Tuesday, September 1, 2015

SouthEast Asia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia survived long lost Atlantis

Long ago when the world was savage and most of mankind were still hunter-gatherers during the last Ice Age. There was an ancient civilization, the root of all world civilizations. The fabled Atlantis in what is now Sundaland. 

The tropical and equatorial temperature of Sundaland allowed for domestication of plants and animals and the invention of agriculture and general technology. The use of which spread across the whole world. 

As proven by the recent discovery that the oldest domesticated plants were from Southeast Asia since it has the most diverse and oldest plant and animal life ever. 

Proof on the ancientness of SE Asian Flora: 

Therefore the source of Agriculture is not the Fertile Crescent river, nor the Yangtze, Nile or Indus river. It was pre-flood (Before the end of of the Ice Age) Southeast Asia, home of the world’s oldest biosphere.

Proof on the agriculture hypothesis: 

But it was all sunk during the end of the last Ice Age when the glaciers melted and the vestiges are all that remains ie insular Southeast Asia. 

But the catastrophe, dispersed the survivors all around the world into Mesopotamia, Egypt, Mesoamerica, South, North America (ancestors of Native Americans), China and India. The survivors taught these once savage people the technology and culture of their homeland thereby jump-starting the new civilizations. 

This thesis is proven by the presence of the Q3 C C1 C2 and C3 (Distinctively Southeast Asian haplotypes) in the Americas, Middle East, North Africa and even Europe.

Proof: http://www.kerchner.com/haplogroups-ydna.htm

And the seemingly transcendent iconography of completely diverse civilizations point to a presence of a root origin.
Of great interest is the universal depiction of Mandalas with the sun at the center...

A restored Egyptian painting of a Sun-Mandala

An ancient Tibetan depiction of Buddha as the sun in another Mandala 

and another Mandala depicting the Aztec Sun God

A picture of a page from the Boturini Codex detailing the Mexican' ancestors fleeing from the island of Atlantis which they called "Atzlan."

As you can see they're' fleeing a raging volcano erupting from the west (Pacific Ocean) not from the East (Atlantic Ocean which is a misnomer) 

If you go straight west from Mexico you'll reach insular Southeast Asia which houses the sunken Sundaland. 

You might scratch your head and ask. What does this ancient chain of events have to do with the Philippines? 
We'll this is where my unverified and totally taken out of my @$$ theory comes in. 

If you have observed Philippine history one might notice that it's too damn crazy to be real...

In the course of it's history there were
Malays (Atlantean refugess), Chinese immigrationArab SultanatesIndianized Kingdoms and even AztecsAfrictoidsEuropeans and Americans on Philippine soil. The Malays emigrated to Himalaya too where the name Hi-Malaya comes from.

How come all the world's major empires, nations and civilizations descended and gathered upon Philippine soil? From the Arabs to the Aztecs? consistently doing so in the course of our history? 

Surely it could not be just an act of random circumstance! 
Why would the Spaniards heck even the Aztecs go to so much trouble traversing two oceans just to settle in our God Forsaken Nation? Why would they fight off the natives or the empires that have been here earlier? Simple...

They subconsciously knew that las Islas Filipinas is the chosen land, the resurrected Atlantis promised to the children of Mankind eons ago...

The promise embedded in the theology and philosophy of the various religions. 
In Ra's Rebirth, Quetzalcoatl's return, Vishnu's next reincarnation, Christ's second coming, the next Bodhisattva, Alah's manifest, the coming of Bathallah. 

The symbolism alluding to death of the messianic-teacher figure (Atlantis) and it's prophesied resurrection so common to many world cultures.

Therefore this craziness and internationalism of Philippine culture, history and heritage was deliberately forced upon the Philippines by an ancient cause, which set an intentional chain of events to unite the wayward children of Atlantis once spread across the world Eons ago. Unite them unto the skeletal remains of the lost home world. The mountain peaks of Atlantis which is now the islands of Southeast Asia. 

Enter the Knights Templar...
And their current reincarnation.
The order of the Freemasons

They were secretly crucial in the foundation of the Philippines.

Doesn't it strike you as weird. The fact that most of the Katipunan and our nation's heroes were members of this ancient order? 

Jose Rizal, Emilio Aguinaldo, Most KKKs and even before the KKK most of our forefathers were Freemasons...

An order with various incarnation stretching back into ancient times with affiliations in building the Ancient Pyramids...

Tis so ancient it could even stretch unto Atlantean Times...

Could you think that our whole history has been deliberately fashioned by this order? 

This time we are going to build Ice Age proof infrastructure to prevent it from destruction once abrupt warming will melt massive thick ice sheets trapped around the poles.

How to do it:

SEAWAPA, the SouthEast Asia Water And Power Alliance main aim is to promote ASEAN to collect fresh drinking water in Laos. Located in land-linked Central ASEAN region, on top of stable tectonic plate, below a narrow route where one third of the Earth vapor form and fresh drinking water liquid falls on panholes means SEAWAPA will create more energy surplus. At the centre of East Asia tropical climate zone, the goldilock zone within the Earth means shorter transfer route for food and good production within Laos, ASEAN, Eurasia and beyond completely transforming and repairing this planet by greening the deserts. Our world pollution, over population can be better managed by exporting them to outer space. This system will create bankers confidence to fund:

- vertical Mag-Lev that will also create
- freshwater cycle increase,
- water storage with
- upper class housing market and industries help lower the cost to
- finance climate change proof dams construction, with 2 canals alongside flowing on opposite direction fed by water from reservoirs for boats and expand the dams outward to increase upward and underground to cover and protect the canals and industries
- to transfer coldness of space with food, water, finished goods to hot region, and to
- transfer heat from thermosphere with food, water, finished goods to cold parts of the world by
hyper-loop transport system

- built incorporated in floating agricultural modules across the equator, between the tropical cyclones
- with compressed water (by floating city complex) created as above as propulsion system to trade to
- build partial spaceport to
- build exploration colonies to
- mine asteroids, other planets to export corporations pollutions and over population to outer space to
- build floating cities across the world at altitude just below the super heated thermosphere with
- global weather and air quality and everything satellites do management system
- retractable arms to reach any corner of the Earth to protect it from fire, quakes, volcanic explosion, wars, pollution, ... 

Coastline change during the Ice Age (in red) once sea water, after evaporated, are trapped in thick ice sheets above 40 degree latitudes, reduced sea level dramatically. Note that pre-Ice Age Earth topography was far different of current map. As tectonic plate is floating in a liquid magma, the massive weight of the ice sheet push the plate down at the north and bend up near the equator.

Abrupt warming after Ice age destroyed most of cities build along the coastline where sea level had dropped during the Ice Age. History will repeat itself. Are we going to do the same mistakes?