Friday, July 24, 2015

Global Water and Power Management for Space Age Start here

Global Water and Power Management trading for Space Age
  • Urban Vertical Local Organic Hydroponic Farming Project
  • Vertical Wall made of pallets and using soil as isolation
  • And Tarpaulin as internal wall
  • The tent vertical posts are fixed to the floor
  • Isolated wooden flooring and working space
  • Hydroponic Organic Vegetable Table inside the greenhouse
  • Tomatoes grown inside the greenhouse
  • Easily and constantly available for inhabitants
  • Raised seedling zone, pest-free, greater sun heat for quick grow
  • Any seeds available in the kitchen can be used to produce food
  • Once plants are big enough, they are transferred outdoor in summer time
  • Raised outdoor spaces, above the working area and the summer house
  • Tomatoes are good multipliers
  • Greenhouse loft area for underneat space cooling and other benefits
  • Building permanent available water reservoir
  • Healthy plants as water, warm air and heat are available
  • Space saving as there is no lack of nutrients
  • Fresh ogygen porduced by plants are good for human use
  • As it is local, it can be used as office, no traveling cost, no time waste, share home technology
  • Large scale application
  • Larger scale, floating on the reservoir
  • Customizable and interconnectable modules
  • Reconfigurable and expandable
  • Scalable
  • Once trade deals completed, enough materials will allow us to build vertical Mag-Lev connected spaceport
  • Transporting enough strong and heavy gears to beat Van Allen Radiation Belts and other cosmic threats
  • to mine more resources to build a floating city around the planet at 250 km altitude and explore the universe