by reading them you become SPELLBOUND by their clever manipulation of words and the language. They need YOU to give life to this illusion by recognizing it as being real. If you recognize it then you give it form and life. So this then clearly tells you that it is YOU that has the real power. They always need YOU to bring their paper fictional demands alive, why? Simply because – AND NEVER FORGET – that always YOU ARE THE SOVEREIGN.